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Forever Friends

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Eva has a best friend hes called Mikey Way they have known eachother forever but its not all it seems......

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2010-11-02 - Updated: 2010-11-02 - 877 words

well here it goes this is just an introduction chapter so bear with me

My name is Eva Scott I live in Bellville and go to Bellville high, I have an older sister called Holly and I live with her and my dad, my mum left us when I was seven to run of with her shining new boyfriend I haven't heard from her since and I don't want to hear from her again. I don't have many friends, I'm an outcast also known as emo girlto the more popular kids but I don't care, I have five amazing friends they are, Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar and lastly my best friend Mikey Way. Me and Mikey go far back we live in the same street, love the same types of music, we go everywhere together, his house is my second home and we both are the same age 16. I love what I have of my friends and family and I have learnt to take nothing for granted.

"Yooo Eva" I turned around to find Mikey waving and running after me, "whats up Mikey?" "nothing much needed someone to walk to school with" he shrugged, I hit him in the arm "ok ok ok I'm only joking you know I love you eva beavaaa" Mikey always called me Eva beavaa because when we were ten Mikey brought me home a Beaver teddy bear from his holiday I brought it everywhere with me and I still have it! "so its Friday Mikey, any parties? gigs?" I asked I was desperate to get out of the house because Holly's boyfriend James was coming over and I wanted to avoid their make out session for as long as possible. "no parties, no gigs but you can sleepover at our house tonight Frankie, Ray and Bob are so you may aswell and help me sober them all up tomorrow morning" we laughed until we reached the school, "FRANKIEEEEEE!!!!!" I screamed as he came up and hugged me "how are you Eva?" "good good, are you going to Mikey and Gerard's house tonight?" "yeah nothing better to do I wonder will there be...." "Frank your coming to my house ofcourse there will be beer!" Gerard butted in giving me a big hug and a high five to Frank. ring ring ring "well there the bell guys better run along me and Mikey have maths first will evil Mrs. Williams see you all at lunch" Me and Mikey walked to maths class and sat at the back of the class as we normally did, "morning class" Mrs. Williams high pitched voice greeted the class, "today we are studying more algerbra" "you must be kidding me we have been doing that for over two months now" I whispered quietly to Mikey but not quietly enough as Mrs. Williams head shot round "MISS SCOTT I FIND IT VERY RUDE WHEN A PUPIL TALKS WHILE I AM SPEAKING BUT I FIND IT EVEN RUDER WHEN SHE HAS THE CHEEK TO COMMENT ON MY TEACHING!" how the hell did that woman hear me she is lyk 500 years old "OUT" Mrs. Williams yelled at the top of her screetching voice, "But miss i didn't do anything!" "Miss Scott if I have to ask you to leave this room once more I will give you detention for the rest of the school year NOW GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM AND WAIT OUTSIDE!" "fuck" i muttered under my breath she just shot me an evil look with her pircing blue eyes. Maths had came and went after my 15 minute lecture about how a proper young lady should act in class and how I was going to fail in life, but I'd heard it all before so i couldn't be arsed listening to her I just nodded when she said "do you understand me?" Finally it was lunch time "Eva Beava nice of you to turn up" mikey patted the seat next to him "I swear if Mrs. Williams takes me out of class again to give me the same lecture I will not be responsible for my actions" I growled he just laughed and contiued eating, by that time the rest of the guys had arrived and were now tucking into their food, "so guys what are we planning on doing tonight" I asked playing with my food, "drinking" they all replyed in unision, "great trying to sober all you lot up will be fun with my hangovers from hell" they all laughed and carried on with their converstations.
Finally home time arrived, me and Mikey walked to my house to pick my stuff up and I told Holly to tell dad I was sleeping over at Mikeys which I normally did on Friday nights. We walked down the street giggling and talking about everything until we reached the house to find a smiling Donna and a plate full of the best cookies ever! "yummmmmmm" I said with cookies in my mouth, "best cookies ever like always Donna thanks" "your welcome my dear make sure to leave some for the others" Donna said from the kicthen "we will" me and Mikey shouted together making us laugh. Tonight was going to be alot of fun like always!
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