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Down We Go, Can't Run...

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We find out who the mysterious captor is.

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I awake and he's sitting on the floor in front of me, examining my watch. His dark eyes are on me as soon as I move slightly, and then he stands up.
"Nice watch Gerard."
I ignore him. My new method is to keep quiet and not to engage in anything that could be counted as conversation, like calling him a psychopath.
"Where...where did you get it from?"
Present from Mum, I think to myself.
"I've always wanted a decent watch."
Take mine then, you bastard. You've already taken my life from me.
I slowly bring my eyes to meet his dark, enchanting ones. I decide to really look at him, although hopefully without him noticing me.
He has a strong jaw, an incredibly straight nose, and those mahogany eyes. His hair is a dark brown, flattened to his head. He's got chapped, almost heart shaped lips. He is dressed entirely in black, excpet for a red sweatband around his wrist. He sees me looking at him, and smiles.
"You can look at me properly Gerard. I won't bite."
He nashes his teeth together in a biting motion and curls his hands into claws. I can't suppress a slight giggle escaping my throat.
He grins at my reaction, but I look away. I don't want to have a laugh with soemone who's keeping me in his basement.
"Gerard. You might wanna get changed."
He motions to my pants, and I suddenly feel mortified.
The man walks over to me, and picks up the rope keeping me attatched to the bed.
"If I let you go for a minute, you won't hurt me." He says it as a statement; not a question. "I'm bigger than you. Stronger than you. Gerard, you've got no chance if you do anything ridiculous."
I slowly nod.
"Okay then."
He begins working at the knot, deftly unlooping it in a way I would have been incapable of.
When he finally slips the rope off my numb leg, he steps back, folding his arms.
I slide myself off the end of the bed, and, with quaking legs, slowly stand up. I step forward, towards the area with the clothing, and he follows me. Picking up a pair of underwear and jeans, I look at him, willing him to leave so I can change alone, and keep at least some dignity.
"Not just yet Gerard. I can't have you alone and not tied up yet."
So, furiously blushing, I slide my jeans off. My boxers are still damp, and I squeeze my toes together nervously. I can feel his eyes on me as I slide them off. I'm not facing him, but he can still take a good look at me. Quickly pulling the clean underwear and jeans on, I turn to face him.
"So I guess you want some food, hm?" He asks, motioning to the instant food.
I nod.
"Speakings not your thing today, I guess?"
Another nod, this one defensive. Or at least, as defensive as a nod can be.
He goes over and picks up instant rice, snaps the top off, shoves it in the microwave, and sets the timer. It starts whirring as the packet rotates.
"So. You gonna tell me who the fuck you are?" I suddenly say, quite calmly.
He jumps, obviously not expecting me to be saying anything.
"So? At least tell me your name. I think you owe me that, at least?"
"Owe you?"
"This whole basement locking up escapade..." I say it casually, as if I'd be surprised if I wasn't locked in his basement.
He chuckles darkly. "I guess you have a point."
"Damn right I got a point." I hiss, with a hard edge to my voice.
Another sly smile.
"Well then Gerard. I'm Mikey."

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