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Expect Heavy Delays

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Frank never was that great at driving...

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“So,” Frank said as we headed to my house. “Mikey met a girl and a pretty one at that.”

“Yes, he did.“ I said, smiling.

?How did he manage to get the courage to talk to her?” He asked. “Because he has a terrible time talking to people he doesn’t really know.”

“I did it.” I told him.

“You?” He asked, looking over at me.

“Yes, me.” I said. “I pushed him at her and told him to go say something.”

“What did he say to her?” He asked, turning his attention back to the road.

“’Well, she had a shirt on that said ‘I’m with the bassist.” I started to explain. “She he went up and said ‘I’m a bassist.’”

“Did he really?” His mouth dropped open.

“Unfortunately.” I sighed.

“Well, it must have worked because he got the digits.” He laughed.


“Oh, Mikey.” He laughed again. He looked over at me. His eyes were crossed. “I’m a bassist.” He said a bit ridiculously. I started laughing, then turned back to the road.

“Oh shit! Frank!” I yelled as a man was standing in the middle of the road, dressed in all back. “Frankie! Look out!”

He swerved to miss the guy. Everything seemed to go slow. I saw us going straight for a telephone pole. I knew Frank wasn’t buckled in. I reached to get to try and hold him in place. But, the next thing I knew I was flying forward.

“Hazel!” A voice rang into my ears. “Hazel, please get up!”

“Gerard, she’s going to be fine!” Another voice said. “You have to help Frankie!”


“She hit her head on the dashboard. Frankie went through the windshield!”

“CPR can’t save him!”

“You have to do that other thing” It was Bella’s voice.

I tried to open my eyes, but they felt too heavy.

“No.” He yelled.” I will not put him through that.”

“Gerard, you have to! He’s going to die!” Bella screamed.

“I am not doing it. I’d rather him die!” He yelled.

“Gerard! Do it, please!” She exclaimed.

“No!” He protested.

Do what? I wondered as I attempted to stay awake.

“Please!” She begged him.


“Gerard, he’s going to die. You have to fucking do this!” She screamed.

“Fine!” I heard him storm away from me. A moan came from Frankie.

“Gerard.” I whimpered.

“Hang in there sweetie.” Bella said softly, I felt her hand on my shoulder.

“I’m here.” He said., to me. “Take him to my house, Bella. Don’t let him out until it’s over.”

“Gerard…” I mumbled.

“Stay calm, Hazel. Everything is going to be okay.” He cooed in my ear. I opened my eyes to see him.

There was a splitting pain that erupted in my head, then everything went black.
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