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Chapter 9

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I blinked as my eyes adjusted with the morning light. I went to stretch when I realised mu arms were wrapped around someone. Gerard. All of last nights memories flooded in, I couldn't help fight the smile that was growing on my lips. I felt Gerard's breath on my inner neck change as he began to stir, I panicked and closed my eyes pretending to be asleep - I didn't want to see him walk away from me again. I heard him sigh happily as he lifted his head and gazed at me. He tightened his grip around my waist and pulled me closer so I was against his body. I kept my eyes closed and my arms around his waist, my heart was pounding crazily as I felt his hands on the small of my back. He stroked my fringe out my eyes, I could feel him watching me, his weight shifted as he moved his face closer to mine. I resisted opening my eyes as I felt his breath against my lips. The small space was closed as he softly brought his lips to mine and lightly kiss me. He pulled away and sighed, his breathing was sligtly quicker than before. I found this as my que to 'wake up'. I slowly opened my eyes as my eyes immediately locked with his. "Morning." I whispered, his grip was still tight. "Morning El'." He replied quietly, we lay on our sides gazing at eachother for what seemed like forever, until he broke it, " I'm going getting breakfast." He mumbled as he let go of my waist and got up. He stretched as my mouth nearly dropped watching him, he didn't even speak to me as he walked out the room. He'd gone once again, after secretly kissing me. I could feel the tears growing. Shit. sorry it's such a small update, I'm on my iPod and the battery is dying xxxxxxx much love and thanks xxxx Ellie Frank xxxx
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