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Sleep Walking

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The morning after Anna meets Asomdeus. The venoum has started to infect the healing process.

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Chapter Fourteen: Sleep Walking:

August 2nd, 2004.

“Anna!” Becky called on the beach the next morning.

“Anna!” Gillian yelled.

“Anna!” Clare yelled. The former photo club was looking around for their friend. She wasn’t in her bed this morning.

“She couldn’t have gotten far,” Willow said. That didn’t help Becky at all; she turned to the redhead like a scared rabbit.

“What if she was killed or something?” she cried.

“Calm down,” Clare brushed off, “This is a private beach.”

“So?” Becky cried, “Worse things have happened in private communities!” Clare could only nod at that one. True and plus Becky was in worry mode at the moment with logic taking a lunch break.

“I found her!” Amy yelled. The girls all looked up as the sandy brunette pointed to the water.

“Is she dead?” Becky asked. Amy gave her her famous, “are you mental?” look at their leader.

“No,” she said as she pointed to the ocean, “She’s right there!” The girls looked up to see Anna standing in knee deep ocean water. She looked so pale out in a daze. Her friends couldn’t understand.

“What is she doing?” Gillian whispered. Clare shook her head.

“You got me,” she replied. Amy walked into the water and approached Anna like a mother to her injured child.

“Anna,” she said softly with each step, “You don’t look so good. Come out of the water.” Amy came within inches of her friend. She reached out and lightly touched Anna on the arm. The other woman whipped around as her eyes looked possessed by the devil. Her friend backed up.

“Anna?” she asked.

“Don’t touch me!” the other woman yelled. Amy and the others stared at her worried. Anna nearly showed no emotion at all. What caused her to snap like this?

August 9th, 2009.

“Kimoto-san!” Hisoka called out the next morning.

“Kimoto-san!” Watari yelled.

“Anna-chan!” Tsuzuki cried. The shinigami were looking for the missing woman. Tsuzuki awoke to find Anna not in bed with him. Panicked, Tsuzuki dragged his co-workers out of bed to help look for her. Tsuzuki came back over to Hisoka.

“Found her?” he asked. The boy shook his head. Tsuzuki bit his lip as his partner gently patted him on the shoulder.

“We’ll find her, I promise,” Hisoka said calmly. The boy saw his worry in his violet eyes when Tsuzuki didn’t speak.

“Hey!” Watari called from a distance, “I found her! I found Kimoto-san!” Both boys rushed over to the mad scientist. Tsuzuki looked all around.

“Where?” he asked. Watari pointed forward and Tsuzuki and Hisoka looked outwards. Anna stood up to her calves in the lake. She was pale in a daze and trembling as she stared at the water below. The boys looked confused.

“What’s she doing?” Hisoka whispered. Tsuzuki slowly walked forward into the water.

“Tsuzuki!” Watari yelled, “What are you doing? Come back!” The older shinigami didn’t listen as he kept walking towards Anna in the water. He held out his hand to his beloved.

“Anna-chan,” he murmured, “Just came back inside with us, okay?” Tsuzuki walked closer when she didn’t reply.

“Anna-chan,” he murmured again. His fingertips brushed against her bare right arm. Anna whipped around so fast that Tsuzuki nearly leapt back in the water. His beloved’s tired eyes looked possessed by the devil like they did five years ago. The shinigami slowly pulled back.

“Anna-chan?” he asked.

“Don’t touch me!” she cried. Tsuzuki didn’t back down.

“Anna-chan?” he asked. “Talk to me; what is the matter?” The woman stared at him with hurt eyes. She started to collapse, but Tsuzuki caught her in time. He clutched her to his chest as he felt her trembling. The shinigami could tell that something shook her to her core. Her heart pounded against their chests. Watari and Hisoka watched from the surface.

“This is rather unexpected,” Watari replied. Hisoka’s heart began to ache with pain of its own. Asmodeus’ poisonous bite served a healing vein and now the infection had begun to manifest.
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