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Eye-liner murders, Practical jokes and ninja skills

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The guys play a joke...

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after hours of acting like hyper children, everyone fell asleep. mikey was curled up on the floor, as was gerard, Kate was in a chair, and ray was under the coffee table for some bizarre reason. I was comfortably in Franks arms on the sofa. I was the only one awake, I can never sleep at other peoples houses. suddenly I heard someone stiring, and looked up to see gerard had woken up.
"hey" I whispered, wriggling carefully out of Franks arms, trying motto wake him up. I sat on the floor next to Gerard.
"hey charley" he said sleepily. I loved gerard to pieces, he was like my big brother, I felt like I could tell him everything.
"do you think me and frank are moving to fast?" I asked suddenly. it was only after the words had come out that I realised I'd been worrying about this.
he thought for a second and then said
"no. I don't think you are to be honest."
"but he got me a ring. he tattoo'd my initials on himself, I mean, I love him so much, but it's crazy!" I shout/whispered, aware that there were people trying to sleep.
"Charley, Franks is an intense guy. I think he just loves you so much and he wants to show you it. your his first proper girlfriend, and I just think he wants to make you happy. and anyway, like you said, you love him, and that's all that matters right? I mean, if your really worried about this, then I'm sure Frank would understand if you spoke to him about it. but be careful, he might take it the wrong way. but seriously charley, you two are so right for eachother" he said.
"thanks gerard" I smiled at him, and we sat talking about nothing for about half an hour, when mikey woke up.

When I first met Mikey, I thought he was the shy serious one, but once you get him to open up, he's a barrel of laughs. he ran upstairs and a got a marker pen, and drew ray a lovely French mustache while he was sleeping. we were all laughing under our breaths when we heard a noise from outside. we all looked at each other, and gerard picked up the tv remote, and walked towards the door. that'll be useful, some tries to murder you but you'll be fine as long as you have you tv remote!
mikey followed him with a cushion. not wanting to be left out I grabbed the nearest thing which turned out to be an eyeliner pencil. we stumbled into the darkness of the back garden, hearts pounding, when something moved behind. we all jumped and turned around
"Stay back! or I'll kill you with my... eyeliner" I called into the darkness. suddenly something grabbed me round my waist and lifted me into the air. I screamed.
but then I heard a catchy, irresistible little laugh in my ear.
"FRANK! oh my god! I hate you!!! you about gave me a heart attack!" I shouted, as someone turned the porch light on and I could see Kate, ray, gerard and mikey all rolling on the grass laughing. they'd all been in on it.
"That wasn't funny guys!" I said
"sorry honey, but it was just too tempting" frank said as a scowled at him. I couldn't stay mad at him for long, and soon I was smiling at him, pretending to hit him round the head, where he caught my hand mid air.
"ooh, ninja skills, I like it" I whispered and he pressed his lips to mine. we kissed in the dim light of the back garden, while the rest of the guys walked inside, high-5-ing each other at their plans success.
"sorry sweetie" he whispered
"your forgiven" I said and kissed the tip of his nose.
we went back inside, and I checked my phone. it was 4 AM, way too early to be awake, but none of us wanted to go back to sleep.
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