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Frank's Birthday

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Mikey and Frank go for a day they will never forget

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“ What is it Gerard?” I asked, I was so nervous that he found out about how I really feel about him.
“You’re gonna hate me for this Mikey, just remember that I love you more then anything. Promise me that you love me and you won’t hate me for this. Please?” Gerard looked like he was about to cry. He looked like a scared child who just saw the “boggey man”. “I am back with Bert and we’re going to get married next month when he turns 18. He’s forcing me too. I don’t want to, but what else am I going to do? I just want to make sure you’ll be here for me.”
I just looked at him for the longest time. I could feel my jaw drop, I was in utter shock. How could he be back with Bert? The man that almost beat him to death, the man the hates me, Gerard’s brother? His soon to be brother in-l…..I can’t even say it. I won’t let it happen. Never will I, Gerard can do so much better.
“Gerard, you know that I am against you marring Bert, but I will always, ALWAYS, be here for you. You’re my one and only brother. I love you more then anything in the world. You’re the person who saved my life. How could I not be here for you? I just think you can do better…”
“Thank you Mikes, that’s all I wanted to here” He walked over to me and gave me a huge hug. I didn’t notice it before, but he had just had gotten out of the shower. The smell of cigarettes still lingered around in him, but was slightly out powered by the smell of his shampoo, apples. His skin was also still wet, I could see the individual drops of water on his shoulder. His hair had a new tone to it though. I think he died it. “What color is it now?” I asked, my face buried in his shoulder. I could smell his grape body wash, he used all these girly soaps. I liked it.
“Purple, it looks kick ass” He laughed, I could feel his breath on my neck. I felt myself twitch down there, my eyes widen, what if he felt it? He refused to let go though. We hugged like this for a few more minutes and then he let go. He gave me the dark smirk and laid down on the bed. “Play the bass for me Mikey, I like to hear it.”
“Okay” I got my bass and played him all the songs I knew until he was close to falling asleep.
“Come lay next to me Mikes” He smiled, patting the spot next to him. I went over and laid down, we talked about so many random things. It was nice, we ended up falling asleep that way. It almost brings joy to me thinking about it.

2 days later

The smell of fall was in the air. Today’s date was October 31st, Halloween. My boyfriend’s birthday. I walked to his house, it was about 10.00 in the morning. (It was Saturday) Everyone was out to the super markets to get candy for the little visitors that would be visiting them later on tonight. Frank’s house was all decked out for the holiday, pumpkins that were carved out were everywhere, booby traps of fake hands grabbing you’re feet, skeletons, their bowl of peeled grapes (when you close you’re eyes, it’s like you’re touching eyeballs) everything was so dark and beautiful. Much like Frank himself. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, but you like you’re brother. I do, don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Gerard. But, Frank, I also love him, I can’t explain it. It’s different from the way I feel about my older sibling, but also the same way. I don’t get it either. All I know is that Frank is mine, I can’t say that much about Gerard.
I knocked on the nicely decorated door. Frank’s mom answered the door, her hair in curlers. “Frank is coming down in a second, do you want to come in?” She asked, smiling. I knew she wasn’t too happy about finding out that Frank also liked guys. He had a girl friend for the longest time, he dumped her for reasons unknown to everyone besides Frank and the girl.
“I’ll just wait outside if you don’t mind.” I told her. She said okay and closed the door. Frank came out a few minutes later, dressed in holey jeans with chains on them and a band T-shirt. He gave me a big hug as soon as he saw me.
“Happy Birthday Day” I told him, hugging him tightly. I went in to my shoulder bag and took out his present. It was a CD I made him and a new beane hat, there was also a drawing I made a while ago that I forgot to give him. I wasn’t as good as my brother when it came to drawing, but it wasn’t that bad. He looked at his gift and smiled at me.
“Baby! This is the best present I have ever gotten!” He hugged me and kissed my neck “Thank you so fucking much Mikes, you don’t know how much it means to me. You really don’t.”
We walked down into town, Frank not telling me where we were going. We turned down Narrow Street, it’s a ironic name because it’s the most widest street in the whole town, and Frank told me to close my eyes and that he would lead the way. I closed them, and I used my other senses. I could smell the bakery, I could taste the meatball in the air from Antonio’s, the bells jingling in the store fronts to let everyone know someone left and also someone was coming in. Then I felt Frank make a left hand turn and heard him opening a door. Inside, I heard a buzzing sounds and metal music. I instantly knew where we were in Masen’s. It was a tattoo and body piercing parlor, why would Frank bring me here? I opened my eyes.
“Hey, you weren’t suppose to open you’re eyes yet, mister” Frank giggled.
“Frank, why are we here?” I questioned.
“I’m getting a tattoo and a piercing..” He smirked. His eyes seemed to light up as we walked to the counter and the book was open for tattoo selection. “I want to get a jack-o-lantern, you know, since my birthday is on Halloween. I also want to get my lip pierced, what do you think?” he inquired, turning towards me to see my face. “You know, you should move the hair out of you’re face, it’s too pretty to be covered up” he requested of me, as he moved my hair back. I blushed.
“’I guess, if it is what you want to do, and I like my hair like that!” I moved me hair back in it’s resting place. Frank got what he wanted, Gerard would have been running down the street by now (he’s deathly afraid of needles) and we went back to his house. His mom wasn’t home. Frank took me in to his room and went to put on his favorite movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. I got so scared, I laid down and put the pillow over my face. I heard him giggle and lay down next to me. I could feel his breath on my arm. Frank moved the pillow from my face and smiled, “it’s over you know” I looked at the TV and saw the credits rolling by.
“Oh” I said, I was embarrassed. “What is that like? Having a lip piercing? What does meal taste like?
“Why don’t you lick it and find out?” He smirked. My eyes got wide as I moved closer to him, I put my tongue out and licked the ice cold ring. Frank giggled and titled his head and started to kiss me. Our lips moving in a certain pattern. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and explored, while I felt his lip ring against my bottom lip. He climbed on top of me and started to take off my shirt, I wasn’t sure what to do though. I have never done this before, I was so nervous. Sweat was beading around my neck, my palms were getting calmly.
“You okay?” He asked, rubbing my chest with his hand.
“Yeah, I’m okay, I just never did this before. I’m a…..I’m a virgin.” I said, the nervousness in my voice. To tell you the truth, I always wanted to lose my virginity to Gerard. But suddenly, losing it to Frank didn’t sound that bad.
“Oh, well do you want to do thi..”
“Yes, I do, believe me. It’s just I don’t know what to do.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you baby. I love you Mikey” He kissed my neck.
“I love you too.” I said back, kissing his lips once more.
I think you know what happened next. We undressed each other and Frank made sure that it was a less painful as it could be. I woke up that morning in Frank’s arms and him smiling at me. We kissed for a while and went downstairs for breakfast. For once, I felt fully loved. I’ll never forget that night, and neither will Gerard, but for a different reason all together, involving no one else other then Bert.
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