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HG/SS Based on Marriage Law Challenge

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Chapter 4 - Witnesses

Friday around 8pm

When they flooed back to Hogwarts, Hermione and Severus arrived in his office.

"Who did you have in mind as witnesses, Miss...Ah, Hermione" his lips twisted into a grimace that was close to a smile but not quite "that is going to be difficult to get used to."

"My calling you Severus is going to be just as hard." At his frown she continued, "We are both used to you being 'Professor'." She gave him a half smile and answered his earlier question. "I think Ginny and Neville would be excellent witnesses and they know to keep their mouths shut till we make an announcement."

Severus nodded "floo the Gryffindor common room" he said handing her a small amount of floo powder from the desk drawer. When she pulled her head out of the fire she said "Gin will find Neville and they will meet us here."

He was sitting at his desk watching her and asked, "Have you thought how you will explain all this to you parents? I can not see them having a favorable reaction to you marring so young, let alone how they will react to my age and appearance." She thought he was saddened by this thought.

Hermione pursed her lips and moved to facing him leaning against the desk almost sitting on it. "They know about the law and that I expected to receive petitions." He looked up at her, his expression saying 'and?' so she reached out laying her hand on his cheek "There is nothing wrong with your age or looks. If they don't like my choice then..." she shrugged "well, we can deal with that if it happens."

A knock and the door opening to emit Ginny, Harry, Neville and Draco Malfoy interrupted them.

Hermione looked at Ginny slightly annoyed and asked, "What part of 'don't tell anyone else' did you miss?"

Ginny made a face "Harry overheard me tell Neville and insisted on coming and Malfoy caught us just outside the door we haven't told him anything."

"Hermione, where did you disappear to? No one even saw you leave the Headmasters office." Ask Harry with some concern.

Hermione replied nonchalantly "Oh well... I went to meet with a prospective Father-in-law."

Draco's eyes about popped out of his head "Shit, Granger you didn't sign anything did you?" at her stunned look he elaborated, "Whatever my Father might have told you, he's up to something. He won't let me keep you."

Hermione cleared her throat and picked up a quill "Thank you, Draco, it wasn't your father. Actually I was going to ask Ginny and Neville to be my witnesses, but I think I would like you to sign as well." She looked at the Professor and to everyone's shock sat lightly on his knee to sign the petition that was lying on the desk with a flourish. She then handed the quill to Draco.

They all inhaled sharply then crowded forward to read the name of Hermione's betrothed. Draco chuckled wickedly and with a smirk said, "Father is going to be royally pissed." He pulled out his wand and tapped the word witness and the words:

By affixing my signature I do hereby witness that the above-signed Hermione Jane Granger was under no compulsions or duress at the time of her signature.

Appeared and he signed underneath them. As he handed the quill to Longbottom he smiled at Professor Snape. "Congratulations Godfather." Snape gave him a tight smile. Neville squeaked "congratulations" as he finished his signature and handed the quill to Ginny who signed with a silly grin on her face and handed the quill to Harry who also had a bit of a goofy grin as he signed but that was because he was thinking how spar Ron would go if he saw Hermione sitting on Snape's lap.

"I take it we need to keep this under our hats until you make some kind of announcement?" Harry asked.

"Yes Harry, we would appreciate that. Do you know if Precious is still in the headmasters office?" said Hermione standing up.

Harry raised his eyebrow "Precious?"

There was a loud screech and a scrabbling sound that Professor Snape reacted to by pulling on one of the sets of shelves, which swung open to reveal a short corridor and the open door to his private quarters. Precious flew through to land on the back of Severus' chair.

"What a clever bird you are, Precious." She cooed. Then tapped the petition causing it to duplicate it's self twice. Handing the original to Severus and attaching the duplicates to Precious, she instructed him to take one to Lord Snape and the other to the Ministry.

After Precious and the other students left she looked at Severus and said "You want to get the meeting with my parents out of the way?"

The sad look came back to his face and he said, "I suppose we must." He reached into the desk draw for more floo powder and she stepped into his arms. Once again they entered the fire together.
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