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With This Wicked Design

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Summary: Something has happened to Darren, something bad enough to turn him from what he used to be into what he is now. Lets just hope the Cirque is paying attention, especially a certain vampire.

A/N: Chapter 1 is here yay! Ok, this chapter shows us that my story is definitely AU. I really didn't want to base this story on the books or the movie, well either side too much.

I was caught up in the moment
We were alone and you seemed to harness the light
Even though I felt cold inside
When you told me it would be alright
I had given up control and
I didn't focus hard enough to see the warning signs
Your heart is Serpentine
- {Serpentine-Disturbed}

Chapter 1: With This Wicked Design

-Darren's Pov-

" Round and around we go. Where shall we stop? Who knows, who cares?" I let out a small chuckle as I passed a happy couple. I make sure to sort of overstep and trip the guy, who inturn pulls his girlfriend down with him. I don't stop to say I'm sorry. I don't stop to offer to help them pick up their miscellaneous objects that they bought from wherever. I don't even turn around. I just keep walking. I can hear their negative comments that they mumble under their breath, but it doesn't even bother me anymore. It hasn't for over three months now. Now, I just find a secret joy in hoping someone will pick a fight with me.

I've been banned from most of the bars in this small rinky-dink town, but a few don't really give a damn I've found out; till you start trouble and that was what I wanted. I wanted to try out these wicked designs, these powers, which had been bestowed upon me upon my rebirth as a half-vampire. No one. No one I had tripped, bumped into, even punched had retaliated. It was like I had a sign over my head that screamed, " Mess with me and die."

I glanced down at my watch on my wrist, it read 11:54pm, guess it was time to return to the Cirque. I've been out longer than permitted by Mr. Crepsley. Really, it's not like he would come out after me. Lately, he hasn't even given a damn, since we returned from his hometown, he's been distant. So what was the point in going back tonight, who was going to worry? Evra? He would just think I went to bunk with Crepsley, I'd do that every now and again... well I used to. It doesn't matter now. I have my own problems; where the hell am I going to find a decent bar around...'


' I couldn't finish that thought as my head was rammed into the brick wall besides me and the next thing I know, I see blurs of colors appear in front of my eyes. I could feel the blood pumping out of the wound on my right temple.

" Hello Darren." I turned, I knew that voice, but from where? " I think you hit him a bit too hard, poor baby doesn't even recognize me." Soon I find this person in front of me, pulling my chin up so that our eyes meet. " Think hard Darren. "

I look into his eyes and something in my brain clicks. " Steve!" I push away from my ex-best-friend and flitted back away as far as I could go.

" Now, it's coming back to you isn't it," Steve chuckled before turning serious, " But I'm not really here to fight Darren. I've been watching you lately..."

-Evra's Pov-

Ever since we had gotten back I've noticed things, small as they may have been at first to over look, these things I've noticed have grown. Darren's attitude towards life has turned completely upside down and taken a wrong turn somewhere. He challenged something Crepsley told him to do just the other day. I literally had to pull him away so damage wasn't done. I don't know what happened between the two of them, but all I know is that have to get Crepsley to talk to Darren about their problem with each other before it's too late.


I rushed outside to see what the commotion was and it seems I wasn't the only one. Others of the Cirque gathered outside to see what was going on as well and well, we were in for a shock. There was Darren, broken and bloodied, crawling out from Crepsley's now dented and destroyed trailer. I looked up at Darren's attacker and he looked at all of us.

" Thought a return to sender was necessary." He said before flitting off.

A/N: If you are even slightly confused... good. It will all be explained in due time. Well this was chapter one I hope you enjoyed it.

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