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The Loss of Roth

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Can't tell you, that would be cheating.

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Lincoln helped Holly off the table. “I hate dresses. Where are my elastics?” Holly whined, gathering her hair into her normal pigtails.
A howl sounded outside.
“Holly, right now we have more important problems than dresses and hair ties. Like, for example, Where The Heck Is Your Hoverboard At?” Lincoln glanced around.
“Umm...There! In the corner!” Holly proudly pointed it out.
“Splendid” Lincoln said with a certain amount of sarcasm.
The three of them ran through the Menagerie, trying to find the rest of their team.
Then a voice rang out from the sky.

“Kill the two blondes, but leave the black haired one for me”

“Got any hair dye?” Lincoln quipped.
“Ha ha ha. Where’s your Hoverboard, Lincoln?” Holly asked.
“I, um...”
“You lost it?!?!”
“No! I just...temporarily misplaced it!”
“I seriously just can’t believe you! You have what it takes to be a leader, Lincoln-”
“Holly, if I wanted to be yelled at, I’d find a family!”
Numbuh four was bored. He spotted a box lying next to a nearby tent. Written in Huge, Bold Letters was:
Well, it had to be good, whatever it was.
Numbuh four pried open the box with his fingernails while Lincoln and Holly bickered. The box was full of brightly coloured cylinders. Were those Fireworks? No. Yes? Maybe?
Only one way to find out.
Numbuh four rummaged through the box, looking for a lighter or matches. At the bottom of the box, there was a heavy cylinder with a handle, an opening at one end, and a pump.
Numbuh four didn’t recognize it.

He pulled out a yellow possible firework from the box and looked at the heavy cylinder. By the looks of things, the cylinder went on his shoulder. Numbuh four tried to fit the Firework into the hole, but it didn’t fit. He slid his fingers across it the cylinder, looking for clues.
He found a flip switch.
Numbuh four flipped the switch and a small door in the side of the cylinder slid open.
Numbuh four checked to see if Lincoln and Holly were still arguing.
They were.
Numbuh four shoved the firework into the gap, and flipped the switch again.
The door slid closed.
He heaved the cylinder onto his shoulder.
Now, how did this thing shoot?

Numbuh four grabbed the pump and pulled it in.
And absolutely nothing happened.
Sighing disappointedly, He let go of the pump.

The firework went off with an earsplitting BOOM! and Numbuh four was throw backwards.
The firework went into a nearby tent
and the tent caught on fire.

“What was that? I want one!” Holly screamed as she ran towards her cousin.
“Well, too bad. I got it, it’s moine!” Numbuh four pulled the launcher out of Holly’s reach.
Holly, Lincoln, and Numbuh four clambered around the box of fireworks. Holly’s blonde hair had fallen over her shoulder, and then Lincoln said the only thing that could make the situation awkward.

“You look Pretty.”

“Er....Whot was that?” Holly asked, blushing. “N-nothing! You look pretty, uh, girly. Yeah, that’s it. You look pretty girly. Let’s go with that” Lincoln rambled, blushing.

Then they heard something.


A wolf walked out of the shadows.
It was made completely out of metal, with thick gears sticking out of it’s back. Metal lips curled back over metal teeth, and the Mechanical Wolf growled.
“So....we run now?” Holly asked.
“Good plan” Lincoln said.
And then they ran.

The clanking of the Mechanical wolf followed them as they ran to somewhere else.
“Where the crud do we go now?” Numbuh four asked, trying to keep up.
A firework burst in the sky.
About ten more followed it.
“That’s Cadel for sure” Lincoln said.
A train whistle sounded.
“Follow that! Let’s go this way!” Holly said. Lincoln gave Holly the Hoverboard and grabbed the firework Launcher.
“Whot are you doing? You’re wasting time!” Holly reached for his hand, but Lincoln pulled back.
“Holly, you and Wally have got a death warrant on your heads. I’m safe, kind of. Get to somewhere safe, okay?” Lincoln said.
Holly looked up at Lincoln, pushed her hair out of her eyes, and said one word:

“Good try, mate, it was worth a shot”
“Thanks, Wally”

Another metal wolf jumped off a tent and landed in front of them.
Lincoln grabbed the launcher and took a shot at the wolf.
He missed by a mile, but the wolf ran away.
“Let’s go!” Lincoln screamed.

They turned a corner, and they found the rest of the team.
In a train.

“What are you waiting for? RUN YOU IDIOTS!” Cadel yelled.
Wally, Lincoln and Holly ran for the train and jumped on.
“Numbuh four!” Numbuh three exclaimed.
“Numbuh three!” Numbuh four exclaimed.
“Ingrid!” Ingrid exclaimed.
Ingrid was glared at by Numbuh Three and Numbuh four.
“Sorry. Felt a bit left out there” She muttered, giggling slightly.
“We good to go?” Numbuh one asked Cadel.
“Not yet. We still need Malcolm” Numbuh two said.
“Yeah. We got split up when those metal dogs attacked us” Numbuh five said.

“There he is! Run Malcolm! Run!” Ingrid screamed and pointed out the window.
Everybody ran and looked where she was pointing.
Malcolm was limping quickly. Three mechanical wolves were right behind him.
“Go! Go! You can do it Keep goin!” Numbuh five shouted.
One of the metal wolves pounced and tackled Malcolm.
“NO!” Everyone screamed.
Malcolm screamed, a garbled sound of terror, and the wolves pulled him back into the Menagerie.
And then it was quiet, as if nothing had happened.
“No. Malcolm No” Lincoln whispered.
“We’ve got to...keep going” Cadel said, wiping the heel of his hand across his face.
“He’s still alive! We’ve got to save him!” Numbuh three shrieked.
“He’s not going to be alive by the time we get there, okay? We’ve just got to let go and move on” Numbuh two whispered.
“He’s right. We’ve got to get back. We can’t lose any more people tonight” Numbuh one said.
Holly started crying.
Lincoln wrapped his arms around her.
“Cadel, let’s go” Lincoln whispered.
“Roger Roger. Seatbelts, everyone. I doubt we’re going to get a straight shot out of here” Cadel went into the front of the train and released the brake.
The train chugged forward, away from the Menagerie.
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