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Don't Worry

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The day begin like any other day, going from one state to another was nothing to me. I always love touring the world getting to see all the fans meant the world to me. There was nothing I would trade to give up what I love doing. We have been touring for about nine months going on a year, we had breaks in between but we mostly lived on the road in a bus.

I had everything I could ask for being in a band with my three best friends and with the one I love. But little did I know all of that was going to be taking away from me. For about a week or so I’ve been sick I thought at first it was just a bug that was going around, that it would soon pass. But after a week of not getting better, everyone started to worry. I was laying in my bed on the bus this was were I was spending all my time since I had no energy to do anything anymore. Just then, my curtains were pulled back.

“I wish you would go to the doctor, it’s been a week and you’re still not any better. You’re getting worst instead of getting better, “Alex said while looking at me with worry in his eyes.

“I don’t need to go to the doctor it will go away, I’ll be fine. I’m just tired that’s all, “I said in hoping it would make him a little better.

“You’re always tired, you have no energy anymore. Every time we play on stage I see how tired you look, it takes all the energy you have just to make it through one song, “He said.

“If I’m not better by the end of this week then I will go to the doctor, just so it will make you feel better, “I said while giving in.

“I’m only worried about you, you’re my love I have a right to worry, “He said while laying beside me.

“I know and I’m glad you worry. But I promise you it’s nothing but if going to the doctor will make you feel better then I will, “I said while looking at him.

“It will make me feel better, I just want you better, “He replied.

Truth be told I was scared of going to the doctor I knew that there was nothing wrong with me that I was just sick, but going to the doctor puts all kinds of thoughts into my head. But if it meant making Alex feel a lot better then I would go, I wouldn’t go for anyone else. It was true though it took all the energy I had to make it through one song. I just kept telling my self I was just tired that touring and only sleeping for some many hours that I just need sleep, but after a week I slowly started to worry a little.

I mean everyone get’s sick in there life so I shouldn’t be that worried, but after a week of being sick does kind of make me worry. I don’t let it show that I’m worried because if I do it would only make Alex that more worried; I have to be strong for the both of us no matter how scared I might be. Part of me just kept thinking I was just sick and it would soon just go away, but the other part was worried what if something was wrong with me, I just a feeling whatever I had wasn’t going to go away.

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