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A New Beginning

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Atem is gone and Yugi is depressed. In order to get him out of it, Joey and the gang get him to join the schools play. What happens when the play is The Phantom of the Opera? YYxY Puzzleshipping!

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Angel of Music

A new beginning.

Yugi pushed through the crowd to the music room. He opened the door and stepped inside. Atem turned around and stared into his eyes. He opened his arms. Yugi threw his arms around his darker half and sighed.
“I’ve missed you so much,” he said as he nuzzled his face into Atem’s chest.
“I know, aibou, I’ve missed you too. Probably just as much,” he replied as he threaded his hands into Yugi’s hair.
“I was so sad. It hurt to be without you,” Yugi murmured.
“I know. Shhh, it’s okay now, I’m back and I’m never going to leave you again,” he whispered.
“I promise.”
“Ya… Atem, can I ask you a question?” Yugi said as he pulled back.
Atem smiled, “You can still call me Yami. It would be an honor, and yes, you can ask me anything.”
“Thanks,” Yugi said, “You said you loved someone else to Tea. Can I ask who?”
Atem studied him again for a few moments, “I’m almost too nervous to tell you.”
“It’s okay, you can tell me,” Yugi said soothingly.
“I’d rather show you,” he said softly.
“Wha…” Yugi started to say before he felt a pair of lips closed down on his own. His eyes automatically closed as he leaned into the kiss. Atem’s arms tightened around his waist in response. He let their lips just brush over each others for a moment. He lost himself in the soft petal like feel of Yugi’s lips. He ran his tongue over Yugi’s bottom lip, earning a small gasp out of the smaller one. He quickly took the opportunity and plunged his tongue into Yugi’s mouth. Yugi moaned as the taste of his darker half assaulted his senses. Atem tasted like cinnamon, clove and something uniquely Atem. Yugi simply couldn’t get enough of the taste. Atem himself was in heaven the moment he tasted Yugi for the first time. Yugi tasted like vanilla, cream and all things innocent and pure. He traced patterns on the underside of Yugi’s tongue, who moaned in response. Yugi gently tugged at Yami’s tongue with his teeth, causing the older one to growl into the kiss. Atem broke the kiss and licked, kissed and sucked his way across Yugi’s chin and down his neck.
“Atem…” Yugi groaned.
Atem sucked particularly hard at a spot on Yugi’s neck. Yugi moaned loudly and arched up into Atem.
“Atem… I… I l-l-love you,” Yugi managed to stutter out.
Atem pulled back, much to Yugi’s disappointment, and stared into Yugi’s eyes. He gave him a chaste kiss, “It makes me so happy to hear you say that. I love you too, my hikari, my tenshi, my akhu. I have always loved you.”
Yugi smiled with happiness as his eyes began to water, “Stay with me forever?”
“Kiss me again?” Yugi asked.
“Gladly,” Atem replied.
He leaned into to kiss Yugi again. Their lips met in a dance that was sweet and slow and breathtaking. Outside the door, the world filed by, oblivious to the beautiful couple inside. Only two stopped to take a peek inside. The blonde and the red head shared a smile and left the two in privacy. The two look-a-likes broke apart and smiled at each other, happy to be in the arms of the one they had fallen in love with a long time ago.

The End.
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