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Chapter 1

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Layla shot up from the bed and a headache throbbed through her head.
She looked around.
"Where am I?",she muttered.
Her eyes found her luggage with her coat and her shoes.
She cleared her throat and stood up.
"Hello?Anybody here?",she called out.
Suddenly,the front door opened and a man walked in.
"Yo,Kelly,where's the g-"
Layla stared wide-eyed at the guy as he did to her after he closed the door.
"Micah,I'll be right out.",a woman called out.
Layla then started to notice how familiar the guy in front of her was.
"You the girl that passed out?",he asked crossing his arms.
He was spanish looking with dark spiked hair and brown eyes,mocha skin.He was tall and looked muscular.
"Umm,I think so?",she murmured.
A woman walked in and ran over to Layla.
"You should sit down.The fever hasn't fully gone away yet.",the woman said.
Layla listened to her and sat back down.
"Micah,thank you so much for coming.I don't know what to do with her.",the woman said.
"Lady,you have a home or something?",the guy asked Layla.
"My name is Layla and no...I was kicked out.",she said as she suddenly remembered.
"Oh...well,that's a big problem.",the woman said.
"I'm sorry,who are you people?",Layla asked.
"My name is Kelly.This is my brother-in-law,Micah.You passed out in front of me and I couldn't leave you out.I fought with my husband to let you stay for the night.I thought you had a home to go back to.",Kelly explained.
"Oh,well,I'll just leave.I didn't mean to be a bother.",Layla said.
"Wait...Layla.Jones?",Micah asked.
"Umm,yeah?",Layla asked very confused he knew her full name.
"Don't you remember me?!It's me,Micah Martinez!From high school!",he said.
Layla frowned as she could not jog her memory.
She stood up and walked to him examining.
"Micah Martinez!Holy Crap!I thought I'd never see you again!",she squealed and jumped to hug him.
They had met in freshman year and always had the same classes till senior year.They had been awesome friends but then Micah moved off and left Layla alone in classes.
"It's cool to see you again,Layla.",he said hugging her back.
"You too,I missed you so much.",she said.
She pulled away and Kelly clapped.
"What are you so happy about?",Micah asked freaked out.
"Because if she has nowhere else to go,she can go back with you to your apartment.",Kelly said.
"What?!",Layla and Micah asked in unison.
"Yeah!Why not,Micah?It's a great idea!",Kelly said.
"No,I'm sorry but it's not.I don't want to intrude anybody.I'll go and find my own place if I have any money left.",Layla explained and grabbed her coat.
"No!Come on,Micah!",Kelly pleaded Micah.
"Kelly,come on.Are you serious?",he muttered.
"I'll be okay.It really is okay.",Layla said.
"Micah.",Kelly whispered.Micah looked to Kelly and sighed as she pouted to him.
He was always weak to Kelly when she gave her the damn pout.God,how he despised the woman his brother married.
"Fine,fine!Whatever!",Micah yelled.
"What?",Layla asked.
"Yay!Now,you help her with her luggage and bring her directly to your place for a hot shower.It'll help her get the rest of fever down.",Kelly said and handedthe luggage to Micah.
Actually,more like lunged them at him making him stumble.
Layla sighed and put on her coat.
They said good-bye to Kelly and left to his car.
While she was inside the car and driving to his place.During the drive,Layla felt a twinge of guilt pass her.
"Are you sure it's okay to stay at your house for a while?",Layla asked.
"Yeah,sure.Beside,you are my friend.And if I don't,Kelly will definitely kick my ass.",Micah said.
Layla giggled and made him smile.
"Good ol' Layla.Wonder what happened that you would get kicked out of your home?",Micah muttered.
Layla's smile faded and she felt the tears coming.
"I actually fell for such an asshole.",she said earning his stare of pity.
"...Don't worry.You'll be just fine with me."
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