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One Day

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Duo grows to love the morning.

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Gundam Wing Drabble Series
By ishkhanuhi

[Pairing]: Whole thing will be 1x2x1

[Rating]: G for this one

[Warnings]: Language maybe, post-EW, a small amount of fluff in this one

[Disclaimer]: Don't own the boys, just the prose

[Author's Note]: A series of 500-word-or-less drabbles describing the various ways Heero and Duo adjust to living their new lives together. The title of each drabble will reflect how long they'd been living with each other in that piece, and the series will proceed with increasing time. I can't guarantee I will post these regularly, though. Hope you enjoy!


One Day

Duo blinked his eyes open slowly, squinting hard for a few minutes before he could tolerate the sun filtering in through the broken blinds in the window. Oh, how it hurt… The sunlight was like shards of glass in his brain for those few seconds. He berated himself for forgetting to fix those damn slats sooner, and made a mental note to get on that today.

Duo Maxwell was not a morning person. As often as he'd traveled to space and confronted the sun without the protection of blinds, though broken as they were, the sun continued to be his morning affliction.

His full bladder had yanked him out of the deepest of dreams. Unable to ignore the call of the wild any more, he half-rolled onto his side, very groggy from disrupted sleep. The crisp, cool sheets felt refreshing against his naked skin, at least; a consolation gift from the morning. Begrudgingly, he collected his limbs – twisted in blankets and discarded clothing – and moved to the edge to get up.

As he lifted his back off the bed, suddenly a pair of arms around his waist went rigid, clotheslining him back into his supine position. Duo grunted at the sudden movement. The arm, solid like a brick wall, pinned him to the bed. Duo was startled, and for a panicked moment reached for the gun under his pillow. His mind had been too groggy to notice someone next to him in bed. He certainly wasn't used to waking up to another, and assumed the worst in that moment – he had been ridiculously tired the previous evening, and he wasn't immune to careless mistakes. Blinking furiously to bring his vision into focus, Duo took in the sight next to him with great relief. Oh, right. He smiled.

Visibly relaxing, Duo gently tapped the arm on his waist. Soft hairs against tanned skin. He caressed that arm for a minute. Sinewy, lean muscles tensed and relaxed under his palm, responding to the touch. Duo cleared his throat, tapping the arm again. "Eh, Heero, I have to pee. Lemme go."

"Oh. Sorry."

The arm slithered away and disappeared under the covers. Duo's smile faltered, missing the feel of it already, but the urgency he felt to use the bathroom trumped his desire to stay there.
He got up, shuffling over to the adjoining bathroom. He tossed a look back over his shoulder at the bed. All he could see was the shape of a figure curled up underneath a rumpled bedsheet, only a few locks of brown hair sticking out against a stark, white pillow.

But Duo sighed happily. Mornings officially improved since Heero had moved in, and he looked forward to what the next one would bring.


Ish :)
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