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Chapter 27: Battle!

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Chapter 27 : Battle !

"How stupid of me ! To look in your room ! " Jesus said . "Lucky that I've figured this out in time ! " Luke said . "So Luke , how did you make that clone lying in bed ? " Jesus asked . " Pillows and a picture of myself . " Luke explained . Jesus chuckled . "Well , let's finish this last part of your training ; Beat me in a sword fight . You think you're up to it ? " He asked . "Bring it ! " Luke orders as he grips gods blades tightly .
Jesus strikes first . He tries to slash him but Luke blocks the sword with the punish er . Then , Luke tries to stab Jesus with the spiritualism . Jesus duck and spins around . He tries to stab Luke but Luke blocks again with the punish er . Then Luke thrusts the spiritualism into Jesus but it only catches jesus's shirt and through the white wall .
"You're stuck . Looks like i won . " Luke said . Jesus rips the shirt and takes it off . Then he tries to stab Luke but Luke blocks with both his swords . Jesus kicks Luke in the guts to get his sword free . Luke takes a few steps back clutching his gut . Then Jesus raises his sword . "Game over Luke . " He says .
Luke grabs the punish er and thrusts it into jesus's arm . Jesus screams in pain and looses his grip on the sword . The sword falls to the ground . Jesus tries to reach it with his other hand but the sword is out of reach . "I won Jesus ! " Luke said happily .
Jesus looks at Luke and grins . "Your training is now complete ! I will tell god that it's time for you to go back to earth . For now , you should rest . A great big war begins on earth and it's up to you to end it . " He said . Luke collapses on his bed .
Jesus tells god everything that happened during his training . "Good job training him Jesus . Now , can you please bring him here ? " God asked . "Jesus nods and leaves gods room .
Few minutes later : Jesus drags Luke into gods room . Luke rubs his eyes and Jesus pushes him next to the desk . " Luke , earth is in pearl ! Devil has recreated Hitler . " god informed Luke . Luke's eyes widen . "What ! Hitler is back ! " He shouted angrily . "Now now , I'm not finished yet . Devil send out brain leeches all over china and now more than 3 million Chinese people are under devils command . Also , devil is in south Africa trying to make a civil war in every country down there , and his followers have destroyed your base and has began to take over north America . " God continued to inform Luke .
"So what happened to Samantha and others ? " Luke asked . "They are still alive but on the run from devils followers . They still believe that you will come back to them ! " God said . Luke sighed of relief .
"Tomorrow , i will sent you back to earth on an unknown island where hero and my followers live . From there it is up to you to find your way back to Samantha . For now get some rest . A long battle awaits you ! " God said . Luke collapses on the ground sound asleep .
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