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Hey guys, so I hope you all had an amazing Christmas where ever you are, I got an MCR bag, and I have an MCR hoodie and t-shirt on the way, and I got life on the murder scene... so it was a very MCR Christmas for me :D as an Xmas treat, this is a fairly long update, so enjoy, R&R

"I'll see you at break then" I said, sighing as I remembered I had no lessons with Frank until 3rd lesson
"Yup, I'll be waiting for you" He said kissed the top of my head. I walked off with Mikey and Mily before turning around and blowing a kiss to Frank who had also turned around. 

Homeroom was pretty dull, we just spoke about how great the beach day was an d that weshould do it again. 

First lesson I had History with Bob, and he spent the lesson explaining to me how his cousin could be 'just like justin timberlake if he cut his hair'. After that I had Media studied and as I walked in a saw Ellie sat at our table, surrounded by preps.
"So, ells, why are you going out with way, the freak" One of them asked. Ellie just ignored her.
"Hey, sweetie, don't ignore us when we're talking to you" One of them said quite annoyed and grabbed Ellie's shoulder. Ellie fiercly shook her off and stood up.
"Now you listen 'sweetie', I will date who I want. Gerard is not a freak, he is kind and sweet and actually cares about me. so just take your preppy little ass back to slut town and drown in your over-priced perfume okay?!" She shouted and the girl just flipped her hair and walked off.

"Ellie, you okay?" I asked as I sat next to her
"Yeah, I'm fine. Damn preps. but if they say one more bad thing about Gee, I may have to just have to get nasty" She said through gritted teeth. 
The lesson was pretty boring, and I just wanted to so My frankie again. I missed him already, and we'd only been apart for just over 2 hours. 

I walked out of Media and saw Frank leaned against the wall next to the door, arms folded, smirking at me. 
"Why hello there beautiful" He said and took my hand before pressing his lips gently to it. I giggled and swatted him off playfully.
"Hey hunny, I missed you" I said and he hugged me.
"Same, I can't stand being away from you" He said and kissed my neck. 
"Right, let's go find the guys" I said and we walked towards the doors leading outside. We found them under a tree on the field. Ray was talking to Bob about a new guitar he'd bought, Mikey and Mily were deep in conversation, and Gerard was drawing (as usual)

Ellie jumped on Gerards lap and burried her head in his chest and sighed.
"What wrong baby girl?" He asked her and she sighed again
"Nothing, just some bitches being horrible about you. I don't mind them insulting me, but as soon as they start getting on to you, then that just pisses me off" She said and Gerard stroked her hair
"let them bitch, I don't care, as long as I've got you, I'm used to it" He said and she just kissed his cheek.
"You shouldn't though baby you shouldn't have to put up with that"
"Listen Ellie, they don't matter okay, I don't care what anyone thinks about me except for you" He said
"Well I think your Perfect" She said and kissed him lightly. 
"Then I'm a happy man" He replied and hugged her close.

While They had been talking me and Frank had settled down on the other side of the tree. He had his arm around my shoulders and I put my head against his.
"Emma?" He asked and I turned to look at him. 
"Yes Frankie?"
"I was wondering, seeing that we're going out and all now, do you wanna go on a date on Friday, I mean, we could see a movie, or go for a meal, Or both, whatever you want" He said starting to blush. I beamed at him.
"Of course honey! A movie sounds perfect, I heard there's a new zom-com out" I said and he shook his head while smiling.
"Haha, I knew I chose you for a reason. Most girls drag people to see Rom-com's, But you wanna see a zom-com. You are the best" He said and I just kissed him cheek.

The rest of the week went by pretty quickly and uneventfully. We hug around Frank and Ellies house a lot after school, just doing nothing really.

I stood infront of my full-length mirror and Friday evening. It was 5 minutes before Frank was due to arrive, and I was still stood in my underwear, trying to decide what to wear. 
I heard the doorbell ring and quickly threw on a t-shirt and some joggers. I opened my door a crack and yelled to dad to let Frank in a tell him to come upstairs. 

I heard them talking slightly and then footsteps on the stairs while I peered into my wardrobe helplessly. 
"Emma?" Frank said lightly as he walked round the door. He was dressed in converses and tight black skinny jeans, a black shirt and leather jacket. His eyes were smudged with eyeliner and his hair was messy as usual. 
"You look... amazing" I stuttered before rememering my clothes crisis "And I look like shite, I'm sorry I'm not ready, but I'm having a crisis, I have no clue what to wear" I said and ran a hand through my hair. 
"Let me see" He said gently pushing me out of the way of his wardrobe. 
I watched him pull out some black skinnies, a red shirt and a black waistcoat I didn't even know I owned. 
He held it up with a questioning look.
"You, are amazing" I said. I kissed his cheek lightly and ran into the bathroom with my clothes. I changed quickly and threw on some eyelier, fluffed up my hair before walking out again. 
Frank was sitting on my bed with a familiar looking book in his hand.
"Frankie?" I asked him and watched him drop my diary like it was on fire.
"I-I I'm sorry. I was just, curious" He said and blushed.
I rolled my eyes at him and went to sit on his lap before picking up my diary. 
"Well, let me explain then" I said and saw him sming relieved.
"Ever since you came to my school, the pages have been filled with nothing but you." I said an he grinned wider. 
He kissed my lips softly and I gently moved the book out of the way before turning around so I was straddling his waist. I pushed him back gently so I was ontop of him. I pulled away eventually
"Frank... we'll miss the movie" I said and he pulled me back roughly
"Movie-shmovie" He growled against my lips and kissed me again. I kiss him back and then pushed him off.
"Seriously Frank..." I said and he sighed. I smirked at him and brought my lips to his war.
"But my dads going out of town, so you can sleep over later" I whispered in his ear and he smiled.
"What are you implying" He asked smugly
"No. I'm not implying THAT, I just mean you can sleep in the same bed as me tonight. Nothing pervy, totaly innocent" I said and he just laughed
"I know I know, don't worry, I'm not ready yet either" He said and we kissed once more before he pulled me to my feet.
"You look great by the way" He said and I kissed his cheek
"Thanks to you" I said and he slipped his arm around my waist.

When we got outside, we got into Franks car. I held his hand on the seat and traced patterns on his palm with my fingers. 
We pulled up at the cinema and Frank came round to open my door for me. He put his arm around my waist were it usually sat and we walked into the cinema. After getting our tickets and buying several packets of skittles, we went inside. Frank pulled me right up to the back of the cinema, and got us the two seats in the very corner. I rolled my eyes as we sat down and Frank smirked at me.
"What else are cinemas good for?!" he said cheekily 
When the lights went down and the ad's started, I felt Franks hand rest on my leg. I slowly crept higher until it was resting on my waist. Then his other hand cupped my cheek and turned me to face him. 
He smirked at me and my heart fluttered. I loved his smirk. 
He gently lowered his lips onto mine and I felt my heart start to pound. I flicked my Tongue against his lip ring and he eagerly parted his lips. I brushed my Tongue lightly against his and he eagerly pressed his back.
My hand tangled in his black hair, and his other hand was gently rubbing circles on my thigh. I tugged gently on his hair and he moaned into my mouth. He nibbled on my lip and I giggled slightly.
'Innocently' I let my hand glide over the crotch of his jeans and I felt him gasp suddenly, before moaning as I rested my hand there.
I pulled my hands away and pushed him off. He looked at me slightly worried.
"I don't think getting a boner in the cinema is a very good idea" I whispered and he sighed.
"But I was having fun" He whined and I kissed his cheek lightly.
"Behave" I said simply
I snuggled up close to him and sat with my head resting on his shoulder for the rest of the movie, occasionally kissing his neck. 

When it had finished, Frank pulled me into his arms ang hugged me close.
" Is the invitation to stay over at yours still open?" He asked and I nodded

He drove us back to my house, and sure enough, my dads car was not in the drive. I pulled Frank inside and we went straight up to my room.
"I don't wanna be boring... but I'm really tired" I said and Frank just smiled.
"No problem baby, how about we just get into bed and have a talk?" He said and I kissed his cheek.
"I'll be right back" I said before running into the bathroom. I grabbed my PJ's that were stashed there. I threw on the bottoms that were covered in pictures of little owls, and just put on a plain black t-shirt, wiped off my makeup, and went back to my bedroom. 
Frank was sat on my bed in his boxers his black shirt. It was a proper button-down shirt and looked quite uncomfortable. 
"Frankie, I don't mind you sleeping topless. That shirt can't be comfortable to sleep in" I said and he smiled at me.
"Thanks" he said and started un-buttoning the shirt. He shed it on the floor and I could help but stare at his Ink covered chest. He had more tattoo's than I expected. I walked slowly towards him before sitting down next to him. I reached my hands out to touch his chest, but before I made contact, I looked at him just to check. He smiled and nodded, so I rested my hands lightly on his chest. He shivered slightly as I let my fingers trace slowly over each tattoo. I moved my hand down to his hip and he winced slightly. I pulled away suddenly.
"Its alright, that ones quite new" He said and I peered closer so I could see it clearer. It was simple, a single word in curled writting. But there was something about that one word that brought a tear to my eye. I looked up and him as he smiled, and then back to the word 'Emma' that was tattoo's forever on his skin.
He must have seen I had tears in my eyes because he wrapped his arms around me and stroked my cheek. 
"Frankie-" I started but he cut me off
"Im sorry if your freaked out cuz it's so soon, but you know, I love you emma. And it's just another way of me showing you" He said. I was slightly freaked out because we'd only been together about a week, but most of all I was flattered. I told him this and he kissed my cheek. 
"Come on, you said you were tired" he said and lifted up the duvet cover. After I climbed under he followed me, and he pulled me close to him. I lay my head on his warm bare chest and smiled as he kissed the top of my head. 
"Em?" He asked and he looked at me as I moved my head so I was looking at him
"Have you ever had any boyfriends before me?" He asked. I froze slightly as I remembered.
"Um, yeah, one" I said and he looked worriedly at me. I decided to tell him all about chris.

"I met chris when I was 15 and he was 18. We became friends almost instantly, we liked all the same things. I never thought it was suspicious that he would always just wait for me to say my opinion on something and agree with me. He brought me things, we took me places and everything was perfect between us" I realise a tear had escaped and was falling down my cheek
"And then one night, we went on a date, and he tried to make me have sex with him. I said no because I wasn't ready but he kept pushing me. I kept telling him no so he hit me. But he didn't just hit me, he compleatly knocked me out. And while I was out cold he... he raped me. Afterwards he just ran away. Gerard found me, I was still unconcious, and he took me to hospital. But he left me there and went looking for Chris. He found him and confronted him. Chris broke Gerard arm before Gerard got him to the police station, and he got sent to prison. Turned out Chris had a record of doing this kind of thing to younger girls. I was a mess for months, I would only let Gerard come anywhere near me. I guess that's why out of all the guys I'm closest to him, and that's why he's quite protective of me..." I said, and by this point I was crying fully. Frank just held me in his arms and listened. I hadn't spoken about this to anyone since I had to give a statement to the police a few weeks after it happened, so bringing back all the memories hurt a bit. 
He kissed my head and rocked me slightly, wiping the tears away, just holding me until they stopped. 
"Emma, you don't have to worry, because I will never do anything like that to you, I will never let anyone hurt you. If Or when we do go all the way, it will be when we are both compleatly ready for it, and not a second earlier." He said and I couldn't help but smile.      
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