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the plan

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I'm supposed to get up in a couple of hours but what the hell, here goes next part! I think I will upload all of it tomorrow if youre so great reviewers!!!

- Wake up! - Floor said with a lot of fear in her voice.

- What? - said Liv with a sleepy voice, they all awoke.

- Tarja is gone! They took her! they put sleeping pills in the food and they took her!

- did you check the closet and the bathroom? - Asked Inga.

- Of course I did! - Floor snapped.

- I knew they were putting something in out dinner! I fell asleep the other night! I had suspected it! - said Simone.

- This is my fault - cried Floor and she sat and started to sob and Liv went to her to comfort her.

- I'm sure they won’t hurt her, they could have hurt any of us at any moment and they haven't done so far, we must have faith - the tiny blond said.

- I think they took her to treat her wrist, - said Marcela even if she was very scared and worried too.

- Yes, that must be it - Sharon said but a dreadful feeling was in her stomach.

They were so worried that they didn't even touch their breakfast which was now very cold, and they could only walk in circles in their cell, and bite their pillows or their fingers. things were starting to get ugly, they were totally defenseless against whoever was keeping them TRAPPED. They had taken one of them and the others hadn't been able to stop it, it could happen to anyone and they could probably do very little to stop it and it was the most horrible feeling of helplessness.

The hours went by slowly in silence but at about 4 pm the door opened and Tarja was gently pushed inside, with a real cast now.

- Tarja! Are you okay? - Floor ran to her and removed the blindfold.

- Yes yes I'm fine, really - she said and she did look better.

- What happened? Asked Simone as she hugged Floor who looked so relieved. Tarja sat down and the others sat next to her.

- I woke up and I was lying in a table, I couldn't get up because something was tying me down to it and I was very scared, and then I heard several steps but no one was speaking, I could hear nothing, oh girls you don't know how scared I was. then someone took my arm and moved my wrist and it really hurt so much and they tested it I think, then the table started moving but I don't know where, I couldn't see anything or move or hear anyone speaking, but I think I was taken to some place to take some x-rays because I recognized the sound of the machine, then they got serum on my arm (and she showed them the band-aid on her arm) and I think they put some pain killer because the pain went away and they fixed my bones I think, because they were out of their place, and finally they put this cast on it and I really feel much better, also they gave me several medicines.

- They didn't hurt you then? - Asked Marcela.

- No, I'm really better now.

- And you didn't hear them talking at all? - Asked Liv.

- No, I don't even know how many people were there, just... only...

- Only what? Asked Simone but Tarja was unsure if to go on.

- Come on Tarja, you can tell us, Inga said but she was scared.

- Well, nobody hurt me but after my wrist was fixed, I was still scared and I was asking for them to let us go and I started to cry, and then someone touched my cheek and my shoulder with a lot of care, as if he was really worried about me... and tried to calm me down. I was really freaked out.

- They all went quiet, busy with their own thoughts.

- It is obvious that whoever is keeping us here cares about us in a sick way, he gives us very good food and clean clothes and we can keep ourselves clean - simone said.

- And that is really what scares me the most - sharon told them but in a very, very low voice.

- Why? Asked Floor but she already had an idea.

Sharon told them to get closer and told them in the lowest voice she had - Because it means we're not here probably because of some ransom and it means that he wants us here because he just wants us here, because he is probably obsessed with all of us and wants us as his trophies.

- That is just awful! It means he might never let us out... like that old man who kept her daughter locked in his own house for years in my country! - Inga whispered with horror. They were really speaking very slowly.

- We must not discuss things so openly, he is watching us, he hears whatever we say, we need to make a plan, let's not speak about it any more, we'll wait some time ok? - Said Tarja and they all agreed.

Tarja knew that she should be more scared but the painkillers were very strong and she felt numb but and idea came to her. She went to the bathroom and got a lot of toilet paper and got a pen that they had managed to keep and started writing her idea.

They had done that before, one day they were bored and tried to write a song but it turned into something very crazy since they all had many ideas, and they all were about their current situation.

They all pretended not to notice Tarja writing and tried to occupy their mind with small chat and singing a bit, telling some jokes and speaking of what they would do when they got out of there.

Tarja then passed the paper on sometime after lunch to Floor and she read it carefully in the bathroom, hopping that there was no camera there, anyway she tried to hide the paper with her body.

Little by little the paper was passed by as discreetly as possible and some read it while pretending to be asleep, curled up, and others read it while it was hidden in their sweaters, unrolling it little by little.

The plan was more like an idea and still needed to be perfected but it was all they had and it could work. It read:


This person obviously cares for us, and he won't want anything bad to happen to us & if one of us suffers something really terrible I'm sure he'll try to come and help, it has to be some kind of situation that won't allow them to wait, and they'll have to act very quickly and we'll have to be ready to take the chance and try to get out of here by fooling him. When he comes rushing inside we'll try to overpower him, or them & somehow escape. I know it is risky so another choice could be that whoever pretends to be hurt will try to escape and alert the authorities about our whereabouts.

~ T


Simone then wrote a response and passed it on as well, as discreetly as possible:


What kind of emergency could bring him to rush inside forgetting all the mechanisms? And there is the possibility that there will be many people outside. Can we risk it?

~ SS

It's all we have, if we don't do it we might be here for a long time and I can't stand it any more

~ M


What if someone pretends to commit suicide? Like pretending to cut her veins. That kind of thing just can't wait, you have to help the person right away

~ F

That could be a very good idea but maybe he would wonder why we don't help the person

~ L


We can pretend to be too scared

~ I


OOOOR we can pretend that someone took all of Tarja's medicines to commit suicide, because I don't know how are you going to pretend to cut your veins

~ S


That's a great idea! the person can pretend to be passed out, much easier than pretend to bleed to death

~ SS


Who will do it?

~ M


Not me, I can't act but I have an idea

~ T


They left some days go by so it wouldn't look suspicious, they kept singing a bit & behaving like they had the other days, but now Simone and floor spent a lot of time together and they seemed to be very depressed and they now slept hugging each other, some days Simone would scream and cry that she couldn't take it any more and that she preferred to die and floor would just hold her.

They had to recognize that Simone was a decent actress.

when Simone was like that, their food would arrive with candies and ice cream & sometimes even flowers, probably because their captor thought that would cheer them up and that was good because that meant he was fallin or the trap.

One night Simone skipped dinner and stayed up all night, with her eyes lost (she really could make it when she wanted to) and she knew she'd look terrible the next day and the next day all the other girls looked really worried about her. Tarja's arm was much better but she still needed many medicines, specially pain killers because it was a serious fracture and she asked.

- Has any one seen my meds? I had them under the sofa. - but no one answered. - come on girls, I need them, my wrists is starting to hurt...

Floor got up and went to Simone and asked with a soft voice: - Darling, do you have them? - but Simone looked away. Marcela had to look down to stop the laughter, damn, she was good.

- come on Sim, give them back - said Floor and Sharon also said - Simone, why did you take them? What's wrong?

Simone got up and went to the bathroom with not another word and they could see that Tarja's pills were in her hand.

- Simone Wait! What are you doing! - Liv shouted but Simone had now locked herself in the bathroom and she screamed: - I can't take this any more! I want to die! I'm going to finish it all now!

They all ran to the door and hit it trying to open it but to not avail, then all of the sudden she opened the door, her face was lost and the bottle of medicines which had been full, only had half of the pills in there.

- Simone! You are an idiot! Come on! throw them up now! - Tarja screamed, shaking simone by the shoulders but Simone shoved her aside by the shoulders and walked to the door and she lay down between the door and the sofas

- Leave me alone, I'll soon be dead, just shut up.

Marcela tried to get her up but she was too heavy for her and screamed - Come on! Simone, get up don't do this it is insane you have to live! We'll get out of this! Floor help me!

But when they saw Floor she was also looking pale and said - She is right... there is no hope... if simone dies I will go with her, because I have discovered that I love her - and suddenly it seemed like she shoved the remaining pills into her mouth and swallowed.

- Noo! Floor not you too! - Shouted Inga. Simone was now lying down with her eyes closed and she seemed unconscious and Floor went and sat with her back against the wall, on the other side of the door.

- Just let us be, I can't take this an more either, I just wanna die with Simone... - Floor said and closed her eyes.

The other girls tried to shake them up, to get them up but they both were the tallest and strongest of them all and they could not move them. Liv even slapped them to try to make them wake up and soon they all started to look really worried.

- Help! Help please! Help! Our friends are dying! Help them! - Marcela shouted while her fists hit the heavy door, and Sharon joined her. - HELP HELP PLEASE!

Then it happened, they heard sounds, steps, many, and the door swung open, two men wearing masks and guns entered the room and all the girls stared at them.

-You all get away from the door! - One of them said in a thick accent and they all did, they were not expecting guns.

Another tall man entered, he was also wearing a mask but he was clearly the boss. - how are my girls? He asked in a worried voice and a man came behind him and knelt next to Simone, checking her pulse... This was going bad... this was not what they expected!

Tarja, in a desperate attempt saw her opportunity when the two armed men were looking at the unconscious redhead and threw herself at one of them, even if it made her wrist hurt like hell, and then Floor gut up and took the other man from behind and started chocking him. Marcela ran to the man that Tarja had surprised and kicked the gun to the other side of the room and kicked the man in the nuts and then in the stomach and sharon helped Floor with the other man and took his gun. Liv picked up the other gun and suddenly the boss had a kitchen knife against his throat.

- Hello "boss", Simone said with venom in her voice - we finally meet.
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