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Only Half Crazy, Until I Met You

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A RP me and someone else did, swearing and a sex scene.

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Just another long, hot, late summer days. Its mid evening for these two, as they both just bathed as Joe was getting something Steven sort of stood in his way, wrapping his arms around his lover's waist, and puts head against the guitarist shoulder. He just nuzzled against his tired, worn out lover. Joe smiles nonetheless as he has his arms around the singer in no time. "...Tired?" He whispers, his tone very soft and gentle, as it didn't help he kissed the top of his head. Steven just lets out a low "Mmmhm..." against Joe's shoulder and smiles softly when Joe kisses the top of his head. "M'tired, Joe-Joe," he whispers, and nestles against his fiance even more. "C'n we just..." a pause to yawn. "Jus' go to bed...?" he asks softly. He really doesn't care that the sun is barely setting, he's tired and he really needs to sleep. "Please...?" He then in one easy movement scoops up Steven as the singer rest his head against the crook of Joe's neck nestling against him more. His lips still forming a faint smile as he then walks to the stairs and carries him upstairs as he has done countless times before. And still never minded doing so, as he quietly pushes the door open with his foot as he then does the same with closing it as he sets his lover down on the bed. He takes his place right next to Steven, as he pulls him towards himself, his grip tight but not to tight. "I love you..." His voice still soft and gentle. Steven schnuzzles against Joe and rests his head on the guitarist's chest, listening to the steady, calming sound of his fiance's heartbeat. "Love you, too," he whispers, sighing happily and letting his eyes close. He's fighting to stay awake by now- and with every soft thump of Joe's heartbeat, it gets harder and harder to remain awake. Joe just gently rubs the singers back, as he hums a quiet, soft lullaby almost. He wasn't going anywhere, nor did he plan to. He wasn't exactly wide awake nor was he all that tired. But he didn't care, he enjoyed watching Steven sleep. Just for the fact that he looked adorable(in his opinion), and it was always nice to see him at ease. The guitarist just lets another smile spread across his face. Steven lets out a long, low, content sigh as Joe starts to rub his back and hum a lullaby. Shit, well, staying awake with him doing this is nearly impossible- Steven can attest to that. "Love you..." he breathes before he curls up against his fiance again, and falls asleep quickly.After the singer is fast asleep, Joe just sighs contently, tracing one finger over the single scar that marked the singers back, even with the endless falls hes done over the years only one scratch. He just thinks 'idiot' to himself as, then kisses the top of Steven's head. He lets his eyes shut as he holds the singer ever so closely to him. Steven just sighs happily in his sleep- he unconciously nuzzles closer to Joe and then he's out cold again, though he was most likely never fully awake. It's amazing how for all the spills he's endured, the only things he's had to show for them were bruises, a couple of busted bones, and that scar. He must just be insanely lucky.
Pft, who is he kidding? Of course he's lucky. He has Joe.
He eventually falls asleep himself, and even if Steven said he didn't deserve him he always thought of it the other way around. Even if, it didn't change anything between the two. Love was love, and you couldn't change it. No matter how hard you tried.

Steven wakes up the next morning in Joe's arms, to the guitarist still sound asleep. He smiles softly and nuzzles against his fiance, running his fingers through Joe's hair- he closes his eyes again and tries to get a few more minutes of sleep. A few more minutes spent curled up with Joe like this is a few more minutes of heaven, if you ask him. Just the peace and every moment spent curled up was just about as close as heaven(or thats what they considered it). But either way each moment was worth there while. But personally that was just them. After a couple hours go by, Steven wakes up again to one of the dogs scratching at the door and whimpering- shit, they probably had to go. Bad. Steven sighs and gets out of bed, throwing on a robe and slippers before exiting the room and being greeted by a wildly happy Scotty.
"Save it, mutt," he mumbles, while scratching the sheepdog behind the ears. He lets them outside, then immediately returns to bed and curls up with Joe again.
It's still too early to get up if you ask him. Your also talking about somebody who likes to wake up around noon, not at seven as most people would wake up at. Anyways, Joe still hasn't quiet woken up yet and Steven didn't intend on waking him, well, yet at least.

It's 11:30 before Steven wakes up again, and he figures it's time to wrench himself out of bed- and Joe's arms- and actually make himself useful. He still nestles against his fiance, though, and runs his fingers through his hair, wishing he didn't have to get up. He didn't have to get up, but it was his own wish and plus I think he wanted to do something return for all the things Joe did for no return. After a few more moments, the singer lets a slight sigh out as he silently slips out of his lovers arms, careful not to wake him in the process. Of course Steven wants to do something to pay Joe back for everything he does- but he doesn't know what that would be. He supposes he could wait on his fiance hand and foot as Joe always does to him every single day- yeah, that would work. Let the guitarist relax for a day and keep Steven going and not bored for once. Well Steven, if you know what Joe does daily, then yo'd let the dogs back in give them fresh water and go tend to the horses, and so on and so forth. So, yes, I'd say he will not be bored today. Not one single bit. It'd probably be good for him anyways. And Steven does just that. He lets the dogs back in and gives them fresh water and some food, after getting himself dressed of course, then heads outside to take care of the horses.

Some time later, after he's mucked out the stalls and fed and watered the horses, he sighs and heads back inside- he might smell like hay and horses, but he really doesn't care right now.

Joe's awake by now, and is sitting on the couch petting Luther- Steven smiles. "Hey. You don't have to worry about the horses, I got 'em taken care of." The guitarist already had his gaze on Steven, as he smiles slightly, "Thank you dear." Luther then looks at Steven, hops down from the couch as he licks Steven's hand as he then stalks off to where ever. As soon as the singer was in finger tip length, Joe grabs him and pulls him onto his lap. He lets a giggle out, ah yes a rarity. Steven giggles as well and hugs Joe tightly, kissing him deeply. "I understand if you want me to go shower before we get cuddly, I know I have to smell terrible." Horses, hay, and probably sweat do not a pleasing scent make. Ah well, at least he's making Joe's workload a little easier. "Only if you want to." He says as he returns the kiss nonetheless. As the singer gets off of Joe looking at him, smiling a bit before he stalks off to go shower and get cleaned up somewhat.

Steven was actually half expecting Joe to follow him, but ah well, just as well that he didn't. He tries to make it quick- as quick as he can, anyway, remember who you're talking to- and gets himself redressed in fresh clothes before he saunters downstairs to Joe again, and smiles almost seductively. "Hey," he says quietly, as he curls up beside his fiance. "So I don't smell like horse shit and sweat anymore...." he smiles and kisses Joe's cheek. "Anything you wanna do?" He just rolls his eyes at the first comment, but then smiles slightly as he kisses his spouse. He holds it out, and breaks it when he has to breath. He just gives the look of he didn't care what they did. So, if they could go ahead and go at it if they wanted. Steven returns the kiss and deepens it slightly, almost letting out a whimper of disappointment when it's broken. He smirks when Joe gives him that 'I don't care what we do' look, and he grabs his fiance and kisses him again, quickly making it a French kiss as he pushes Joe onto his back. Are they really going to do this on the couch...? They could go upstairs, but it'd ruin the moment as it is. So, pick where you want to go boys, besides, they've been in worse places when they've gotten down. This isn't all that bad, but, hey there entitled. Worse places indeed- they're members of the Mile High Club, and Steven would attest that airplane bathrooms are the worst place in the world to have sex. Cramped, dark- it was awful.

The couch is a far better alternative. Steven reaches down and unbuttons Joe's pants, then unzips them- no belt today, huh? Easier for him to get 'em off, then. Don't remind them of airplane bathrooms. It was one of the worse places to be. There is also places backstage that weren't all that terrific, but the living room is much better then other places.

The guitarist works his way with the singers shirt and pants as he has them off in no time and Steven had done the same with Joe. They both kind of look at one another for a moment. Steven kisses Joe's neck softly and runs his fingers through the guitarist's hair. "Are... you okay being on the bottom?" he asks quietly. "Or do you wanna switch?" Well, he doesn't want Joe uncomfortable- that would just make the sex terrible, of course. He just gives this cutesy look, and I'd take that as a 'go ahead'. This would be interesting, they do switch off every once in a blue moon. And this would be one of them, where Joe just turns into an uke, and lets Steven go along his merry way. Steven smiles at that cutesy look Joe gives him- he takes that as a 'go ahead' and gently kisses his fiance, deciding he should just get to it. He gets himself situated above Joe and kisses him again, deeply, as he slides in, gently. He pauses a moment to savor the feeling, before he starts to move, taking a slow pace at first. The guitarist squeaks slightly when Steven slides into him, as he soon gives a slight whimper at the slow pace that Steven was doing. Steven smirks ever-so-slightly at the little whimpers and squeaks he gets out of Joe- normally, the guitarist is quiet and only shows his pleasure through his facial expressions and maybe a little whimper here and there. But either way, Steven gets a little rougher after a moment, letting out a low moan of his own. Joe bucks his hips as he gives a slight shudder, well Steven, I'd say your getting somewhere. The guitarist eventually gives, and a slight, low moan escapes his throat. Steven lets out another moan when Joe bucks his hips, and he goes faster and harder yet- he starts to pant slightly as he kisses Joe deeply, only breaking their French kiss for air. He grasps Joe hips and digs his nails into the skin, still panting and letting out moans every now and then. Joe at this point has dragged his nails down Steven's back, clawing a bit every here and there but not hard enough to draw any blood. The singer does get more moans out of his lover, as the guitarist climax starts to build up. Steven's climax is slowly building, too, but he's going to try to hold out. He almost pulls out of his lover and then rams back in, succeeding in hitting the g-spot, and with that, it's pretty much overwith. Steven comes fairly hard, moaning and shivering as he rides out his climax, panting softly as the pleasure fades. You get a decent moan out of Joe, as he comes around the same time, and enjoys the pleasure as it fades away. You could hear his breathing, it wasn't all that heavy but it was audible. He looks up at Steven as he gently pulls him down ontop of himself. Running his fingers through the singers hair. Steven smiles and kisses Joe deeply, running his fingers through his lover's hair. He breaks the kiss only to breathe, and gently pulls out of Joe, laying beside him and kissing him again. "Love you," he whispers, breathlessly. He returns the kiss, along with the smile, "Love you too." He breathes out as he then wraps his arms around his lover. Steven returns the embrace and nuzzles into Joe's chest- yeah, even when he's just been on top, deep down, he's always going to be an uke, for lack of a better term. He kisses Joe again and lets his eyes close as he rests his head against the guitarist's chest, sighing happily.
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