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Forgotten What Life's About

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This part of the story picks up 7 years after the war when the kids had all come back.

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Fergus and Farcle are talking in the living room, in their parents' house, while Felicia's in her parents' room. "She's stayed in bed so long, Farcle. I highly doubt it'll be soon for us to finally take her outside."
"I know."
"We should just let her be, a little longer."
"How long is a little longer, Fergus?? She has stayed in that room - in that bed - for the past six years! She's hardly ever eaten, doesn't walk around anywhere else...she just stays in there! How much longer are you going to let her do that?!?"
"As long as it takes for her to feel any better about it."
There was a short silence, "Fine! Do whatever. Let her stay in there for the rest of her life." Farcle stormed out and away.
Fergus sighed, walked to the room and opened the door, "Knock knock."
"What do you want?" she mumbled.
"Just wanted to check on you."
"Why? I'm the same as yesterday."
"But, are you feeling any better? D'you want to come take a walk with me?"
"Because, I just don't want to, okay?!?"
Fergus closed the door and walked outside. It seemed to him that he had been walking around for hours, when he came across another woman with long, solid, shiny, black hair, and pretty brown eyes. About his height, but an inch shorter. He stopped her, "Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?"
"I don't think so. But I think I might know someone who looks just like you. But, she's a girl, and not a guy."
"Do you, by any chance, know her name?"
"Umm, it started with an 'F'. Uh, Fel-Fellllllicia?"
He sighed in relief, "Yes. She's my sister." The woman smiled, "I need you to come talk to her."
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