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The Alcohol Diary

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The next day. There's a snowstorm and the guests are trapped for the night. Rachelle's fate is revealed.

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Chapter Three: The Alcohol Diary

“I taste the poison on your lips eating through me it kills slowly “

By six at night, after the sun had gone down, the weather had been a bit of snow throughout the day, usual for late December in Northern California. However closer to sundown, the snow had picked up and basically blocked in all the roads and anything near the secluded mansion. Lila had explored the grounds the mansion sat on but found her self spending the night in her bedroom reading a book. Pete had not returned from Los Angeles due to the snow and they were told he would not return until the next morning. No one had heard from Rachelle, they just assumed she left with Pete on business.

Brendon, Ryan, William, and Gabe were sitting around in the lounge down the stairs. Brendon and William sat on a large leather sofa while Gabe and Ryan sat in chairs that faced the couch. They sipped brandy and joked on how they were fancy gentlemen, sitting in leather chairs, in a mansion, sipping expensive liquor.

“So what should we do?” William asked, “I mean, we’re trapped in this mansion. There’s gotta be something.”

“We could all play board games while Ryan gets into the demon woman’s pants,” Gabe said sarcastically.

“Shut up,” Ryan said quickly.

“Wait… what?” The others all said in unison. Ryan said nothing in return.

Gabe smiled, “Looks like pretty boy wants to keep his mouth shut on this one,” he said sipping his drink, “But I walked in on him and Lila last night in the Billiards room.” The guys all chorused a school-girl ‘ooooh’.

“Who I kiss is none of your business,” Ryan said slightly on the defensive side.

“It is when you make out with the demon spawn,” Gabe said.

“Why do you hate her so much?” William asked, “She doesn’t seem so bad.”

“She’s a control freak, thinks she’s the shit, and…”

“And what?” Brendon asked.

“Dude did she turn you down?” William asked placing his drink down on the table dramatically. Gabe downed his drink.

“She did!” Brendon exclaimed.

“That’s why you were so pissed,” Ryan said.

“Yeah she rejected me,” Gabe said, “But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a conceited bitch.”


Lila had gotten to the climax of her book when all of a sudden the power went out. “Fucking snowstorms,” she muttered slamming her book covers shut. She stood from the bed in her pink and black plaid pajama pants and bright yellow tank top. She hunted around in her suitcase until she found her book light. She turned the semi-bright book light on and slipped on a pair of flip flops and headed downstairs to find the guys, maybe they could fix the lights.

She wandered down the hall of the second floor and popped her head into the bedrooms, finding them all empty. The door down the hall was only a storage closet but she decided to check anyways.

The floor creaked with every step but Lila continued on and opened the door, “Hello?” she said. There was no response but Lila flashed her light around and saw someone lying on the floor.

Lila rushed to the body of Rachelle Norton, “Oh my god,” she said quickly, “Oh my god oh my god.” Lila put her ear down to Rachelle’s chest and heard no pulse or breaths. Her skin was cold. She shined her light around and found a large bottle of pills clasped in the dead woman’s hand and pills spilled on the floor. Lila screamed.


“What the fuck?” Gabe yelled out when the power went out.

“It’ll probably be a couple of minutes. Just the snow,” William said, “Keep your cool, bro.”
The guys had lit some of the candles with Ryan’s lighter for light when they heard a scream from upstairs. Ryan was the first out of the door.

“Lila?” They all called out as they rushed upstairs. They spotted the glare of her book light at the end of the second floor hallway.

“What is it?” Ryan asked.

“Probably a mouse, “ Gabe said unconcerned. He was the last into the room.

“Not a mouse,” Brendon said.

“Holy shit,” William said, “I thought she quit pills. She always had a problem but…”

“Not everyone can stay sober,” Ryan said kneeling down, he stared at the woman’s body, “Let’s move her into her bedroom. She deserves some dignity.”

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