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HG/SS based on Marriage Law Challenge. Hermione must make the best of a bad situation.

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Chapter 13 - Plans

They eventually decided that they needed to prepare to return to Hogwarts. They rose and ate breakfast served by a tiny elf. Severus explained that they would visit the temple before leaving. They headed out into the gardens holding hands.

Hermione spoke "How do you think they will react back at school? Will our dream turn into a nightmare?"

Severus squeezed her hand, "I think it would be prudent to work out some things, so a to present a united front, as it were."

They came to a stone bench and sat. "I should probably drop potions class." At his shocked look she continued, "That way no one could accuse you of playing favorites."

He smirked, "I believe you made that accusation yourself, not so long ago."

She smiled, "Well, you were allowing Draco to be a bit more of a prat than usual, and it isn't like you still have to do so to please Voldemort."

He shuddered and clapped his hand over this forearm. Hermione frowned, "I thought you said it didn't hurt anymore?"

Severus shrugged and snapped "It does not." calming slightly, "However, for a very long time that name actually did cause pain."

"I'm sorry you had to go through that Severus," she got a very thoughtful look, "No wonder you were always so snarky at order meeting. It must have been torture having it bandied about like we always did."

At his scowl she brought her hand to his cheek "I don't think any of us ever really thanked you properly for all you had to endure, and don't think I don't know what some of that entailed." She gave him a look and he realized that she did indeed know at least some of the horrors he had had to witness and actively participate in to maintain his place with the Dark Lord.

Severus swallowed hard and she pulled him into a hug, "I won't ask you anything about that, it's the past, and we only need worry with the future."

He held on tight for a moment his face buried in her hair, when he sat back she said briskly, "now, I would still like to take the NEWTs for potions but I think I can manage an independent study."

Severus snorted, "You could have passed your NEWTs last year, I will set you a course that might actually challenge you for a change, hell I would be willing to bet that by this time next year I could have you ready to set your Mastery." Her shocked look at the complement made him laugh. He nuzzled her ear whispering, "That is, of course, if that is something you would be interested in."

She looked up at him, "I don't know," she smiled, "I think I would like that." She sobered, biting her lip, "I might have other concerns a year from now." She looked across the lawn toward the temple.

He stroked her cheek with one long finger, "What is wrong? What is it that has you so worried?"

She shrugged, "Well we have been rather active the past couple of days, and I hope that won't change. But... We haven't taken any preventative measures."

Hermione bit her lip watching him as her words penetrated. His hand slowly moved to her stomach, "You don't think?" He was breathing hard, clearly having mixed emotions. Elation seemed to be warring with terror at the thought of fatherhood.

She gave him a half smile, "It's much too soon to even guess." She covered his hand on her stomach, "When it happens, it happens. You are OK with that, aren't you?"

Severus pulled her on to his lap, "I have to admit it is a frightening thought." He hugged her close hiding his face in her hair, "I never allowed myself hope. Who would, could possibly want my child?" He moved to look her in the face, "Caramia, if this is a dream," he begged, "Please, do not wake me."

She held him close. "I won't. Severus, I want your children."

Severus choked and held her by the shoulders at nearly arms length stammering "C-C-C-CHILD-REN !!??" Hermione had never seen him like this "MORE THAN ONE!!??" She was growing concerned that he was going to have some kind of break down.

She clasped his arms at the elbow while rising to stand before him when she spoke it was rather sharply. "Severus, I do not mean to emulate the Weasleys." Her tone softened. "But, yes more than one. I am your wife, your lover, and I will be the mother of your children. She watched as he got himself under control. They sat a while each thinking their own thoughts.

He finally broke the silence asking softly, "Did you wish to move in with me right away or would you prefer to stay in Gryffindor tower?"

She snorted, "Do you honestly expect any other pureblood to allow their wife to live separately? We do have your reputation to consider." Then she grinned and leaned toward him, "Besides it would be difficult to shag like bunnies with me in the tower and you in the dungeon," she tilted her head to the side, "don't you think?"

He laughed playing with her hair, "Well, if you want me to go all Pureblood on you, I suppose I could take you back to Fathers, lock you in the tower there and just visit you when I feel the need." He smirked at her astonished look and continued. "But I feel that would be a bit inconvenient. As for /shagging like bunnies/, I would rather take my time." He raised his eyebrow at her.

Hermione coughed and in a business like manner said, "I move in right away, so we may make love as the mood strikes us. I study in Gryffindor common room with my friends. I do independent potions study under your watchful eye." She bit her lip thinking, "I think I'll also concentrate on charms, transfiguration and history, god knows Binns needs replaced. I just have to figure out a way to get that through Professor Dumbledore's head with out resorting to the use of a sledge hammer."

Severus' eyebrow quirked up again, "a sledge hammer?" he inquired.

Hermione closed her eyes and let her shoulders slump, "It's a large hammer used to pound heavy stakes or to break down walls, not unlike a Goblin War Hammer." She opened her eyes, "Why isn't Muggle-studies a required course? It could also include things like etiquette and law for both the wizarding and muggle worlds."

"I quite agree," he looked embarrassed "however such a class would not have been, and sill might not be well received."

She smiled "I'll need some light reading on the subject."

Severus smirked having seen her with 'light' reading, he knew she would conduct an exhaustive search. "We should be able to find you something. We might even be able to find you a Goblin War Hammer. I have often thought one might come in handy when dealing with the headmaster."

They laughed as they rose and continued to the small temple on the edge of the cliff.

It was a round temple with a domed roof supported by lots of columns. Inside were statues of the 3 goddesses. Outside it were the formal gardens with fountains, benches and small alters to the other gods. Severus stopped by a bench looking out over the sea. "Go on in, I have a feeling I should wait." Hermione nodded as she too felt something urging her to be alone.

She was only gone a short time when a voice called him to enter. Hermione was standing facing him surrounded by the statues. He thought he had never before seen such a lovely creature, her hair was bound in a silver circlet and she was wearing a light blue gown. Somehow he knew that the goddesses had bestowed more gifts on the Snape family and he hoped he was worthy.
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