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X-Men Evolution: Sisters

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Toru and Mayumi are sisters, when they're recruited by the X-Men, will it last, or will it fall?

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As the moonlight lit up the streets of Bayville New York, two teenage girls ran through the dark ally ways, one in the front and the other in the back, the dark falling over them, holding each others hands, and running as fast as possible, there hearts racing, and their lungs stinging with pain and hot air.

After running they finally came to a corner and turned, each breath, wasted. They where blocked in, there was no way out. There where four men standing in front of there only exit, all in black, and all with weapons.

The youngest girl said quietly, taking a couple steps back when she saw her sister's eyes glow a bright white. She slowly looked up at her opponents with a cold, dead stair.

"Mayumi... Hide behind the dumpster..."
She said as the wind began to blow, her eyes sparking along with the tips of her fingers.

"But..." - "Now!"
She ordered as her sister took a deep breath and ran behind the dumpster, her heart racing.

"Aw... Now look at this, two sisters on the run, staying together, protecting each other, now what could be more sweat and touching than that?"

A man stepped forward out of the crowd, his sarcasm making things worse. He began to circle the girl, now walking around as her eyes fallowed him.

"Back off, or else!"
She threatened as the man began to laugh.

"Or else what, you'll attack me? Well then, good luck." He said with arms wide open, her sparks growing wider. "Careful. I take that as a challenge." She defended with a smile.

"You know, this isn't my fault. You where born this way. Not that it's yours either, just the circle of life, not that it matters. I mean, your parents did sell you out; your friends won't even look at you, where would you go? Face the facts, ether of you of you belong here."

He said, angering her even more than before, her sparks flying. "Shut up!" She ordered, a smile crossing his lips. "Or what, you'll zap me?" He said sarcastically and between laughs.

"Do you really want to stick around to find out...?"
She said, her eyes glowing a little brighter than ever before and her hands forming into fists.

"You know, I don't really think I like that tone of yours young lady."
He said as he became a little angrier.

"And I don't like your face; it's disturbing and scares children. Now that we covered the obvious, can we please get back to the fight?" She said, ready for anything he could throw at her.

"Fine, as you wish. But remember, its your funeral." He said as he frowned and turned around, walking away as he snapped his fingers.

"Kill them..."
He said as he left the ally way, his foot steps clattering.

The men began closing in as Toru got in front of Mayumi who was curled up against the Dumpster. She got in her fighting stance and her eyes began to glow uncontrollably bright as things that seamed to look like lighting formed out of her fists. It was nothing but pure white energy with midnight blue streaks and shimmers.

The first man jumped at her with a pole and hit her with it, but he was hit by her lightning, or what he thought was lightning... Toru slammed against the wall as the three other men pounced at her when suddenly they where hit by a beam of red light that Toru or Mayumi didn't create...

The two of them looked over to the entrance to see a teenage boy, probably 18, whereing some cool shades and a girl with long red hair next to him, who was probably 18 as well.

"Hey, are you two okay?" The boy called out, staying where he was as the girl just floated into the air, her hair waving about. The two girls didn't answer his question, but both just stared at him with confusion.

But as things where strange enough, he didn't mind as he started running toward them, both of them confused and scared. Toru tried to stand up but stayed against the wall, still in pain from the hit with the metal pole and fell back down.

The three men that where hit by the red light stood back up and charged them selves at the boy, but they weren't exactly a mach for him. The four others that blocked there way came in when three of them where suddenly lifted into the air by some unknown force and began freaking out, a hand coming out of the ground and grabbing the last mans ankle and making him fall to the ground.

A teenage girl, probably 16, fazed her self through the man and out of the ground, surprising both of the girls, but when they thought that things couldn't get any weirder, a blue elf showed up from no where...

"Hello Ladies, my name is Kurt, and today ve vill be flying export, out of here!"
He said in a strange German accent and grabbed the two of them, and some how they found them selves in a large black jet floating in the air when a woman with long white hair flew bye, making dark clouds and rain appear.

Mayumi looked at the man driving the Jet, who looked a little rough and scary, almost like a cow boy, or was. He looked in the mirror and to the girls with a low growled.

"Mayumi and Toru, right?"
He asked with his hands on the wheel but his eyes on them.

"Yeah..." Mayumi said and scootched over to her sister, Toru. (Mayumi: Long hair and brown eyes) - (Toru: Short brown hair and green eyes.)

"Figures, you two just find out your Mutants twelve days ago and your already on the run..."
He said with a small laugh.

"Are you with them? The people that where chasing us?"
Mayumi asked a little frightened.

"If I where you would be dead right now."
He said as Mayumi's eyes widened as the man just smiled at her... As if proud of the fact that he actually could.

"Are you okay? You look pretty injured; do you need me to go get the first aid kit...?"
Kurt asked as Toru looked at him with a deadly glair, sending quick chills up his spine.

"Uh... Never mind..."
He said and disappeared with smoke circling around him.

"Hi, I'm Kitty; you two must be like, Toru and Mayumi, right!"
She said over enthusiastically.

"Wow... It's like we're celebrities now, everyone seems to know out names... And not in the good way..."
Mayumi said sadly, helping her sister up who was sort of healed, but still in a little pain.

"Yeah... Well, you'll get use to it, but don't worry, you're with us now, you'll be safe..." She said happily as their attention turned to the radio that Logan switched on as the boy with the shades began to speak out of it.

"More of them are coming, get Mayumi and Toru out of here and to safety! Jean, Kurt, Storm, and I will stay here and fight them all off! And you don't have long, so hurry!"

He said as Logan pressed the button.

"You got it bub; your car is only a block away, use that to get to the Mansion."
He said as he began to fly away, the boy's voice coming back to his.

"Got it! Now hurry, I think their goanna send choppers to look for them soon!"
He said as Logan nodded and disappeared through the dark rain clouds and into the paraliss night...
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