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The Kiss

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Quatre is suddenly cursed. He changes into a different form and only a kiss from his true love will change him back. The problem? His Love isn't in love with him! Yaoi. Chapter 5 is up!

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Wow! This is my longest chapter yet. I'm sooooo sorry for the super late update. The end might be a bit of a cliff-hanger but it's not so bad. You get a little limey-ness in this chapter, though it's certainly not the end for poor Quatre, or this story. Next chapter will be up next week!

i do not own Gundam Wing! however, any and all original characters and ideas belong to me. please do not steal them!

My Beloved's Kiss

Chapter 4: The Kiss


"Maxwell! Shut up!"



Quatre sighed as Wufei kicked Duo's chair and sent him tumbling out of it, while Trowa laughed loudly at the braided boy's fall. It had been three hours since they first entered the club and Duo had been quite successful in getting not only himself drunk, but Trowa and Wufei as well. Absently stirring the last four or five sips of his first and only formerly frozen margarita, Quatre stole a glance at the silent boy sitting next to him. Heero had only downed one beer the entire night and seemed to be troubled by something. Quatre wanted to ask about it but couldn't bring himself to risk bothering him and being told to mind his own business.

With a barely stifled yawn Quatre adjusted the light blue baby tee that Duo had insisted he buy on their previous shopping trip and attempted to discreetly pull up the tight hip hugging jeans that had somehow managed to find their way in the shopping cart as well. Duo insisted he wear the outfit tonight to catch Heero's attention, but the only attention he seemed to be getting was from the other patrons and it was somewhat depressing to see that Heero didn't seem to care.

"Hi, cutie! Wanna dance?"

Quatre looked up in surprise at the young man standing next to his chair with a charming smile and proffered hand. He was quite handsome with reddish-blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, and if Quatre were not so in love with Heero it would have been very tempting. He knew however, that this young man was offering to dance with Quatre, the girl, and he would feel guilty for misleading him even if Heero weren't here. He shook his head gently and opened his mouth to refuse politely when a harsh voice beat him to it.

"Back off, she's taken!"

It took Quatre a second to shut his gaping mouth and tear his eyes away from Heero who was glaring at the newcomer with undisguised contempt. With a slightly trembling smile, Quatre nodded his head at the other boy and inwardly sighed with relief when he merely shrugged good-naturedly and gave a little wave before walking off. His pulse was racing and his heart felt like it would jump out of his ribcage. Why did Heero say that? Was he just trying to stop people from bothering them? Or was he... jealous? With that thought, Quatre felt the beginnings of a blush creeping onto his face, until he looked over and noticed Heero giving him an odd look.

"What is it, Heero?" he asked gently.

The Asian pilot only shook his head slightly and looked to their other comrades. Now Quatre was really curious. Why would he say that and then act like it was nothing without even trying to explain himself?

"Geez, 'Fei. That hurt!" Duo grumbled as he tried to crawl back into his chair. Trowa laughed again when he ended up tilting it sideways and effectively dumping himself on the floor again. Apparently, the others hadn't noticed a thing.

Abruptly, Heero stood up and glared the three inebriated pilots down. "We're leaving!" he snapped as soon as they all looked at him.

Wufei stood up with a faintly muttered "Thank God!", and though a somewhat goofy smile was still plastered on his face, Trowa did the same. Both followed the agitated Heero towards the exit and Quatre sighed as he went to help his fallen friend. Slinging an arm around his shoulders, he managed to haul Duo up to a standing position and slowly make his way after the others. Duo was grinning and muttering apologies about his condition, but Quatre only nodded and kept his eyes on Heero's tense back. His empathy was picking up on a mixture of anger and confusion. It even seemed as though Quatre was the one he was mad at. Quatre desperately hoped it wasn't.

They made it back without incident, though Heero didn't look at him once the whole time. After depositing Duo in his bed, Quatre went to his room to change for bed. Shrugging out of the annoying contraption he only wore so that he wouldn't embarrass himself, Quatre threw on a pair of boxers and an oversized t-shirt he had gotten from Duo. He picked up the bra that had fallen on the bed and glared at it with disgust. He thought back to the youth who had asked him for a dance. Maybe Heero is mad because I drew attention to us dressed like this. Because I'm not even trying to hide the fact that I look like a girl. With a sigh, he flung the offending material away and decided to go down to the kitchen for a glass of water. Wufei and Trowa had gone to their rooms as well and since Heero seemed to be angry with him, Quatre wasn't too worried about running into him either. He was in the middle of adjusting the collar of his shirt when he stepped into the kitchen and came face-to-face with the object of his desires. The anger smoldering in those deep blue eyes was almost too much for him to bear and he quickly tore his gaze away.

"S... Sorry, Heero. I was just getting some water," he mumbled dejectedly before stepping around the other boy and continuing to the sink. He was certain now. Heero was angry with him. Silently, he grabbed a glass from the cupboard and filled it, the running water the only sound in the room. The other pilot hadn't left and Quatre gulped his drink down quickly, eager to get away from the tension that was building. As soon as he had placed his cup in the sink, Quatre turned and nearly flew towards the door, though he tried make it look casual enough. "Good night, Heero," he said as he went to pass. A heartbeat later and he was pushed against a wall with Heero's hands gripping his upper arms tightly.

"Spill it, Quatre."

He gaped in shock at the harshness in Heero's tone and actions. "W... Wha... t?"

"I heard you. Tonight. You and Duo were talking about your curse."

Quatre's heart leapt into his throat and his whole body froze. Heero heard us? He knows?

Heero continued tersely, "You said something about not asking me to do something. What is it? If it gets you out of this... whatever it is, then I'll do anything. It's dangerous for you to be going around like that."

That was it then. Heero was concerned about the missions and their cover. A large weight dropped itself in the pit of his stomach and Quatre fought back a sob. He didn't want to be a girl forever, but he couldn't tell Heero what he was supposed to do. If he kissed him now, like it was another mission, then his heart would break.


Heero's voice broke through his thoughts and with a strangled cry, he broke out of Heero's grasp and raced up the stairs to his room. He shut the door with less force than he would have liked and threw himself into the walk-in closet to his left. A small night-light dimly lit its more or less empty walls. Quatre had always preferred corners where he could curl up and hide. Tears burned their way down his cheeks and he gave into the sobs that burst forth racking his small frame. He didn't hear the bedroom door open or the silent footsteps that made their way to the closet. He didn't even feel another presence until a hand was lightly rested on his shoulder. With a choked gasp he flinched away and looked up into Heero's intense but no longer angry eyes. He tried to compose himself but the tears refused to stop and he looked away in shame. He couldn't believe he was crying in front of Heero. Crying! Damn these hormonal imbalances! Is this why men couldn't understand women?

He curled into himself further when Heero moved closer and crouched to his level. Please don't see me while I'm like this! Please!

"Quatre," Heero said in a tone that sounded too gentle to be coming from him. "Quatre," he said again with a little more force. Slowly, Quatre turned to look at him. His eyes looked softer, like they did when he was amused at one of Duo's antics but refused to show it otherwise. Heero leaned closer. "Do you want to stay like this?" the Japanese pilot asked.

Taking a shuddering breath, Quatre shook his head emphatically. Of course he didn't! But he didn't want Heero to kiss him just because he had to. Besides, he was sure he would lose control as soon as Heero's lips touched his and Heero would figure out his feelings for him. He might even be angry with him for it. Definitely not something he wanted to happen!

"Tell me what I have to do, Quatre," Heero said quietly. "You told me you were my friend at the Sanc Kingdom. Don't you think I can be a friend too?"

Quatre blinked, amazed at the words coming from Heero's mouth. Heero sounded like he truly wanted to help and the look in his eyes practically begged Quatre to trust him. Was it possible Heero really cared? "But... But you won't want to do it anyway, Heero," Quatre whispered dejectedly.

"Tell me what I have to do and let's find out."

Biting his lip anxiously, he squeezed his eyes shut and forced out lowly, "You... You have to..." Heero didn't move and Quatre tensed lightly as he whispered, "Kiss me." He held his breath and started in surprise when a slightly calloused thumb brushed away his tears. When his eyes opened, Heero's head tilted curiously as he met his gaze.

"Is that all?" he questioned softly. Quatre nodded. "Is that..." Heero paused and seemed to be struggling for words before finishing with, "Is that all right with you?"

Quatre stopped himself from grinning stupidly just in time. He asked! He actually asked if it was okay! He must care on some level! His heart filling with hope, Quatre didn't even remember nodding before Heero's hands were gently cupping his face. His eyes widened as those beautiful blue eyes moved closer. Heart racing, breath hitching in anticipation, he waited for the contact he'd been longing for.


Heero froze as unsteady footsteps made their way down the hall. Suddenly, in one fluid motion, he was up and stalking out of the room. Feeling fresh tears brewing and uncharacteristic anger at Duo's interruption, Quatre stood and went to put Duo back to bed. At least, that was his intention.

At the sight of Duo's limp form being dragged down the hallway by a seemingly agitated Heero, Quatre could only stare in surprise as they disappeared into Duo's room. A muffled thump suggested that Heero had, none-too-gently, placed the American on his bed. Within seconds, Heero reappeared and stalked back down the hallway. "What did you do to him, Heero?" Quatre managed as the other teen neared his doorway. There wasn't a pause in his step or a slowing of his movements as Heero reached out, lightly grasping the Arabian's chin and tilted his head up.

"Pressure point," Heero said and then lips were pressed against his.

Fire. He was melting. The world was spinning and his skin was tingling, but Quatre barely noticed as he slipped his arms around the other boy's neck and his eyes drifted shut. With barely a hint of movement, Heero coaxed his lips into opening slightly and then a tongue was swept across his lips causing him to gasp. Taking advantage of that gasp was Quatre's downfall, as Heero plunged his tongue in deeper to stroke Quatre's own. Tentatively, he pushed back and Heero allowed the mock battle for a moment before sucking on the inexperienced muscle. Hard. A breathy moan was the response and wrapping his arms around the smaller boy's waist, Heero pulled until the blond was flush against him. Quatre's eyes snapped open as their chests came in contact.

Flat. His chest was flat.

Heero seemed to realize that as well as he slowly pulled his mouth away and Quatre nearly cried from the loss. Their proximity seemed to be awakening other parts of their body and both stepped back a bit awkwardly.

"It... worked," Heero spoke up after a moment looking slightly awed at the evidence. Quatre only nodded as he didn't trust himself to speak just yet. He had most definitely lost his feminine curves and the extra length in his hair had mysteriously disappeared.

"I... I'm glad," the Japanese pilot said in voice that revealed nothing about his thoughts. If he was indeed thinking any. "Oyasumi, Quatre." With that, Heero turned and walked off to his bedroom.

It wasn't until his door had shut that Quatre released the breath he had been holding. He hadn't been prepared for that sort of kiss. He was expecting a quick peck and that was it. Heero wouldn't have gone so far if it was only an act of friendship, would he? Not that kind of kiss, right? His cheeks flushed at the memory. With a happy little sigh, Quatre retreated to his room and climbed into bed. Snuggling into the blankets, he reached out and flipped the light off. The room was plunged into darkness and dizziness engulfed him once again. His skin was on fire and the dizziness was much stronger than the first time. Not again! In complete horror, Quatre fought to sit up and call out to Heero. The words died in his throat as the darkness claimed him.
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