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A Love That's so Demanding

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I was really beginning to worry, the sun would be rising in a little over an hour, its been two days and Nicole still wasn’t back. I sat in the kitchen on a stool, staring out aimlessly into the night sky. I got up and wondered down the hall, into the dark living room to find Frank sleeping on the couch, and Ray and Mikey on the arm chair, getting more then friendly.

“Hey face suckers!” I said to get their attention, Mikey quickly sprung off Ray’s lap. “It’s almost dawn.” I informed them.

“Oh, damn.” Ray chuckled, getting off the arm chair. “I barely noticed.” he went over to the couch and picked up a sleeping Frank.

“Get off my cookies!” Frank mumbled in his sleep, the three of us laughed but he slept through it, and the three men disappeared to Frank’s room, when there was a loud screech of car tires towards the front of the house. I ran to the front door and opened it to see a black trans am turning off it’s lights, my heart stopped.

Our eyes met as he got out of his door, in a blur he was next to me, slipping his hand around my waist, pulling me snuggly to him and crashing his lips down on mine. I pressed myself against him, loving the intensity of his kiss.

He roughly pulled away from my lips, holding me close and looking deep into my eyes.

“Harley, I love you.” he said shakily. “It’s fucking crazy, its irrational, but I love you.”

“Oh, Gerard.” I sighed, and buried my face in his chest.

“Harley?” He whispered in my ear.

“I’m in love with you too.” I looked back up into his eyes, he leaned down and softly kissed me on the cheek, as a red droplet leaked from his eye, running down his face, a tear, a vampire tear. I wiped the tear off his cheek.

“Your crying?”

He nodded. “I know.” he smiled. “I never thought……..anyone could love me.”

“Well, think again.” I said, brushing hair out of his face. Seeing behind him, Nicole’s car pulled into the drive, and- “Lindsey?” I gasped at Gerard as she got out of the, I stepped away from Gerard. “Gerard you didn’t-”

“Fuck no!” He took my hand. “Nicole found her!” he leaned down into my ear. “She’s over you, besides I saw her checking out Nicole.”

I let go of Gerard’s hand and caught Nicole in a warm hug.

“Thank you so much.” I told her sincerely.

“It was no problem,” she said. “Kind of worth the drive.” She smiled and her eyes flickered to Lindsey.

I let out an unwanted yawn, and suddenly felt the day sleep tug on me.

“Will you make it?” Gerard asked me.

I laughed. “I’m so tired Gerard, can’t be sure.”

“Well, I suppose I should put you to bed?” he asked. I nodded and let him lead me down to the bedroom, watching as he removed his shirt, exposing his milky white chest, the undoing his belt , removing his boots and sliding off his jeans, I then felt his gentle hands removing my clothing, my eyes fell shut as he wrapped the blankets around me.


For the first in probably all my personal eternity, I woke up beside such a lovely sight. Her hair was a little messy from sleep, I moved it off her face. Her skin was pale and luminous , her lips a dead rose color, and her thick eyelashes contrasted so vividly against her flesh. My eyes traveled down to her delicious looking neck, down to her breasts incased in a black bra. I wanted to kiss every inch of her skin, hold her, kiss her, make love to her over and over, I wanted her to be mine.

I sighed, knowing I had to have patience, and I eased my arms around her waist, snuggling against her sleeping body. She moved in her sleep, burying her face in my shoulder. I moved me hand up to stroke her back.

“Gerard?” she mumbled minutes later, raising her face out of my shoulder and looking up at me.

“Yes?” I asked, “Good evening.” I told her, kissing her lips. “Sleep well?”

“Quite well actually.” she said with a small smile. “Your so comfortable.”

“Thank you.” I told her, dancing my fingers up and down the soft cool skin on her back, but to my displeasure she pulled away from me, sitting up.

“I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” she said looking down at the bed.

“Harley.” I took her hand. “You had every right, I was being such a self absorbed dumbass.”

“True.” she looked up at me with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes. “Okay, fine, you have every right to call me a lot names.”

“Alright.” she shrugged, getting out of bed, walking to her suitcase. I sighed and lit a cigarette, my eyes traveled back to Harley, bent over her suitcase, noticing how good her ass……

“Gerard?” She whirled around, as if she knew I had been staring.

“Yes?” I exhaled, smirking, She just shook her head and pulled on a pair of faded drainpipes and a tight black t-shirt. She leaned over and plucked the cigarette from my lips.

“How do you make cancerous objects looking so sexy?” She said, taking a drag and handing it back to me.

“Didn’t know I did.” I laughed, and leaned up to give her a nice long kiss, which proved to have more heat in it then we both expected. I crushed the cigarette against the headboard and moved my hands to her hips, pulling her to the bed until she was straddling me while I pushed my tongue past her lips-

“Harley!” The door flew open m to reveal a fear ridden Frank. “Oh fuck!” he said when he saw us, but Harley had already jumped off me.

“Frank, wheat’s wrong?” She rushed over to the small mortal boy, and he collapsed into tears in her arms.

“I….I’ll leave you two alone.” I said, grabbing my jeans off the floor and a shirt and leaving the room. I put my clothes on while making my way up the basement stairs, opening the door to see the kitchen had exploded in total chaos.

Well, i hope you like it! :)
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