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chapter 3

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franks p.o.v.

I was on the floor and in so much pain. I couldnt get up. I didnt want anyone to see me crying. I saw a young girl who was knelt to my side.

"You ok?"she asks conserned.

I dont answer. Just like I couldnt to the teacher. I think she heard my sobs because she pulled me up to sit.

"Im Violet. Dont worry, those jerks are stupid." she pauses and looks at my books. "Here...I think these are yours?"

I get up and wipe off my tears. She gets up to.

"Thanks, Im Frank."

"I know, youre the one that couldnt speak to the teacher."

I blush. She smiles and giggles.

"Alright well thanks I gotta go bye Ill see you later." I smile and head to the front gates.

Mikeys p.o.v.

Frank? Violet? Giggling? Smiling? Could they have a thing for eachother? No! Frankie is gay. Not to be rude but he is. So that gives me a chance with Violet. Alright! Im on my way to the front gates when Gee catches up to me.

"Hey baby bro, you wanna go to the arcade? They got a new game! I mean everyone says itll be fun! Everyones going! C`mon Mikes we gotta go now if we wanna make it before dinner-"

sometimes Gee can get off topic.

"Um Gee?"

"And you know mom gets mad if were not home in time for dinner-"

"Yeah I know but um Gee?"

"And I wanna get a high score so no one can beat me! After all Im the best! I just want you to be there-"

"GEE!?" I finally spatted.

"Whats wrong Mikey?" he asked.

"I a lot of homework. And I just wanna get it done." I said politely.

"Oh I get you man. OK then bye. See you in a few." he said and left.

Finally now I can go home. As soon as I go out through the front gates, Frankie walks up to me. Oh great. Not to be mean but I wasnt in the mood for Frankie. I was jealous. Or at least I think I was.

"Hey Mikes, can I-I um...go over to your house?" he asks me.

"Sorry Frankie I have a lot of homework see you later." And I ran in a hurry leaving Frankie alone.

Franks p.o.v.

Mikey left me alone in the front gate. So where am I going now? Mom told me not to come home. I know she didnt mean it, but I didnt wanna go home to her yelling just yet. Well where can I go? Gee asked me if I wanted to go to the arcade, but I said I wasnt in the mood for video games. I sit on the stair steps, just wondering where to go. Just then, Violet sits next to me.

"Hey whats up?" she asks me.

"Nothing just wondering where to go." I responded quietly.

She looks at me for a moment. Then turns her head the other way.

"Oh..." she says.
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