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never let it show, the pain i've grown to know.

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So I spent my entire day with the guys and at 7 all of them left accept for Zack. “So where are we going? I don’t know anything about this area.” I asked Zack sitting next to him on the couch. “I saw a place downtown yesterday that I thought looked nice.” He smiled at me. I smiled back and got up with him. We walked back downtown and ended up running into the guys from school. “BENJI!” Gerard and Frankie yelled at the same time. “Hey guys!” I waved. “Who are they?” Zacky asked looking down at me. “Friends from school. They’re all in that band I was telling you about that one day.” “Oh yea, alright. Looks like you tried to replace us.” “BULLSHIT.” We smiled at each other.

We finally walked up to the other guys. “So you must be one of her friends from back in Cali?” Gerard looked at Zack. “Yea he was one of the guys over at the house yesterday.” Frank chimed in. “Well his name is Zacky in case you wanted to know…” I gave them a weird look. Gerard and Frank both took the hint to stop. “Oh no, don’t” Zacky started “Yup I’m Zack, her best friend.” Even though he was being a dick, it was kinda funny to see how the other guys would react. I know he was only testing them. “Oh well I’m Ray and this is Bob.” Ray walked up and held his hand out. Bob did the same. Zacky shook their hands “What's up” “I’m Gerard…This is Frank and this is my brother Mikey.” Gerard pointed the guys out. Frank didn’t look at him and Mikey did a wave. “Yo” Zack greeted them.

“Well, I’m taking my woman out to dinner. Nice meeting you Ray, Bob and Mike. Gerard and Frank, I’ll catch you later.” Zacky grabbed my hand and kept walking. “Bye guys!” I yelled and waved over my shoulder. “Your woman?” I laughed looking up at Zacky. “Man they’re pussies. But Ray and Bob are tight.” “I knew you were pulling that.” “You know me so well babe.” I smiled and blushed slightly. We got to the restaurant, it was pretty nice outside. It looked too expensive. “Before you even open your mouth, I made sure I had enough money.” Zack said. He does this mind reading shit to me all of the time. “Fine” I gave up too easily.

The place turned out to be fantastic. Food was great and the service was really nice. I see me coming back here again. It wasn’t as expensive as we thought either. After dinner Zack and I were walking back home and stopped off at a park. It was so cool too, not like a normal park, it was in the middle of two buildings. This place was so random. None of the equipment looked like it had anything done to it in years, let alone the place looked like nobody had even been in it in forever. Zacky and I sat on a bench under the big tree in the middle. He put his arm around my shoulder and I laid my head down on his shoulder.

“Tonight was really great. Best thing to happen to me since I’ve been here.” “Glad I could be of service.” He smiled down at me. “Thanks.” “Duh” We stared up at the stars for a while in silence. “I’m so happy to be here with you. I really did miss you when you left.” Zack said not breaking his stare at the sky. “I missed you too. It was so hard having to leave all of you. Nobody could ever replace you.” “Nobody ever will” he smiled all cocky at me. “Nope” I smiled back up. “SHOOTING STAR!!!” Zacky screamed. “HOLY SHIT” I mocked him. I’ve never seen him react to something that way. I started laughing so hard. “Shut up it was pretty” he pouted. “Aww” I hugged him “What’d you wish for?” “I can’t tell you, it won’t come true” he smiled. “Damn…” “What’d you wish for?” “I can’t tell you either!” “Not uh, you can tell me.” “NO!” He started laughing at me then grabbed my hand “We should get you home before your dad flips out again.” “He’s working late tonight, but you’re right. I have school.”

The walk home was quiet. Zacky never let go of my hand once. He walked me up to my door and stopped “Think your dad would notice if I slept over?” “Nah he wouldn’t. He goes to work before I go to school anyway.” “Alright.” I just smiled up at him and walked in my house. We went in my room after we made popcorn and grabbed sodas. Zacky laid on my bed and opened his arms for me to lay with him. I locked my door and threw a soda at him, then laid beside of him. We turned on the TV and watched whatever looked interesting.

Gerard texted me when we were watching Queen of the Damned. “Hey” he said. “What's up?” “Nothing… chillin at home. Basement is cold.” “I’m sorry. Zack and I are watching a movie.” Zack moved the popcorn bowl to the nightstand on his side then took my phone and put it over there too. “What are you doing?” I asked staring at him. He kissed me without warning. “I’ve been waiting to do that since we laid down” He pulled away and said inches away from my face. I didn’t have anything to say, I could only smile at him. He placed his hand on my cheek “I really wish you didn’t leave…” “I’m sorry Zack…” He kissed me again. His hand moved slowly down my side and he pulled me closer. Soon he had me on my back and he had crawled on top of me. “Zack what are you doing.” I asked muffled between him kissing me. “Nothing you don’t want me to do” he moved down and whispered in my ear “I love you…” “I love you too…” I whispered so quietly I barely heard it come out of my own mouth.

Zack started working my pants off then my underwear “Do you want to?” “I never have…” I said biting my lip. “Do you want to, Benji” He stared me in the eyes. “Be gentle?” “Of course, I would never hurt you.” “Okay.” Zack took his pants off then looked at me again “Ready?” “Yea…” I whispered. He pushed in and at first it hurt like hell. Our breathing started to get heavier as he sped up. “Ow” I squeaked. “Shhh baby it’s all okay” he started to slow down. He started kissing down my neck; I really started to get into it now. I let out a louder moan and he bit harder.

10 minutes later it was all over. Zack laid there holding me as I trembled. “Are you alright?” “Yea, I’m fine.” “I love you Benj, I really do.” “I love you too Zack.” We fell asleep holding each other a few moments later.
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