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chapter 1

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Is she gone? Oh thank god! I thought she would never stop talking. Sometimes my mom can get off topic. My name is Frank Iero. I get picked on a lot in school. Why? Because I'm gay. I come home one day crying because my heart was broken. I expected my mom to comfort me but all she said is that every man's the same. I dont believe that. I know Im nothing like my dad was to my mom. Im tierd of guys breaking my heart. Either because they used me or got tierd of me, it still hurts. According to Gee, Im black n' red. He sais that I have a black side, dark and full of secrets, and a red side, a sweet and romantic me. I still dont see what hes talking about.

The next day I told Gee that my mom didnt do anything to comfort me.

"All those guys just dont know how special you are Frankie." he said

"Yeah yeah" i muttered. Thanks. How many times have I heard that before?

He glares at me. "What?" he took a deep sigh. "nothing forget it."

Gees p.o.v.

Im starting to worry about Frankie. He has never been this heartbroken. Its all that stupid Toms fault. He only dated Frankie because he wanted to see how it was to be gay for a week! Can you believe him!? What a dumbass! I hate him. Frankie diserves better than that asshole. I asked him if hes ok but all he ever says that yes. I just know deep inside he isnt. I wish there was somthing I can do.

Franks p.o.v.

BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! "Ugh" I hate getting up so early. It was time for me to go to the hell hole we all call school. Trust me it isnt fun.

I was walking down the hall when I noticed Mikey near my locker.

"Hey Mikes whats up?" i ask

"Oh! Um...erm...oh yeah! I just wanted to tell you that theres a new girl!" he said sounding startled.

"ha really? You planning on asking her out?"

"" he said nervously

"Oh ok then ill see you later"

The bell rang and I was suppose to get to class. I walked slowly to my class. I was ten minutes late especially because my first class is very far away. When i get there, i notice a girl with milk chcolate hair, very skinny sitting in my seat. Shes wearing a black hoodie and black skinnies.

"oh hello there frank, do you have a late pass?" the teacher asks.

I stay there quiet. I dont know why. No words would come out of my mouth no matter how much I tried.

"Frank?" she asks me again

Still no words.

"Frank Anthony Iero!?" she screams at me.

"NO I DONT!!!" i scream at her.

The classroom fell into silence. Oh my god what did I just do?

"Im s-sorry...Ill go to the offi-"

"No...just take a seat next to Violet." she says calmly

Wow...the luck I have. So, her name is Violet? Could this be the new girl Mikey was talking about??
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