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Anna realizes that Tsuzuki's depression will burn her out soon if she doesn't do anything to fix it. But then, an idea hits her in the cold. Nice and short for all.

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Morpheus:

Tsuzuki and Anna left the tub at eleven o’clock. The woman undressed him like a mother getting her son ready for bed.

“I’ll hang up your clothes to dry,” she whispered as she undid his pants, “You just get yourself into bed.” Tsuzuki seemed numb to her words. Anna kissed him gently on the lips when she finished stripping him down. She gathered up his clothes walked back into the bathroom.

Anna neatly folded Tsuzuki’s clothes and hung them on the shower rod over the drained tub. They slept together and in, got up and dressed, went out to dinner, and then made out in a tub of cold water. He only wanted to deal with his pain. Anna shook her head as she hung up his boxer shorts. His depression was starting to burn her out. There had to be something she could do. She just hadn’t pieced it together yet.

Anna slid off her short frilly black dress and hung it up with Tsuzuki’s clothes. The cold finally hit her brain as she gasped and moved around to keep warm. Anna grabbed her arms while closing her eyes and trying to imagine warmth. As she did this, an idea came into her mind.

/I think I might have a way to help Asato-kun tonight/, she thought. The woman looked out the open door and breathed through the cold. She reached behind and unhooked her black cotton bra. Her panties followed suit in a damp heap on the bathroom floor. Once she hung those up with the rest of the clothes, Anna shut off the light and left the bathroom.

Tsuzuki lied awake in bed. He felt cold despite it being another hot summer night. The man didn’t seem to know how to get back. Anna was giving it her all to save him from his old abyss. He was amazed that she didn’t walk away from him after two days. The shinigami would probably leave himself if he could.

Tsuzuki peeked out from the under the sheets. Right then, he felt as if he was dreaming. His beloved Anna-chan stood before him naked. Confusion washed over the shinigami’s face.

“Anna-chan,” he whispered. The woman didn’t speak as she walked around to the other side of the bed and climbed in. Anna put her arms around his slender body. Tsuzuki tried to grasp the gravity of this situation. His girlfriend rested her cheek against his bare back.

“Shhh,” she whispered, “Just stay still.” Tsuzuki lied there in silence. Anna didn’t look up.

“I only ask one thing of you,” she whispered, “Don’t look back tonight. Just close your eyes and take me in.” Tsuzuki shut his eyes and let the warmth of her body consume him. His breath relaxed as his mind went blank. Sleep peacefully washed over him. Anna held onto him tight as if to warm him up with her own body heat.

“Good night, Asato-kun,” she whispered with her eyes down. Anna gently closed her eyes and went right to sleep. This wasn’t much, but it would have to do for the night.
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