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A Story of Complications

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This is not a story about love and happiness, nor is it a story of hate and death. But of love in unexpected places, and teenage angst. Plus something magical. With plenty of unexpected surprises, ...

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I walked down the white cracked pavement to school with the burning Nevada sun beating down on me. I loved days like this, when the sun shined brightest, and turned everything it touched to gold. I took my time walking to school. I was already late, three months into school, and I had already been late over half the time, had plenty of detention slips to prove it. One of the many reasons why teachers hated me. I got excellent grades, don't get me wrong, but I was a fuck up in more than one way.
It's not like I hated school, I at least had two friends. Even if one of them didn't like me that much. And even though Spencer is my best friend, I'm still never going to tell him everything.
I walked into the small, dull high school. The thing I hated most about this school, was the amount of pricks that went here. They hated people who were different. And I was different, so thus they hated me. But I digress. I walked to first hour English knowing I would get a dentition but instead, there was a new kid, standing at the front of the room, and Mrs. Wilson was introducing him. Well, forcing him to say some pointless stuff about himself. I took my seat behind Spencer, quickly ripping a piece of paper and writing on it. 'Who's the new kid?' I passed it up to Spencer, and I heard his pen click. Mrs.Wilson was on some rant about how Shakespeare wasn't as good as her favorite author, whoever that was.
Spencer passed the note back quietly, and I opened it making as little noise as possible, like I said, teachers hate me. And if they catch me writing notes, I'll get in school suspension. I mean if someone else were the person writing the notes, they would get a two minute lecture. I read the note, 'He said his name is Brendon Urie, moved here from New York. He's not sure why they had to move, but I think that's because he might have ADD, he seemed distracted the whole time he was talking.' I nodded and didn't give him a note back, I could see him sitting on the other side of the room, looking at one of the small square windows.
The rest of the class we were told to read Othello by ourselves. Of course me being the dork I am, had already finished it. It's not like I have anything better to do at home. The bell rang and Spencer started to talk immediately following. "So what's up in your world?"
"My dad got put in the hospital again. I think I'm going to have to pay the bills this month." I saw Brendon looking at us curiously, and I turned to look at Spencer, hoping he wasn't listening to our conversation.
"Again? You're killing yourself with all this work." he sighed and went to his locker where Jon was waiting. I let them talk by themselves and started making my way to Latin. On the way I was called to the office, I walked calmly to the office, on the way getting shoved into lockers, and pushed to the ground, repeatedly.
I walked into the office to see Brendon sitting in a chair, swinging his legs like a little kid. "Mr.Ross, we need you to show Brendon around the school, we called you earlier but you weren't here. You two have almost all of the same classes, and you being the best in the classes you have with him, we want you to do it." I nodded at the body behind the desk, some chick that handled the announcements or something. Brendon stood up quickly grabbing his things with a huge smile. He stuck out his hand, and for a few seconds I just looked at it, before giving him my own. "I'm Brendon." He said excitedly. I nodded and started to leave knowing he would follow.
"Ryan." His already almost eye to eye grin somehow increased to a grater size. "Can I see your schedule?" I asked and he quickly started digging threw his pockets pulling a crumpled piece of yellow paper out. He unfolded it quickly, and then handed it to me. "Okay, it looks like we have Latin together." I said handing it back to him.
"Okay~" he said happily. He followed me as we started to walk to class. "I have to go to the Lou, I'll be right back." He said truing into the room. I waited by the fountain in the hall as I watched two boys walk down the hall. I looked down, hoping they wouldn't notice me. Of course, they did. The grabbed me shoving me into the opposite hall that I was leaning against. One of them punched me in the stomach, while the other one yelled in my ear.
"You fucking faggot, you should just kill yourself." The other one continued to punch me till I fell to the floor, they kicked me a few times before leaving. They were two of the frequent people that beat me up. I lied there for a while, not wanting to get up yet. I heard the door open and knew Brendon was watching me. Looking at me like I was crazy.
"Are you okay?" he asked. I smiled weakly and sat up.
"Just dandy." I got up brushing myself off and trying to forget the fact that my body was aching.
"What happened?" we walked upstairs.
"It's nothing, happens pretty often." I said. He nodded with a sympathetic smile and we walked into the class room. I sat down next to Jon like I always do, and Brendon went up to the teachers desk.
It was the first time I could really look at him, I glanced at him, but I hadn't actually looked at him. He was gorgeous. Chocolaty brown eyes, with matching hair, pink full lips. And an amaaaazzzing body. He was thin, but not to thin. He had on gray pants that accentuated the lower half of his body, and a blue shirt that showed his slight muscles. I had always known I was at least bi, so it wasn't a surprise that I liked him.
"Ry, Ryan. Hello. Earth to Ryan." Jon said waving his hand in front of my face, I broke my gaze from Brendon to John.
"What?" I asked.
"Who are you going to do the project with?" I watched as Brendon sat down. He shifted in his seat for a few seconds before giving up on trying to be comfy.
"What project?" He pointed to a paper on my desk. When did that get there? "Oh...I'll work with you if you want." I said and he rolled his eyes.
"Fair enough."The rest of the hour we worked on the project, basically finishing it, and then the bell rang. I walked over to Brendon, "Ready to go to your next class?" He smiled and I led him to his class letting him talk the whole way there. With my new found attraction for him, I didn't want to say something that I would regret. The rest of the day went along in that pattern, me listening to him talk, while taking him to his class, while I tried not staring at him with fascination.
After school I met up with Jon and Spencer, like I always did.
"So your fathers in the hospital again?" Jon asked.
"What for?"
"The usual. Drank to much." I said. Of course, it was a lie. But it's not like they could tell the truth from the lie. I heard a noise from behind us and turned around to see Brendon, I guess he had been listening to our conversation. Spencer and Jon started talking to him, and I walked away not wanting to have to talk about it, and not wanting to be late to work. It was the only way I was able to buy anything. The little food I had, I had to buy with my own money. Not that it mattered, everything I ate turned to ash in my mouth. I went straight to the back to change into my uniform, walking into the bathroom and locking the door. I took off my shirt and looked at my chest. All the cuts and bruises on my chest and arms, most of the cuts on my arm, that I had made, and the bruises that others bestowed upon me. I rubbed my arm running my fingers over the bumps while sighing.
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