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warning contains some sexual stuff... but no actual sex if you get me? anyway comment please! hope you enjoy!

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I felt his hand run down the my back outlining my spine, sending shivers of pleasure threw me. His hands so cold yet so delicate.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered seductively into my ear. I moaned at the feel of his cold breath on my skin, feeling his tongue swirl around the shell of my ear, kissing with those talented lips down my neck, sucking on the pulse, making me moan out and grip onto his muscular shoulders.
“You like?” he asked.
I nodded slowly, closing my eyes in pleasure.
“Tell me how good it feels, tell me how much you love it,” he growled against my neck.
“S-So good,” I whimpered.
He chuckled as he took my t-shirt off, throwing it on the floor.
He started to kiss and bit and suck on my chest, biting down on my nipple, swirling the tongue around it making me moan his name out.
“I’m going to make you feel so good,” he breathed against my waist band of my boxers.
He started rubbing my hard on threw the material making me cry out, I just wanted him to take me into his mouth now, I couldn’t take the restrictions of the material.
He slowly pulled it down, blowing on the tip making me whimper, he chuckled then-

“Frankie, you need to get up for collage,” mom said. I groaned as I slowly sat up, she left. I looked down at my morning erection standing tall and proud in my boxers. I groaned as I got up and tugged on my hair, running my fingers threw my hair, the beads of sweat that sat on my forehead from last nights dream.

I soon was dressed in a simple Misfit t-shirt, black skinny jeans, converses, studded belt and a hoodie. I put on some eyeliner and put my lip and nose ring in; I quickly sorted out my hair then flung my rucksack on my back and rushed downstairs. My mom sat in the kitchen, her hands clutching onto a cup of coffee.
“I’m off,” I said.
“Okay sweetie,” she said, plastering on a fake smile, I knew she was upset about my Dad being suck a dickhead but I didn’t want to talk to her about it, I also knew that she didn’t like talking about it after arguments, she would want to have time alone to think.
I was out in the cold bitter air that sliced threw me. I stuffed my earphones in my ears and turned on Misfits, I had that blearing down my ears as I walked down the road, making my way to collage.
The first bell rang, Bob groaned as he put his cigarette out, stepping on the small cigarette and twisting his foot on it. I took my last drag before dropping it on the floor and repeating Bob’s actions.
“Pete is following me like a love sick puppy, ever since that one night at the party he won’t leave me,” Bob said.
“Well you shouldn’t have lead him on,” I said.
“I wish I never did now,” he said.
“Look why don’t we go out Friday?” he asked.
“Where?” I asked.
“Just somewhere, I mean you haven’t got out for ages, Ray and Patrick to come to,” he said.
“If its anything like last time we had get carried out by Ray’s brother and Patrick’s at three am in the morning, I don’t think I can do that again,” I said remembering last time.
“Yeah you actually kissed Ray’s bro and said he was cute,” he said as he started to chuckle.
“Shut up,” I said.
“But please come… please?” he said with that little cute beg that you couldn’t resist.
“Okay, fine but not too many to drink,” I said strictly.
“Score one for the Brilliant Bryar team!” he beamed.
“Brilliant Bryar team?” I asked.
“Yeah, because I’m brilliant,” he said proudly.
“Whatever,” I said.
I wanted to see Gerard again, I mean I couldn’t help but feel this attraction for him, he was so fucking dam right gorgeous but I just wanted to be with him, around him.
I stood at the bus stop, I didn’t want to walk, I had way too many books to carry, all for stupid homework. I sighed as I dug out my Ipod and switched it on. Then a black Mercedes pulled up. I looked down at my Ipod, picking on of the black flag songs out.
“Frank,” someone said, I looked up to see Gerard looking at me.
“Oh hey Gerard,” I said.
“Wanna lift?” he asked.
I thought about I mean, he was a stranger really, but it’s not like it’s the first time we’ve met, he wasn’t completely a stranger. I nodded.
“Jump in,” he said as he got back into the driver seat. I slowly shuffled over to the car and got in, sitting in the passenger seat and putting my bag down on the floor.
“How about we go back to mine? I mean you don’t have to but you can if you want,” he said.
I wanted to, for some reason I really wanted to, I mean he was the most hottest guy I had ever seen or met in my life, I found him sexually attractive too, he was someone you’d defiantly want to have sex with, I mean his the kind of guy who you’d have very good images about him, good enough to jack off to, I mean I have watched porn, it’s just it’s all the same kind of thing, or it was so fake but of course a teenage full of hormones. I mean I had done things with guys, getting jacked off in school toilets, blow jobs at random parties, that kind of thing.
“Sure,” I said. He nodded and started to driving, he started to play Iron Maiden CD as he drove his car, he slowly pulled up outside what it seemed to be a mansion. I looked at it, my jaw must have hit the floor, he chuckled.
“What?” he asked.
“It’s a fucking mansion!” I beamed.
He laughed as he got out of the car, I picked up my bag and slide out of the car, slowing shuffling over to the front door where Gerard was, opening up the large door. It looked like a Victorian house, the large windows, the plain white walls, the grand features, it was beautiful.
He let me, I looked around, admiring each detail as he just casually walked in, putting his keys on the table in the hallway and walking into a room, I slipped my shoes off and flowed him. He was in I’m guessing the living room, the modern look had a nice affect to the house, making the present come to the past.
“Do you want something to drink or eat?” he asked.
“No thank you,” I said quietly.
“Do you want to have a tour of the house or just want to watch a movie?” he asked.
“Tour please,” I said. He chuckled and took my hand making us walk out of the living room and down the hallway, into the kitchen. It was huge, the black and white set out made it look kind of gothic but then light at the same time.
He took me into all the other rooms downstairs then upstairs, flicking in and out of spare rooms, then coming across a room that was full of drawing, posters and music stuff, like a bass guitar that sat in the corner of the room.
“My brother’s room,” he said.
“It looks cool,” I said.
“Glad you think it,” he said as he moved out of this room, I quickly followed not wanting to be left alone and wondering around a house looking for Gerard, to me I would get lost in this house, never finding my way.
We came to the last room, which I was guessing was Gerard’s. The red and black walls that had posters over them, far less than his brother’s. His King size bed that looked so comfortable with the silk black covers that looked so inviting, that you’d want to have wrapped around you in the night or make love to on… I saw the drawing all over the desk; I walked over and saw the different drawings, some of just people, portraits, landscapes, etc.
“You’re amazing,” I said.
“I’m not,” he said.
“You are,” I said.
“Come here Frankie,” he said in a dark tone, I turned to see him sitting on the bed. I walked over and was pulled onto the bed, laying down on the bed as he sat up on his elbows looking down on me, as if he had move power over me, that he could look down on me.
“You’re so beautiful,” he purred.
“Nothing compared to you,” I said quietly.
He chuckled moving closer to my face, our faces only inches apart.
“Would you like me to kiss you?” he asked.
I nodded quickly, he chuckled.
He leaned down and captured my lips, his soft but firm lips against mine, it felt so heavenly, so amazing, like sparks were flying, but I was hungry for more, to be touch by him, to have him buried deep inside of him, to me this was a small and simple kiss, I let my hands rest on his back, feeling the soft feeling of cotton polyester shirt underneath my fingertips. His lips moved softly against mine, they felt kind of cold but smooth and tender. His tongue swiped across my lips, I opened my lips slowly and let his tongue slid inside of my mouth, the feeling of his cold wet soft tongue inside my mouth, exploring my mouth, fighting against my tongue making me moan and let my finger slide into his hair and tangling my fingers in his black raven hair tugging slightly earning a slight moan from him. His lips started to move down to my jaw line, as I was left panting as his talented lips moved down to my neck, sucking on the pulse, making me moan out and arch into him more.
“Gerard,” I moaned out twisting his hair around my fingers more. He sucked on the sensitive flesh, making my temperature rise and my blood pumping threw my veins and my heart rate picked up, the blood travelling down south to my dick, making it harden at the feeling of Gerard touching me, making me feel good.
“O-Oh God,” I moaned out as gripped tighter on his hair, bucking into him, trying to get him to touch me where I most wanted.
“Do you like that?” he asked slightly breathless, as he placed gentle kisses over my jaw line.
“Yes,” I choked out, wanting him to just get back to sucking my neck, touching every single part of me.
“You’re so beautiful,” he growled against my skin, his voce was husky, deep, sexy and laced with lust.
I gasped at the feeling of his lips sucking again on that very spot, I closed my eyes and let pleasure take over me.
I had to get home now.
I told Gerard I had to go, he wanted me to stay, he had that seductive look in his eye, I was almost tempted to stay but I said we could see each other over the weekend, I wanted him, of course I did.
But now I was rushing home, the darkness took over the sky, the cold bitter air swept around me. I didn’t care, I needed to get my jeans off now and come quickly. I notice my mom wasn’t home, even better, ad least I wouldn’t have to hide the huge tent in my trousers and then run upstairs.
I got in, slamming the door shut, I literally was yanking my jeans down as I went up the stairs, I got into my room, locked the door, just in case and flung myself on my bed as I pulled my jeans and boxers down properly. My erection springing free, standing tall, proud, red and ready, I needed to come bad. I wrapped my hand my cock, my cock twitched at the feeling of being finally touched. I closed my eyes, imagining it was Gerard whose hand was wrapped around my cock, who was going to jack me off, who was going to make me come.
I started to move my hand up and down my length, moving faster.
“Oh God,” I moaned out as I squeezed my eyes shut tightly. I squeezed harder on my length, hissing at the feeling of my hand tightening around my cock. I thumbed the head, my thumb covered in the pre-cum, the pearl white pre-cum, wanting it to be sucked out by Gerard hot wet mouth. I moaned as my hand rubbed on my balls, making me gasp out and grip on the sheets.
“Fuck,” I moaned out.
I had images running threw my head, all about Gerard, him jacking me off, him sucking me off, me sucking him, him fucking me, me riding him, all the images flicked threw my head, every image that I use to imagine now came flooding back with Gerard as the main part of it.
I squeezed harder and pumped quicker as I felt that similar feeling in my stomach, I knew I was near.
“Oh shit,” I moaned out as I felt myself closer and closer. Arching off the bed as I yelled out “fuck!” as I shot a thick load, my mind was blank as I was in the bliss of my orgasm.
I was panting, sweaty and hot. I got up after a few minutes, wiping away my cum with a tissue, I got up and went to the bathroom, turning on the shower and slowly taking my clothes off.
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