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first date

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Gerard glanced down at his watch, four minutes left he said. "Since you are now my girlfriend do you wanna ditch and go on a date?" "like right now?" You were kinda out of it until you saw his puppy dog eyes and you melted and agreed right away. "Okay, where are you going to take me?" you asked with interest in your voice wanting to know what hisidea of a date is. He paused for a moment. "We'll go see a movie, a scary movie!" you smiled a big smile because not only do you love scary movies, but you would get to watch one with him. He picked you up bridal style and carried you out of the small room and out the front door, people stared but you didnt care, you were going on a date! When he go to his car you saw that he drove a Ford Mustang and you were emmediatly impressed. The whole ride to the movie theater he held your hand, you guys didnt say much except deciding what movie you both wanted to watch. At the snack counter he bought a macho bag of Skittles and jumbo cup o mountain dew. "You should of let me buy something you whined." "Well I’m taking you on a date, so I get to buy everything." He smiled knowing he had defeat you, you giggled and decided to agree with him he gave you a quick kiss on the lips and then grabbed you hand to pull you to the seats in the back row of the theater. There were some couples there and some other people. The lights dimmed down then the screen lit up with life and started off with a cartoon. Gerard pulled your face in when the whorish cheerleader who had an ESP power got slashed by the guy with a chainsaw. He looked into your eyes and said “____, I love you uncontrollably with all my heart and I hope that you will never leave me for anything and I promise to never leave you or hurt you in any way.” He gave you a long smooch witch turned into a make out session. He moved the armrest up and moved closer to you until your body's were almost one. You had your hands locked in his hair and he had a tight grip on your waist, he went down to your neck and you let out a long moan. "Gerard we’re in a movie theater you cant do this to me and not expect me to make a sound." You whispered. He looked at you and you, then you knew that you couldn’t sit in there another hour with out touching him or his velvet jet black hair. He looked at you with an excited look, my parents will be gone on a business trip for two days, you lit up with excitement and without a word he picked you up and ran you out of the theater and to his car. He practicaly threw you in the car and did your seatbelt, he broke all the speed limits, but it was passed curfew so not a lot of cops were out. You decided that you two wanted to go to your house and directed him there. When he got in the driveway, you too were glad to see that your parents weren’t home. He got out of the car and went around to open your door with a mad hatter smile on his face the whole time. "Wow, what are you excited about?" "I guess just spending time alone with you.” He smiled and gave you a long kiss which turned into a make out session, which ended up making out on the couch. Before you knew it he was laying you down on the couch and was on top of you. You were so excited, and kissing him was even more exciting to you until he stopped it, "I'm sorry do you want on top?” his lips were red which didn’t match with his confused look which made you smile. You were going to say no, your just fine on top but, "yeah I want to be on top.” Gerard smiled by your sudden act of forcefulness. You two switched and the kissing was even hotter. You loved it more because you could feel his muscles tensing and relaxing under his thin T-shirt. He put his hands on your waste and under a bit of your shirt. You wanted to feel his hands all around your body but he didn’t get the hint. Finally you pulled your shirt all the way over his head, he pulled it off and looked at you with a funny look like you were going to put it back on. He shook his head while smiling, then kissed you again. You could feel his pants grow underneath you, so you thought of a better way to turn him on. " Wait here and close your eyes.” You say while getting off the couch . You climbed the stairs to your room and raced to your closet. Now you appreciated your mom taking you to Victorias Secret last week. You found the sexiest lingerie you owned and put it on. You walked down the stairs "Okay, are your eyes still closed?" "Yes most absolutely he sang." "Kk sit up." You walked right in front of him, "Okay open." You said with an excited tone. He slowly opened his eyes and as soon as he got a glimpse they shot open emmediatly, you smiled. You could tell he was having wild fantasies about you.

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