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A Prison Without Bars

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Mai is contemplating.

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Mai hated this place. She hated the drapes, she hated the columns, she hated the portraits and she hated the silent guards.
Sometimes Mai wished she had more freedom but Mai's life was controlled by Princess Azula's whims.
"Sand here!"
"Stand there!"
"Find Ty Lee!"
"Stop kissing Zu-Zu!"
The only place she found salvation was at home. But as she walked into her house her mother greeted her with her usual nags.
"What have you and the Prince been talking about?"
"Spirits child! you entertained the Prince wearing that?"
"For Agni's Sake! Put on a bit of lipstick!"
"Please Smile!"
Mai often thought she would rather wear the kyoshi warrior's ensemble then sit next to her mother for another minute.
The Fire Nation is a prison. A prison without bars.
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