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A Kiss To Surrender

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“Okay, are we all set?” I asked everyone, all of our belongings were in our white van. I couldn’t say it was a lot, since most of our stuff is easy to part with, we can always find new clothes, but our personal sentimental things, that we keep and it filled the back of the van, in which Theodore would be driving, along with Alex and Frank. Mikey and Ray had their own car, as well as I had mine. Bob had choose not to leave, he wanted to stay behind incase we ever needed to come back we had a save place to go.

“Looks like it.” Ray said, leaning against the side of the van. “Our meeting point is the turning at Exit 139?”

“Yeah, sounds right to me.” I nodded, seeing Harley coming out of our old mausoleum home, she must have been wanting to say her last good bye to Bob. She was coming towards us, dressed in purple skinny jeans and a black halter tops, accentuating her chest pleasantly and revealing he pale skin. Her black hair blew in the wind.

“All ready?” She asked.

“We just went over this,” I said lighting a cigarette.

“Well sorry Mr. High and Mighty!” She put a hand on her hip, hmm, I liked that. “But I wanted to say good bye to Bob, who I am riding with?”

“Well,” Theodore stepped out from he van, tonight we wore leather pants, a purple zebra print tank top, and a long red trench coat with heavy black combat boots. “The mortal boy and werewolf are riding in the van with me, seeing there isn’t any room for more, and Mikey and Ray are taking his car obviously….so that leaves…” he looked right at me.

“That leaves me, aren’t you just thrilled?” I asked her with sarcasm, she rolled her eyes and followed me to the trans am.

“Wait, is it best to leave Alex and Frank with Theo?” She asked, debating on it.

“Har, Theo won’t eat them, he has more self control then that.” I said getting into the car and following the others out of the cemetery, taking a last look at the place I’ve called home for years now, but we all needed a change, didn’t we?


We’ve been traveling on the highway for close to an hour now, Ray said we’d be traveling until the sun rose, so I was expecting a long night. Gerard remained quiet, “Helena” by The Misfits played softly in his cd player, his eyes were fixed on the road, a cigarette hanging between his pale lips, and there was just this way he could make the art of smoking look sexy, and I envied him a little for it, as it had taken me awhile to master blowing a smoke ring.

“So, Ray tells me our new location will be smaller?” I decided to try and make conversation while pulling out my own pack of Newports and digging in my pockets for my lighter.

“Yeah,” He pulled the cig from his lips and blew out the window. “It’s actually this house Ray had inherited years ago, the papers are in his name, he’s had the house for a couple decades now.”

The drive was silent with nothing but the radio for another couple hours, before everyone Frank and Alex need food and to use the bathroom, so we stopped at a convenience store along the highway, the boys went into the store, Ray and Mikey were by their car talking, Theo disappeared into the nearby woods.

As a car pulled in beside us, the blood lust raged inside of me, when I remembered I hadn’t fed in a couple nights and was becoming in desperate need of blood.

“You should have fed before we left.” Gerard said from behind me.

“You don’t need to tell me what to do!” I hissed, whirling around to face him, he wore a little grin on his lips that I couldn’t deny was sexy but at the same time I wanted to wipe it off his face.

I looked back over to the man now getting out of his car, he looked to be mid thirties and strong, I could take a little from him and not kill him. I looked around, hell who was I kidding? It’s a highway road stop store at 2 in the morning, no one is watching.

I slowly walked up behind him, he didn’t hear me, then I pounced, placing my hand tightly on his mouth, jumping on to his back and sinking my teeth into his neck. We fell against the car hood as I drank his sweet warm blood, I felt the energy surge back into me, it felt so good, I was getting warm all over so I let go of the body, licked my lips and turned back Gerard’s car.

Except Gerard was no longer there and I got a clear view of Ray and Mikey. It wasn’t like they were really doing anything, Ray was cupping Mikey’s cheek and looking lovingly into his eyes. I felt a pang of jealousy, because I wanted someone to love me that much, to care about me, but the man I’m in love with doesn’t seem to give a shit.

The doors to the store opened and Theodore, Alex and Frank came out, Alex was eating a bag of chips and Frank had gummy worms, they piled back into the car, so had Mikey and Ray, where was Gerard?


I jumped, and looked over to see that he was already behind the wheel. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the rest of the long trip. As the night wore on, I was having difficulty controlling my imagination, I mean with Gerard sitting right next to me……..

As the sun was rising, we pulled into a little path in the woods, it was gravel stone and curving, until we stopped at a tall brick house with ivy winding up the sides of it, I actually kind of liked it. As we all got out of our vehicles, the front door opened, and in a blur a black clad figure ran at Ray. Mikey instinctably pushed himself in front of Ray, and in under a second, the three were all on the ground.

“Uncle Ray!” The black clothed figure said happily in a females voice as they all got off the ground. I could see the girl more clearly now that she wasn’t just a black blur.

She was about my height, a little curvier though, pale white skin, she wore black skinny jeans and a fitted black and red top, with converse sneakers, she had brown auburn hair just like Ray’s but hers was straight and mid length, with fringy bangs, unlike Ray’s bouncy afro. Her eyes were blue and rimmed in eyeliner and long lashes.

“Nicole, long time no see kiddo!” Ray smiled as she turned to us.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in.” She said jokingly at Gerard who was now approaching the group.

“Meow,” He laughed, giving her a pat on the shoulder. “Now behave yourself young lady.”

“Hey, I’m not that young.” She muttered. “Come on guys, I’ll show you to your rooms.” And she took back off into the house.

“Is she your niece?” I asked Ray piecing things together.

Ray nodded. “Yeah, I made her into one of us, she was dying of smallpox’s, she’s a great kid though, 17 but still a kid.”

“She’s cool,” Gerard agreed. “Remember that time……..”

I faded out of their conversation and became lost in my own thoughts. I had joined this coven twenty years ago because I had become good friends with Bob…… Bob wasn’t here, I felt alone, like I didn’t belong.

“Harley!” Mikey called to me, getting my attention, I noticed everyone had gone into the house. “Come on!” He called, come pick your room!”

I followed Mikey into the house, it smelled faintly of vanilla and cigarettes, so I couldn’t complain. I went to go upstairs, but Nicole said that was her space. Then Alex and Frank And Theodore, the ones who didn’t need sun protection stayed on the main floor in those bedrooms, I finally went down to the basement level that was actually well furnished, only to Find Ray and Frank in one, and Gerard in the other, what the fuck?

“That’s it! I’m leaving!” I said hopelessly outside of Gerard’s room.

“Why?” He asked me , suddenly standing next to me.

“Gerard!” I turned to face him. “If you can’t see by now, there is no room for me here, I’m not really wanted or needed, you all get along better without me!” I said loudly, looking up to his beautiful hazel eyes. And worst of all, I had spent all these years falling in love with him, and he still treated me like shit, a tear rolled down my cheek, and I did nothing to hide it as two more slid down, they would be bloody, and probably stain my shirt, but I didn’t care anymore.

“Harley,” he breathed, touching my shoulder, several more streamed down my cheeks, I was just waiting for him to make a rude comment, to insult me, or to laugh. “Harley please!” He said louder, so I looked right up at him, his face was inches from mine, my breath caught.

He closed the gap between us and pressed his lips against mine.

[Ok, so i added in the last character, how did you all like that ending? BTW Helena is a song by the Misfits!!]
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