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I swung high into the sky, when you were a kid you’d say “look I’m gonna be high in the sky!”, but I just swung, closing my eyes, letting the breeze hit me in the face, letting my hair flow with the wind, kicking my legs out, hanging onto those old metal chains and just trying to get higher and higher.
I just wanted space, just a bit of free time, instead of playing my guitar over and over again, I mean I love my guitar with all of my heart but I was starting to get angry that I wasn’t getting it right, I mean I’ve played it so many times why don’t I get it right? That’s what got me all moody and making me come here to the isolated park to just hang out.
“You come here often?” I heard a voice asked me, that voice was unforgettable; it seems to be the voice that replays in my mind over and over until I have kept it carved into my memory.
I opened my eyes, to see Gerard standing before me, he was standing at a distance where he wouldn’t get hit by the swing. I let my legs drag on the floor, the scuffing sound and I came to a stop and sat on the swing, just gently rocking a little.
“Not really,” I said looking down at my feet, admiring the scuffed old converses that I loved so much that I couldn’t change them, even though I had a brand new pair at home.
“So why are you here now?” he asked curiously as he sat on the other swing next to me, I looked over at him, today he was in a kind of casual look, yesterday he was in a more formal look. His tight iron maiden t-shirt that clung to his chest, his black skinny jeans, his black boots and a leather jacket, yes it was the causal look, a Saturday look to him.
“Just wanted a break,” I said shrugging slightly.
“A break from what?” he asked, God talk about curious.
“Just a break,” I said.
“Sorry, I don’t mean to come across noise, I’m just interested,” he said.
“Interested? In me?” I asked looking more shocked.
“Yes, I want to make conversation with you, you seem nice enough,” he said, he looked serious.
“I try to be,” I said, he gave a small chuckle.
“I try and do a lot of things but they never work,” he said.
“Like?” I asked.
“Give up,” he said.
“Give up what? Addiction? Life?” I asked.
He looked forward, as if he didn’t want to say what he happened to let slightly slip.
He turned back to me again.
“Cigarettes,” he said, I laughed a little.
“So when did you get the tattoo?” he asked.
I remembered, my neck tattoo, my scorpion that I got recently, my dad hit the roof when he saw it, as soon as he started to have a go I ran, ran back home and curled up on my bed, I still haven’t seen him since that day, I’ve heard off him but he just doesn’t care as much as he use to.
“Recently,” I said letting my fingers brush across the inked skin.
“It looks good,” he said. I felt my cheeks burn at the comment. I looked down at the ground, avoiding eye contact at all costs. I don’t know why I was acting like a love sick teenage girl who finally got noticed by that guy at school she loved but the problem was everyone loved him, the girls throwing themselves at him, but he seemed interested in me, like we were the only two people on earth, no one else just us. But I wasn’t a love sick teenage girl, I was just some teenage boy.
“So what do you usually do on the weekend?” he asked.
“Nothing much, just work, study, listen to music, play my guitar,” I answered.
“You play guitar?” he asked, he seemed interested in me, in what I had to say, in what I did, for some reason the feeling of someone interested in me, in what I said and did; it was un usual, un natural, un real, it was something I wasn’t use to.
“Yeah, music is the most important thing in my life, I’ve played my guitar for so long, I’ve been in bands since I was a kid, I just love m guitar,” I answered, as I talked about music I felt that spark inside of me, it was passion, I had so much passion for music that I over flowed with it.
“What kind of music you into?” he asked, moving the swing slightly, he didn’t seemed to be the type to be at the park sitting at the swings, he seemed more mature, more manly, that’s what seemed so attractive about him, he seemed a mystery, he seemed a danger, a real man, but he seemed like he didn’t like to be around people, he seemed to keep a distance.
“I’m into Rock, I like black flag, misfits, Iron maiden, Anthrax, stuff like that,” I answered.
“All the bands I like,” he said with a smile, his smile was so perfect, a flash of his sparking white teeth, it seemed too perfect.
“What about friends?” he asked.
“I don’t have many, I stick to myself mainly, I mean, people usually stay away from me and my friends,” I answered, just thinking about the dumb-found jocks calling us ‘fags’ or ‘emos’, I just let it pass, I mean it’s stupid names that they think is insulting but we just get use to it.
“Why?” he asked.
“Because they think we are emo fags that sit in the dark and cry,” I answered.
“That sounds stupid,” he said.
“It is,” I said.
We carried on talking, talking about music, art and other things, but he seemed to be more like a listener than a speaker, he asked questions and added a few points, it was strange, I wasn’t use to people asking me questions, I was used to getting ignored, laughed or pointed at.
“I think it’s getting late,” I said noticing that when I first came here the sky was bright blue with a few single clouds now it was a sunset orange, as if the sky was on fire.
“Yes, I believe it is,” he said.
“Well see you around I guess,” I said as I stood up, I didn’t have high hopes of seeing him again, I mean I wanted to, I really wanted to, but I probably bored the poor guy to death. He stood in front of me, his hazel orbs gleaming brightly at me.
“Hopefully we will,” he said.
I nodded not looking at him, I suddenly felt cold fingertips on my cheek, they were so cold, I flinched a little from the feeling but I heard Gerard chuckled slightly.
“Don’t worry, I won’t bite,” he said, exposing his gleaming white teeth, God why did everything he say or do seemed so sexy, so juicy, so delicious. His fingers stroked my cheek, a ghostly touch that I wanted more.
“You’re beautiful you know that?” he asked.
“I’m not,” I answered, blushing again.
“Yes you are,” he said. He removed his hand, but my skin screamed for more.
“See you around Frank,” he said.
“Bye Gerard,” I said. He looked at me and then went, leaving me alone, I turned and walked home.
I quickly got into my room, laying back on the bed, admiring my walls that were covered in posters, artwork and pictures.
“Sweetie?” mom asked, poking her head around the door, I could be doing anything, I could be jacking off to porn and she’d get a eye full! I really should use my lock more.
“What’s up?” I asked sitting up on my bed.
“Where have you been? You’re never usually stay out this late,” she asked.
“At a friends, sorry we we’re playing x-box,” I lied.
She nodded.
“Well no staying out too late, there was something on the news about recent murders,” she said.
“Mom, we live in New Jersey, it happens most days, it’s nothing new,” I sighed.
“I know but I just want you safe,” she said.
“Okay mom,” I said. She gave me a small smile and left my room.
In recent news two dead bodies have been found.
One girl named Amy Davidson, aged seventeen, she was last seen with her friends in the mall, she was found in a alley way alone, none of her belongs took, the death unknown at the moment but she seems to have busies on her wrists in the form of hand marks and a bite mark on her neck.
The other was a young man, Pete Sparks, aged twenty two, his body was found outside a night club, he was last saw in the club with a unknown man, also none of belongs took and the same bite mark on his neck.
Till more information, be careful.
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