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Appology, showers and shopping

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That night I slept on the floor, as Frank tossed and turned in the bed. 

"Emma?" I heard a groggy voice say. I sat up and saw Frank looking worried while rubbing his head. Even after a night getting hammered and having what looked like the worst hang over, he still looked beautiful. 
"Hey Frankie, how you feeling?" I asked
"Like shit. Why are you on the floor?" He asked worridly. I stood up and shuffled into the bed next to him.
"You don't remember last night much do you?" I asked
"Erm, we played Some games,and there was lots of alcohol, but nt much, why?" He said really starting to panic.
"oh, well, you kinda tried to, you know" I said and he looked horrified. 
"Oh my god. I'm so sorry! I was drunk and, I can't rememeber and oh baaby I'm sorry. Please don't leave me. I've been an ass, I'm sorry" He babbled and I put a finger to his lips. 
"Frankie... I know. Don't worry. You had too much to drink, I know you wouldn't do something like that if you were sober" I said and he leaned his head against my shoulder
"Im so lucky to have you" He sobbed and I held him gently.
"Hey hey, don't worry. Anyway, how are you feeling?" I asked him
"Im fine, a couple of black coffee's and I'll be fine" He said and I stood up
"Black coffee coming up" I said and he shook his head
"I'll get it" He said but I stopped him getting up.
"No, let me" I said and went downstairs.

I came back with 2 coffee's and he drank them quickly. 
"Ahh, that's better" He said after finishing the 2nd. 
"Good, so, are we just hanging around here today?" I asked him and he looked puzzled.
"No. You know what, I'm taking you shopping" He said and I smiled. He knew shopping was one of my favourite things. 
"Really?" I asked him, moving onto his lap. 
"Yeah. I want to make up for being an Ass last night." He said and I kissed his cheek.
"You were only an ass for a tiny bit, most of the time you were very cute when you were drunk" I told him and he blushed "Although, your always cute" I told him and he blushed even more. I leaned in to kiss him softly, and as his lips moved against mine, I let my hand drag through his hair roughly. He moaned softly into my mouth and I giggled. 
"Right, no offence Frankc but you need a shower" I said and he giggled.
"But my head still hurts, what if I fall and break my neck, I mean, I shouldn't shower alone should I?" He said cheekily
"Im not showing with you Frankie" I told him and he gasped
"I didn't mean that! I meant, could you st outside the shower?" He asked, blushing
"Fine" I said and he smiled. He grabbed some towels and I followed him into the bathroom. I sat on the floor as he striped his clothes and stood just in his boxers. He wrapped a towel around his waist before pulling his boxers down.
"Sneaky" I said and he winked at me. He stepped into the shower with the curtain closed and I heard the water turn off. He flung his towel round the curtain and it landed next to me. 

"Frankie, were you really worried about dying and no one being there in the shower?" I asked and I heard him giggle
"No, but I get lonely, and I hate missing you" I heard him say over the noise of the shower.
"Awh that is so sweet. I wish I could hug you" I said and I heard him laugh. 
We sat having a conversation, Frank in the shower, me sitting on the floor. For some reason it felt totaly normal, and not weird at all. 

"Ems, could you pass me a towel?" Frank asked a little while later. I passed one round the shower curtain without looking and moments later he stepped out with it wrapped around his waist. 
"I'll get your clothes" I said and skipped out of the bathroom. I threw him a clean pair of boxers and then went into his bag. I pulled out some black skinny jeans and a Black flag t-shirt before going back into the bathroom. Frank was stood clad only in his black boxers with his back to me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and sucked gently on his shoulder.
"hey" I whispered into his ear as I unwrapped my arms and walked round to face him. I handed him the clothes and he smiled.
"Thank you" He said before kissing me softly. He pulled on his jeans, but before he could put the shirt on I stopped him. I knelt down next to him and inspected the Tattoo of my name on his left hip. It still looked tender so I resisted the urge to run my fingers across it. Instead I planted a small kiss on the smooth skin. 
"It suits you" I said and he smiled
"Only because it's your name" He said and I smiled at him. He tugged his shirt on and we left the bathroom. I changed into some orange skinny jeans and a skelanimals t-shirt before throwing on some battered Doc Martens. 

"So Frankie, your taking me shopping?" I asked and he smiled at me
"Yup, I will even wait while you try on hundreds of outfits, because I'm just that nice" he said and I rolled my eyed.
Frank drove us into town and parked up the car before we got out and headed towards the shops.

As we walked, he silently slipped his hand into mine, entwining our fingers together. My whole hand tingled at his touch, and even though it was the simplest gesture, it's still made my heart flutter. First, I dragged Frank into a local shop called VooDoo. I picked up an awesome purple checked mini skirt, and a few t-shirts. Frank let me drag him in the changing rooms where he sat outside while I tried them on. 
"Tah-da!" I said, walking out in the skirt and a t-shirt that said 'Please Wait, Sarcastic comment loading' [I actually got that shirt for Xmas!]. 
"Wow..." He said and walked over to me
"Soooo, what d'ya think?" I asked 
He pulled me close to him by the belt loops on the skirt and pressed his lips close to my ear.
"I think I'm gonna have a hard time keeping my hands to myself today" He half growled and I shivered. I changed back and bought the jeans and t-shirt.

I swear I was so lucky to have Frank. He spent the whole day walking round shops with me, carrying my bags, giving me his honest opinion on pointless things, and he didn't complain once. 
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