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Cought with red hands

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Mr. Bhoy just let me "go to the bathroom" as I always do at luanch after I eat. This is the time I look for books. Any open class room will do. Most of them are even though every one knows I'm around.

The first class room was a dud. No good ones. Just shity ones from the dollar store. The next was okay. About one was worth taking. I shove it in my lunch box as always. The last one. It was a gold mine! Five printed books! All mine all free! I take them all.

As I moved, I knock a note book on the ground. It has enrgy. A darkness to it. Like it's hiding some thing evil.

I pickk it up. It makes me shiver. Tingles run through me. My body goes white hot. I keep this one.

I turn around and bump into some thing. Erase that. Someone. His eyes were so dark they were almost black. His hair and clothes matched the same black. The hair starts at mid forehead and went down to his chin. A ring was on his lip. This also matched. His hands digging into my forearms. He looks angry.

"Well, well, well. It seems I have cought the book thief." his voice lingers as his eyes look over me. "With my book in her hands no less."

"Your-um-hurting me" i wisper quietly. He scares me. One of the very few things/people that do.

"Am I now? Would you care to explain your self?" his voice smooth and daring.

"Would you care to let me go? Then I might open my mouth" I glare at him. Our eyes lock in a heated stare. He loosies his grip and I yank my self away.

"Explain, girl"

"And if I don't?" I fight agenst him.

"Your little secret will roll through this school faster than you can say stop." His eyes don't lie. He will do this.

"I just came here to steal. That's it."

"Then why are you holding my book?" he looks at my hand. He takes it away from me. The rush is gone. My body is back to normal.

"It has a great feel to it. Just touching it gives me all thrill of stealing! What's in there?!" I smile widly. Like a druggy having his shot at meth.

His eye soften slightly. He looks like he's trying to read my mind. "Be gone. book thief" i do as told. Right at the door, i look back "thanks....?"

"Jason" he cracks a smirk. He shows some teeth. My heart star to pound. He makes me smile back. Maybe I'll come back tomarrow.
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