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A boy moves to Egypt absolutely hating it.His father is invited to the palace where royalty has great importance.He then meets a girl who changes his view and teaches him.

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"Why must we move here??!!"
"David,can you just be quiet for a moment?!"
The car screeched to a stop and the man driving looked back at his son.
"You are acting like a child.You are 16 and old enough to understand that I need to work.Now,be quiet and calm yourself!"
"I'm not the one that's yelling at his only family."
The man sighed and closed his eyes.
The man turned back and continued to drive.
David Hastings was moving to Cairo,Egypt with his father.His father was a business man of sorts and hired to work under the current powerful man of Egypt.The Mayor.
David was to be moved away from his friends,his school,his life to this ancient place.
Dark hair in a skater boy haircut,with a lip and left eyebrow piercing.Blue,clear eyes with his skateboard always in hand.
His father looked nothing like him.He looked strict,uptight,and boring.
You probably know what that looks like...
Anyways,David was not happy about this moving while his father was excited.
David's mother had died when he was a kid and his father,Lucas,kept David away from the families.
So David was Lucas's only family,Lucas only David's family.
"Alright,we're here.",Lucas announced.
David looked out the window to the house.
It was actually pretty big.Now he liked that.
"Alright,I can get used to the house.Still hate Egypt.",David said and hurried out the car and into the house.
There were maids standing there with a man in wierd egyptian clothes.
"Hello.You must be Sir David.",the man said.
"Yeah,yeah.Where's my room and is it huge?",David asked.
"Yes.One of the maids will show you to your room.",the man said.
"Nice.I!",he said choosing the youngest looking one and she smiled and gave a nod.
She lead him out of the room and upstairs.
Lucas came in with some of the luggages in his hand.
The maids hurried to help with the luggae.
Lucas walked to the unknown man and shook hands with him.
"Mr.Hastings,I am your loyal servent.You may call me Bakari.",the man said with a smile.
"Oh,what does that mean?",Lucas asked.
"Noble Oath.I am to keep all of my oath,promises,and words.",Bakari explained.
"Oh,how wonderful.I like a loyal man.",Lucas laughed.
"Your son has been shown to his room by one of the maids.",Bakari said.
A moment later,a loud yell was heard.
"David?",Lucas called.
David came running down the stairs with a huge smile.The maid following.
"Dad,my room is so freaking huge!You gotta see it!And then the maid here showed me to bathroom,and I have my own and it's freaking huge too!Ths house awesome!Still hate Egypt,though!Here,Maid Girl,show me to the kitchen!",David said and grabbed the girl running off.
"Umm,I am sorry.He may be 16 but he childish for his age.",Lucas said.
"It is fine,Sir.He will bring joy to the house with his child ways.",Bakari laughed.
Lucas nodded and was then shown to his room.

Late at night,David had plugged in all of the stereos with his electric guitar.
He cleared his throat as he stood on the bed holding his plugged guitar.
"Ladies and Gentlemen!Are you ready to hear the most slammin' guitar in all history!",David yelled.
He then brought his hand up and with a hard thrust,blasted the guitar with a loud sound and started playing as loud as he could.
Lucas sighed as he finished putting away all of his clothes.
"Of course the first thing he would do is unpack the music.",Lucas muttered.
He walked out of his room down the hall and into David's room.
"Alright,calm it down.It's your first night here.",Lucas yelled over the music.
David continuedto play jumping on the bed at the same time.
"David,shut the music up!",Lucas yelled.
David started yelling now.
Lucas groaned and walked to the plug.
And with a smile,unplugged it.
David was know just jumping on bed,yelling,and playing strings.
The moment David noticed,he fell off the bed and on his guitar.
"Oww!You freaking old man!",David yelled still on the floor.
Lucas rolled his eyes and walked to the door.
"David,just finish putting away your clothes and get rest.Tomorrow,we're going somewhere important.",Lucas said.
"And where is that my old man?",David asked standing up.
"To meet the mayor.",Lucas said and then closed the door.
David froze and looked at the door with wide eyes and an even wider mouth.
"Say what??!!"
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