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Gotta work. Take your number, wait in line. Get your piece of paper at the end of the month. Cash it in at the banks for some prettier paper. Cash that in for food and pay the bills for your shelter and water. Your parents and everyone always says “Gotta earn a living”. Just think about that for a second. Earn the right to live. Flip through the TV after a long day at work: more news. The economy is falling. You see TV shows about how normal it is that life is this way. No questions, no different outlook on life, no alternative way of thinking. Because well that’s just silly. They laugh at those who ask silly questions. Its all a chain and we are all at the shit end of it. A motherfucking pyramid and we are all slaves. The sun kings whipping us on our backs as we build up their massive empire and just follow in line like sheep. They grant us so humbly with life’s essentials and look down on us holding the ropes tied to our fucking wrists they make us dance and laugh on their thrown in all their power and glory. Just a metaphor but true reality. Yet were all ignorant and blind. So naïve are the brainwashed staring at life through an electric box. Sitcoms, news, sports, the fucking bible. Seeing and understanding only what they want us to. Cant you see? Its all controlled by them. Them who is they. They are the ones with the power, the law is on their side, they are the ones who feed us lies, who kill those who they claim to protect, they who make murder a heroic duty and enjoyment and freedom a crime. The Holy Bible spit up long ago after being rewritten over and over. Sugar coated Sun worship made into a children’s story. A quilt of characters and stories threaded and sewn of hidden symbolism unraveling an obvious truth and pulling apart the lies. Made to believe OBEY US OR DIE! They is us. They is who we fear. If you question our theories our methods our power. Damn you, damn you to hell. Burn, burn, burn. All you are is a demon sent to plague the innocent (ignorant)minds of the people we are trying to mold (brainwash) into productive members of society (mindless sheep). Chemicals left in trails making X’s in the sky. People look up in awe but never ask why such a thing would occur. Why planes would go back in forth spraying straight clouds of white clouds in the very air we are breathing. You wonder why the enlighted ones-enlighted with truth not Illuminati bull shit.-are so frustrated with the ignorance of the human race. Because if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. People are equal no matter the income. No piece of paper proves any authority. Truth is the real authority. Say it with me. No Mr. no Mrs. No Clinton no Bush. Look at us people look up at them as if they brought us here, helped us build, or helped us at all. They just established borders, wrote down opinions and backed them by a gun and we all bent over and took it right up the ass. Fell in line and said “TAKE MY RIGHTS! TAKE MY FREEDOM! I WILL FOLLOW YOU MY LEADERS! I WILL DO YOUR WILL!” Because we thought Jesus was on their side. They praized his name and used the Holidays to rack up money and give more people a reason to have faith. Then we pretend were free and exploding with liberty. They are so grand like the Grand Masons with their secret and their oaths. They give us an enemy and we fear it and fall into their way because we believe they are protecting us. Wake up THEY ARE YOUR ENEMY! Look in the eyes of Osama and you’ll see Obama. You will see leaders and bankers and corporations all conspiring against you. Open your eyes and you wont turn a corner without seeing lies. Mindless brainwashing frying your ability to think for yourself. Listen to the music of the hushed voices. Fuck the war on terrorism, FIGHT THE WAR ON TRUTH!! Look in the right olaces and you will se the lies bleeding through the paper you use to buy your life. The best fight is to listen and learn and THINK! The angels are playing the truth loud like heavy metal screaming:

We have no identity, to the system we do not exist. No living person knows our names. I call him. He earned that name because he worked the technical part of our mission. As well as his favorite gun a Tec9. He called me Rev. Short for revolution. RevolutIion is my name. I opened Tech’s eyes and then it began. People the ignorant ones see us as criminals. We are not the criminals, we are the heroes. I was so young when I began to see life for what it was-a joke. I aksed why but never received an answer. I was born on the streets of East St. Louis. No father, and a prostitute for a mother. It was money that began the questions. Everyone needed it- it was the key to life. Once I was 16 I got a job and an apartment but my low income presented an ongoing problem of financial security. So I sold pot to help even it out. Instead of cable I got the internet. I started listening to revolutionary artists and musicians and learned about The New World Order. I became obsessed and soon it consumed my whole life. I preached about it and Tech was the one who listened. We both felt like we had to do something. His wonderful loving Christian parents disowned him after he was convicted on a marijuana charge. I bailed him out of jail and that’s when we started this. The war on them. We had to make a stand. The system is not working. We quit our jobs and died our hair and got colored contacts. Tech faked his death by crashing his car and setting it ablaze and left his identity behind as did I. We stole a car and we would ditch them and find a new one. Covering our tracks. We spent a year training before finally setting off. Training with guns and self defense. Mastering the art. We also learned how to tolerate pain by tapering and fighting each other. We were brothers out to fight the system.
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