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Chapter 6. Filler! But what happens next?

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I was sitting on the floor of Mikey’s room playing with Lorie and his action figures
“I like this one” she said holding one up that had a bunny head and a human body
“I like that one too” I smiled and watched her make him kiss her barbie doll
“Lorie?” I heard Ray call from a distance
“Ray’s here!” Lorie said with her eyes lighting up and we both looked at the doorway when he walked by with Mikey
“hey!” Mikey said “stop playing with my action figures”
“aww, have you had fun Lor?” Ray smiled bending down and she nodded “we’re playing with dolls”
“action figures” Mikey said quietly and I laughed
“we better head off home precious” Ray said grabbing her bag and she put her toys and books inside and he zipped it up as Gerard walked in
“oh, you’re leaving?” he said and Ray nodded “say goodbye to everyone Lorie”
She turned and ran to Mikey and hugged his legs, giggling and he laughed and picked her up and hugged her tight before putting her back down
She walked over to me and I smiled and picked her up and walked outside to Ray’s car
“can you come play at our house?” she asked
“of course, I’ll talk to Ray about playdates okay?” I said and she nodded
I handed her to Gerard so he could hug her and she kissed his cheek, he sat her down in her seat and help put her seatbelt on
“I better head off too” I said when he was beside me
“what! no” he frowned
“I have a date with Brendon” I said and he frowned even more
We waved to Ray as he pulled out of the driveway and I went inside to grab my keys
“I had fun today though” I said
“well… okay but Mikey’s ball is this week” he said
“I didn’t forget” I smiled “are you picking me up?”
“of course” he nodded “I’ll text you when I leave here”
“okay then, I’m looking forward to it” I said giving him a kiss but he held me closer “no, I want more” he said pressing his lips against mine and I didn’t want to leave, but I had to pull myself away “I have to go”
He sighed and walked me outside “are you working tomorrow?”
“from 2 til 6” I said
“I’ll come see you after I finish work?” he said
“I’d love you to” I smiled and he started to kiss me again, but started getting really into it and I had to push him away again and just stared at him, breathless
“I’m sorry” he said “I cant stop myself”
“I’ll see you tomorrow” I said getting into my car and backing out of the driveway and waving before going to the apartment.
I was relieved to be home for a while and dumped my keys on the counter
“Ryan?” I called and went into his room to see he was having sex with Jerome
“OH!” I said covering my mouth “I’m sorry” I said quickly and shut the door and went into my room and never came back out.
I did not expect to see Ryan getting done up the ass today, I did not.
I had a quick nap until my phone went off and I woke and answered
“hello?” I yawned
“aww, little miss sleepy” Brendon laughed “still coming over today?”
“yeah, what time?” I asked
“around 7?” he asked
“I’ll be there” I said
“cool, just making sure“ he laughed “I’ll see you then”
“bye” I smiled and hung up and there was a knock on the door
“yeah?” I said and Ryan walked in, with only his underwear on and he got into bed with me
“Ryan, no” I smiled
“I’m so hard right now” he said and I laughed “I am so so sorry for walking in, I never learn to knock”
“it’s okay” he said putting his arms around me
“I’m not in the mood for spooning” I frowned
“I wish Jerome stayed longer” he said “I think I’m in love”
“good for you Ry, but just because you had sex, your emotions run wild” I said and he nodded “I know, I thought about it. The sex was amazing, I mean look”
He showed me his penis and I accidentally looked
“Ryan.” I said shutting my eyes
“sorry” he said “but I’m just so happy”
I smiled “well I’m glad”
He sighed and I kissed his cheek “you’ll be okay”
Hours later I got dressed and went to Brendon’s and knocked on his front door wearing a pretty print dress I found and haven’t worn in a while and felt a little self conscious.
The door opened and he smiled “hello there”
I smiled and gave him a great hug
“I see you curled your hair” he added
“I did!” I laughed “thank you for noticing”
He set up a table for us with candles and everything to have dinner and then we went into the lounge room to watch a movie. I had to take my heels off and then I sat on his lap and curled up beside his chest
I didn’t feel the need to be super pretty around Brendon, which I liked as I could be myself, Gerard however, I felt like I was competing with him.
I shut my eyes too long at times and kept opening and closing them
“are you tired?” he asked and I looked up “uh.. maybe”
He shut the TV off and gently picked me up and we went to his room
“no I don’t…” I said but he put me on his bed
“Brendon cuddles?” I asked and he smiled “wouldn’t be any other way”
He joined me on his bed and put his arms around me. I looked up at him and he started to kiss me
“I’m falling for you” he whispered quietly and I smiled but at the same time I wanted to cry
“I’m falling for you too” I said looking into his eyes and he started to kiss me “I have something for you”
“what is it?” I asked moving away from his mouth and he reached for something on the desk beside his bed and showed me a bright pink guitar pick
“aww” I smiled
“I even signed it incase I get famous one day” he smiled
I kissed his cheek and put it on the table “remind me before I go home to take it with me”
He nodded “are you staying the night?”
“I don’t really want to” I admitted
“but you do?” he laughed
“I have work tomorrow” I smiled and hugged him and he started kissing my face
“how about you drive me to yours and I’ll sleep there and then you drive me home before you go to work?” he asked
“sounds swell” I said quietly and pressing my lips against his and I felt his hand feeling the side of my dress and I stopped and looked at him “what are you doing?”
“…nothing” he said but I didnt buy it and he sighed “yeah I was trying to unzip your dress”
“Brendon” I said in a disappointed tone
“it was getting hot” he said in his defence
I sat up and lifted the top of my dress up and jumped off his bed
“where you going babe?” he asked
“come on, we’ll go to mine” I said helping him up and he started kissing my neck and I laughed and gently pushed him off and he smiled and grabbed a bag, putting his clothes inside
I heard a noise and then Baxter came running inside and jumping on me
“oh hello” I smiled
“no Baxie” Brendon said and his mom appeared before me
“hello Juliet” she smiled sweetly
“hello Mrs Urie” I laughed “I’m kidnapping Brendon to sleep over at my house, I hope that’s okay”
She nodded “as long as he’s good”
“shh mom” Brendon said putting his bag on his back and she laughed to herself “alright, have fun”
Brendon handed me my guitar pick and I carefully put it inside my pocket beside my phone
We walked outside together and I turned to him “you wanna drive?”
“sure” he said putting his bag in the back and I sat in the passenger seat
“I feel odd driving a girly car” he said and I smiled “but you’ll look pretty”
We got to the parking lot and I held his hand as we went up the lift to my floor and walked to the door, I opened it and let us both inside and Ryan was sitting in only his boxers eating cereal staring
“er…” he said
“sorry, we’ll go” I said pulling Brendon’s hand to my room and he put his bag on the floor
“I’m gonna go get dressed” I said
“okay” he said smiling a little as I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom
When I went back, he was on my laptop and I frowned “hey, what do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m looking for secrets” he said
I closed the laptop and put it away and we cuddled under the bed sheets. He started to play with my hair as I stared at him and started to think.
Brendon was pretty amazing in his own way. I loved everything about him and his personality.
He gave me a slight smile and I laughed to myself “you’re awfully cute.”
“you just noticed?” he said
“no, I noticed since I first met you” I smiled
“awww” he smiled and started to kiss me, putting his hand on my side
I felt a tingling sensation going through my body, this felt somewhat special.
It started to get hot like when we were at his house, but I remembered Ryan was around
“I want you” he said quietly in my ear
“we can’t, Ryan’s home” I said feeling his hand slide lower down my side
“I can be quiet” he smiled a little “can you?”
I shrugged
“I have faith in you” he said and I laughed “I’ll… try”
So tonight, I slept with Brendon for the second time.

I woke up with sunshine blaring in my face and stretched to see that I was in Juliet’s bed alone.
I rolled over to face the opposite way to the window and thought about last night and immediately smiled. I was so smitten.
Eventually, Juliet came back into her room and she smiled at me “good morning”
I sat up and waved “morning”
She crawled onto the bed and kissed my lips as I pulled her closer and she laughed “I have work in a few hours”
I nodded “I’ll be out of your hair soon”
I heard something and saw Ryan’s puppy in the doorway and Juliet turned around and called him over and she gently placed him on the bed
“how are your legs?” I asked and she smiled slightly “better”
I went ahead and got dressed and into the kitchen where Ryan was sitting, reading the newspaper looking dressed up
“where are you off to?” I asked
“work” he said “bookstore”
“oh cool” I said “you dress well for it”
“I’m bisexual, I need to dress well” he said and I smiled
“want some toast?” he asked directing my attention to a plate
“oh please” I said “I’m starved”
“what did you guys do last night? Juliet seems really groggy and tired this morning” he asked casually
“uhhh” I said and he looked at me
I didn’t know whether to tell him… again.
“oh. You didn’t. She complained about her legs for hours to me man! I don’t wanna be the girlfriend for that stuff to talk to about.” He frowned
“she said her legs were fine this time… but you didn’t hear right?” I asked and he shook his head , “good job”
Juliet walked in, all dressed and looked at us odd because we both stopped talking
“what?” she said
“nothing” we both said and I went back to my toast
“alright I better go” Ryan said getting up and kissing Juliet’s cheek and to my surprise, he kissed my cheek too before leaving
Juliet laughed “he likes you”
“so strange” I said and she sat with me quietly nibbling on her toast while I stared at her and she looked at me
“just bite the thing” I said and she smiled
She drove me home and walked me to the door
“talk soon?” I said and she nodded “of course”
I put my arms around her and kissed her passionately, but it got to a point where I was really pushing it, in some hope that she’d choose me over Gerard
“alright, I have to go to work” she said and I stopped
“seeya” she smiled and walked to her car and drove to work

I was talking to Cassadee at work after a massive afternoon work rush; she discussed how she was feeling lonely.
“Cass, you’re beautiful…” I said but she interrupted
“some guys don’t want girls for beauty, which is good but, why are they taking so long?!”
I laughed and noticed Gerard walk in with his friends
“hey” he smiled as they got to the counter and I think Cassadee was going to faint
“you brought all your friends?” I said
“they wanted coffee” he said
I took all of their orders and Cassadee helped me make them
“I want them” she said quietly
“calm down girl” I smiled “you should come to the ball with me”
“I don’t even know them, I just wanna make out with them” she said and I laughed
“I’m pretty sure they’re single. Just don’t take Gerard” I said
“of course” she smiled
We took the coffees to the table and they all thanked us in a cute manner and Cassadee quickly ran off back to the counter
“do you think Cassadee could come to your ball Mikey?” I asked
“who?” he asked and I pointed behind me “Cassadee”
“ohhh” he said taking a good look at her “of course”
I sat with Gerard and he put his arm around me, as I looked over at him, his mouth was already on mine.
“don’t do that, I’ll get in trouble if the boss sees” I said and he nodded “sorry”
“are you coming to the ball Juliet?” Ray asked
“I am” I smiled “should be fun”
“Mikey is gonna screw up his dance” Frank grinned
Gerard took a sip of his coffee and then looked at me “how was your date last night?”
“fine” I said “jealous?”
He smiled “nope, just making conversation”
“it was just hanging out” I said “oh theres some customers”
I quickly got up and went to the counter and Cassadee was looking at herself in her compact mirror
“you look fine” I said and she smiled “so this ball…. Should be interesting?”

Do I still have readers?
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Hopefully you like this filler.
The next chapter will be important along with the outcome.
This is gonna be huge guys!
hope you like it.

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