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I walked around the library, looking for some study books, my music blaring as I scanned threw the books, looking for different books. I thought about Gerard, god I couldn’t get him out of my mind, like the images of him kept playing threw my mind, his hands on my waist, sending sparks threw me.
What happens if he doesn’t want to see me now? I mean I literally ran because I need to jack off, what happens if he thinks I don’t want to be around him, but that was the complete opposite, I wanted him, to be around him, to be touched by him, to be kissed by him.
I took my large pile of books and put them on the old wooden desk, the old librarian looked over her glasses at me, as if I was some strange alien or some disgusting little kid. She was one of those posh ladies, wearing old clothes like her grey cardigan and long skirt.
“Borrowing all these?” she asked in a snotty voice, trying to show power and statue over me.
“Yes please,” I said.
She stamped the books and it was some kind of punching bag that she was trying to knock a few out of.
I took the books and left the library, I pushed a few in my bag and carried the rest as I left, I made my way out into the chilled air, letting black flag boom down my ears.
I didn’t see Gerard as I walked home, I managed to get inside and up to my room.
I put the books on my desk and flopped down on my bed, switching off my Ipod and looking out the window.
I needed to get out, I didn’t want to sit around doing homework or studying or just watching T.V. I wanted to get out and do something. I went downstairs, into kitchen, I noticed the shopping list, bread, milk, coffee, soda, ice-cream, pop tarts and some other random food stuff, I grabbed my house keys, got some money from the jar in the living room and went out. Walking down to the shops, yeah the shops where I work, I try and get away from it and then I decide to shop in it, weird.
I saw Pete at the till, flicking threw a magazine, bored out of his mind. I scanned threw the shelves, picking up everything on the list and going over the till. Pete looked up at me, then smiled, realising it was me.
“What’s up Frank?” he asked as he scanned my items.
“Nothing much, just bored out of my mind at home so here I am,” I said shrugging.
He chuckled.
“Dude, you going with Bob this Friday night?” he asked.
“Yeah, apparently I am, Bob said he’s going to drag me by my hair if I do and I don’t want to be bold yet,” I said pouting a little.
He laughed.
“Yeah, it’ll be like old times,” he said.
“Old times, a few months ago Pete, your making it sound like years ago, back in the days went Elvis was around,” I said, we both laughed.
“I don’t mean it like that I mean it’s just good to get out,” he said.
“Yeah I know what you mean,” I said.
He put all my stuff in a bag and handed it to me.
I handed him the money.
“So see you then,” he said.
I nodded and went back outside. Taking out my new packet of cigarettes, ripping of the plastic packing and opening up, slipping out one of the cancer sticks and placing it in my parted lips, I took out my lighter and lit up, taking a long drag on my cigarette. I just wondered if I’d ever see Gerard again.

A/N: Sorry, this one was just a filler, I just wanted to put something in there, but the next one shall be longer and a lot more, I hope.
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