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Bob leaves for tour.

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A/N: can truthfully only two more chapters then I can put this baby to rest (:

After Some Time

"Well I'm officially an old fart." I sighed as I winced while straightening out my bent over posture. My back ached like nobody's business as I tried to even out Asia's room to accommodate with Caden. For now they would share a room until I could figure out living arrangements or even consider getting a new place.

Caden was finally able to come home and he adjusted to his new home rather well, despite the fact I no longer have the privilege of sleeping. I'm constantly feeding him or changing him, and when I finish with one kid, I start all over with the other kid. I tried to keep calm about the fact that Bob was leaving tomorrow. When he was long gone, it would just be me and the kids. With everything going on, I wondered how long I'd be able to make it on my own.

"Okay little one, you're officially moved in. Hope it's to your liking." I smiled while tracing his cheek as he looked around curiously. His hair refused to flatten, so it stuck up like a little monkey. I was almost tempted to put a bow in it, when I remembered he was a boy. I have a son. No matter how many times I said it, it was surreal to process it.

"How's the little booger?" Bob asked as he appeared into the room. It was amazing how a princess looking room was now split in half and on the other half was decorated in blue and zoo animals. Needlessly to say Asia wasn't very thrilled.

"He is wonderful." I replied as I brought him to my chest while he drooled slightly and cooed. He was still so light, I could hold him with my hand and it was no problem. It seemed the only thing the kids inherited from me was my 'fun size-ness.'

"You think you'll be okay when I go tomorrow?" he asked carefully while I simply shrugged.

"Hope so. I mean I'm sure I'll be fine, probably enter the Guinness World Records for being the longest person without sleep." I replied as he rolled his eyes and rubbed Caden's back.

"You and me both." he retorted while looking around the room. I could sense he was being sentimental again. I know it was hard on him having the baby barely come home and he was forced to go on tour for the next couple months. Obviously we both didn't want it this way, but beggars can't be choosers.

It was quiet, unusually quiet with everything. I hadn't had anymore magazine attacks from reporters, much less any word from Meena. I wondered if the bitch finally got the hint, but one should be so lucky. Every time I tried to talk to Bob about it, he would shrug it off. I still didn't know what was said between the two of them, and I wasn't sure I wanted to, but there was still that little inkling bugging inside of me. For now I decided to let it go in an attempt to keep the peace.

"I was just kind of hoping we could squeeze in one more sexy session before I leave." he hinted with a smirk as I raised my eyebrow.

"Really?" I scoffed. There was no 'sexy time' with two kids present. And I pondered the idea of celibacy after this whole situation. I seriously thought I draw the line on having anymore 'offspring.'

"What? It was worth a shot." he shrugged as I shook my head.

"You find a way to keep both these little monsters asleep and I'll be forever grateful." I replied as he smiled.


So after three diaper changes, two bottles, and a massage, I got Caden to go sleep. The boy definitely had Bob's appetite. Asia on the other hand hand, had been acting different since Caden came home. She was happy to have a brother, but now he was home, and required both of mine and Bob's attention; she may have felt left out. At least Bob was able to make her feel better slightly. Oh the wonderful ABC's of growing up.

I put the last of the dishes away and I felt hands snake around my waist as I rolled my eyes. He just couldn't let it go could he?

"Well I held up my end of the bargain." I heard him say as I twisted my head to look at him.

"Of course you did." I replied as he smiled and kissed me. Despite my plea for celibacy, I always was and always will be useless to his touches. Bob Bryar possessed a gift. So naturally, he continued to use his damn charm on me until I couldn't resist. With the quickness and silence of a ninja, he managed to get me into the room where our little love fest had blossomed. However by the time we were both 'close' the only thing better than climaxing, was to here two words.

"Mommy? Daddy?" a voice said meekly as we both froze. I looked up at Bob with wide eyes as we slowly turned our heads to see Asia standing at the foot of the bed as we both jumped, Bob more or less landing on the floor as I held in my laughter.

"Umm...pumpkin, you're...awake." I blushed as I pulled the sheets over my body as she stared at us confused. She only nodded as Bob hid on the floor naked while I tossed him the blanket as he gratefully took it. This was awkward. Very awkward.

"I had a scwary drweam." she replied as I could see tears glistening off her cheeks. I smiled as I held my arms out and motioned her to come as her little legs brought her to the bed in a hurry. She climbed up and nestled into my lap as I brushed her hair.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Monster." was all she said as I nodded. Bob eventually resurfaced while sliding his boxers back on under the blanket as I giggled. He didn't look too happy as he rubbed his head and winced.

"You alright hun?" he asked Asia as she nodded and wiped her tired eyes before looking up at me.

"What were you and daddy doing? Why were you both screaming?" she asked curiously as I sighed to myself. Here goes the lame ass speech every parent tells their kid when they get caught having sex.

"Well..." I trailed off and looked at Bob for help as he scoffed and turned his head in amusement as he left me hanging. I sighed as I turned back to her.

"You see honey, sometimes when you're older, much older, and you're together with someone, you might want to show that person a type of affection. Me and daddy were showing each other how much we care for one another." I explained.

"Oh..." she nodded as I blushed at her.

"Jason says his mommy and daddy wrestle in the shower." she replied as I gasped while Bob busted out laughing.

"He said what?"

"He saw them mommy!" she replied with a smile as I closed my eyes and shook my head.

"Can you help with this one?" I asked desperately to Bob as he shook his head.

"I'm not explaining to her the Birds and the Bees at her age, I don't even think I'd know how to explain it." he explained.

"Like I said honey, parents show affection in many different ways. One day, hopefully not for a very very long time, you'll understand what we mean." I clarified while she smiled.

"Okay mommy." she said simply as I grinned.

"I think it's time to go back to sleep." I pointed out as she crawled in the middle between us as I shook my head at Bob.

"Wrestling in the shower?" I mouthed to him as he put a hand on his mouth to contain his laughter as he put his hand on my arm to calm me down. I smiled before sinking into the covers between Asia and closing my eyes, only to be woken up an hour later by the cries of Caden. I brought him into the room and fed him before rocking him to sleep and placing him next to Asia as all four of us laid in the bed like a

"Well...I'm going." he sighed as I looked down at the cement. I didn't feel like speaking. I shivered from the cold air as we both waited for the guys to come pick him up.

"Be careful." I whispered still looking at the ground.

"Look at me." he said softly as I slowly lifted my head, tears filling my eyes as I couldn't help but feel like crying as I spotted his bags on the ground. Despite everything, I didn't want him to go.

"I'll be back before you know it." he consoled me as I half smiled, knowing those stupid words were useless.

"I know." I replied to make him feel better as he smiled at me.

"I'll call you every chance I get. If something happens, I'll be home like that." he replied snapping his fingers to illustrate his point as I nodded.

"No groupies. No matter how much they throw themselves at you." I explained as he held his hand.

"I shall not fornicate with a fan girl no matter how much they throw themselves at me." he mocked. "Happy?" he asked as I nodded defiantly. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around me.

"I love you." he whispered as I brushed his bearded cheek.

"I love you too." I whispered back while he rubbed Caden's hair.

"Try to be good for you mom. I'll miss you my boy." he said softly as he brushed his small hand and kissed it. He turned to Asia who looked up at him with sad eyes. He kneeled down as he smiled at her.

"I'll miss you. So much." he told her as she looked down.

"I'll miss you too daddy." she replied quietly as he hugged her.

"Be a good girl for mommy. I'll be home soon and then we could do anything you wanted. We could go for ice cream would you like that?" he asked as she nodded while her face was buried into his shoulder. The sound of a horn made my head snap up as I saw the guys approaching as I sighed. Bob looked back before sighing as well and turning back to Asia.

"I love you Asia." he smiled.

"I love you too daddy."

"Will you smile for me?" he asked her as she looked at him and forced herself to smile as he kissed her head.

"I'm off now. And maybe if mommy lets you you can come to one of our shows." he said with a gasp to get her excited.

"Really?!" she perked up at me as I nodded at her while she seemed to feel better as she grinned.

"Give me one more hug." he said quickly as he hugged her tight. When he tried to pull away, Asia kept her grip on him.

"Baby I have to go." he explained as she shook her head.

"Daddy don't go!" she cried as he looked up at me for help.

"Asia come on sweetie, daddy has to leave." I cut in as she refused to let him go.

"No!" she cried once more as Bob kissed her head and I saw him bite his lip in sadness while I had to pry Asia off of him as he half smiled at me.

"I'll talk to you later. Be safe. Love you all." he said as I smiled at him.

"Back at you." I replied as he walked to the car, knowing it hurt him to hear Asia crying and calling for him as I tried to calm her down.

"Daddy. I wanna go with you!" she whimpered and tears fell down her cheeks while trying to chase after him as I held her back. I felt my heart ache for her as she struggled in my grasp.

"Sweetie it's okay." I whispered while she continued to cry and squirm as we both watched the car pull away from the curb and start towards the street. She whimpered once more before hiding into my leg and crying as I rubbed her head comfortingly.

"Honey it's going to be okay." I whispered once more as I felt tears fall down my own face as I watched the car turn the corner before finally disappearing.

And just like that he was gone.
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