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"I promised you, I won't ever go back on that."

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A/n: apologies for making the chapter so short, but I just do. Updating again tomorrow, I have the next two chapters pre written on account of I'm forcing myself to write before I slack off on this story again and I'm anxious to dig in to the real major parts of this little soap opera. I hope I'm able to keep you guys going, if not, I'm sorry xo

"Look, I know you women can be very prideful, but GO HOME." Charlie said to me as I sighed and looked up from my desk and a million scattered papers on it.

"I told you I'm fine for the last time. Now if you wouldn't mind, I would like to finish these designs." I told him as he rolled his eyes and grabbed a chair before sitting down.

"You know I wouldn't classify running into the bathroom every 20 minutes as fine. I think you should rest." he explained carefully while I shook my head and grabbed a pencil before sketching a design for the new album.

"It's just morning sickness." I clarified.

"It's the afternoon." he pointed out confused.

"Same difference." I retorted as he looked at me with a raised eyebrow as I looked down.

"This only way I can distract myself."

"From what?"

"Reality. What else?" I asked with a scoff while he leaned over on his knees.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked curiously.

"No. If I talk about it, I would be thinking about it, and if I think about it, I'm only going to get more stressed and that's not good for him." I replied while pointing at my rather large stomach.

"Come on." Charlie pressed me while I exhaled a huge breath.

"Charlie I don't know. I keep teeter tottering about this whole situation. I have my days where I think I'll be happy having another kid, then the next days, I'm scared out of my ever loving mind. Asia's getting more attention starved, I can't fit into my jeans anymore, I have a crap load of designs to finish for not only MCR, but other bands as well. And I know for a fact that MCR is going on tour any minute, and they can't find a replacement. I'm going to have this baby alone. Again." I breathed out as he looked completely fried while I put a hand to his face as he snapped out of his trance.

"Oh umm...sorry. I didn't know all that...was going on." he sympathized while I shrugged.

"Don't really go bragging about it." I teased while he smiled.

"You know I've known you for 4 years and you haven't changed a bit." he replied as I looked at him confused.

"What do you mean?"

"You always think you have to have everything together at every minute of the day. If it's not, you go crazy." he replied while I chewed on my lip as he laughed.

"I don't mean it in a bad way, it's just...when you go through certain things, some that are really bad, it's takes time to heal, we all know that. Sometimes things get out of control and you don't know how to stop it, so you make sure everything else has to be in control or it all crumble right before your eyes just like everything else did." he explained as I held my head in my head while allowing him to go on.

"Look Tissa, I don't personally know your situation, so I can't suggest what you should do. However, I know that situation results in behavior like this, and I know that behavior well. You can't let the past decide your future. If you do, you're not living the way you want to and let the past dictate you. It's not an easy process, I know, but from personal experiences; it's better to get hurt and learn, than have to constantly drain yourself from trying to hold everything up." he reasoned as I looked at him and nodded because he told me the truth I didn't want to hear from anyone.

"I know." I replied while he smiled and patted me on the shoulder.

"You know I've seen plenty of interns that don't have the drive you do. You're doing fine, just slow down and enjoy the ride. For the sake of you and everyone else." he hinted at the baby while I half smiled and let his words sink in, whether I could handle it or not because he was right.

"You're my boss, how did you become my therapist in nano seconds?" I teased while he smiled and shrugged.

"I'm not a therapist and I can't help every one's problems. But if it's a problem I've been through personally, then I'll do my best to help that person out." he replied simply.

"And that person appreciates that, even if she was too afraid to hear it." I responded.

"It's not what we always want, but sometimes it's just what's best for us." he replied with a nod before looking around at all the designs and flipping through them.

"Now I'm going tell you the worst part. I think you should go home, because you're forcing yourself to be creative, and you know very well that's something that has to come naturally, not forcefully." he told me as I sighed and bowed my head guiltily.

"Get out of here." he teased while I smiled.

"But you told me you liked having me around. That you love my aura." I frowned.

"I do love you aura, but not when I can hear your aura puking in the bathroom." he retorted as I laughed embarrassed.

"Sorry." I replied as he smiled and patted my shoulder as I sighed and got up slowly while grabbing the desk for balance. I grabbed my bag and the designs before leaving the office and repeating Charlie's words. The more I said it, the more it began to make sense. I smiled as I started my car and drove home. Feeling better than I've ever had before...

"Hey guys." I said surprised to see the band crowded around the kitchen table while Bob looked at me nervously.

"They just showed up." he said putting his hands in the air as I laughed when they rolled their eyes at him.

"It's all good. What's going on?" I asked as I noticed papers all over the desk and even on the floor. I watched each of their faces start to turn into frowns while I looked at Bob curiously. I could tell this pregnancy wasn't making it easier on the guys with the album progression and I felt bad for that.

"I need to talk to you..." Bob said softly as he stood up while I nodded slowly as he grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom while I looked at him nervously.

"Is something wrong?" I asked him as he shrugged before sighing.

"Brian called...we're going on tour next month." he replied as I gasped.

"What?!" I shouted as he calmed me.

"Bob please don't do this to me-"

"Wait." he cut me off as I looked at him. "Before you freak out, just let me finish. We were able to get a fill in, but he can't come until the next month after that. I just have to do a month of shows and I'll be right back here." he assured me while I tried to get rid of the nervous pang in my stomach.

"A month though?" I asked softly as he shrugged sympathetically.

"I'm sorry, but that's the only fill in we could find. It'll go by quickly." he told me as I looked at him with a certain look as he smiled.

"I'll be back before you know it." he replied as I sighed and thought for a moment.

"Are you sure?" I asked him carefully as he nodded while he kissed me and rubbed my stomach.

"I promised you. I won't ever go back on that." he replied while I smiled and nodded.

"You better not."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" the man asked as Meena smiled and nodded.

"I'm absolutely sure." she replied confidently as he shrugged before handing her the bag as she in exchanged handed him the money which bought a pleasing smile to his face.

"What are you going to use it for anyways?" he asked curiously as she looked at him and smirked.

"Let's just say I'm taking back what's rightfully mine."
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