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Chapter 21 - Final Chapter :3

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I placed the empty box that once contained all of Gerard's things into the bin. I turned to him and smiled. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck. He leaned his forehead against mine and grinned.
"You know - it's never felt like home until you arrived." I whispered as he leant in and kissed me.

~~~~~~~~~~ 4 years later ~~~~~~~~~~*~

I leant back on the sunbed in the backgarden, the sun was beaming down on me. I sighed happily and watched Hellie play in the pool. She was now seven and looked just like her Dad and a bit like me. I noticed a shadow was over me and I turned to see Gerard holding two glasses of juice in his hands. I smiled as he sat down. He wrapped his legs around me as I leant back inbetween his legs. I rested my head on his chest as he massaged my swollen stomach. I was pregnant again and due any day now. I gazed into his eyes as he leaned in and kissed me.
"I can't wait for this baby!" He squealed excitedly. I giggled and placed my hands on his.
"Can you feel like kicking !? If I'm correct I'm guessing its a little boy - he'll be a rocker just like his Dad." Gerard smiled and kept his hands still as he felt the constant kicking from the baby.
"I love you so much - I'm never going to leave - ever." He whispered as he leaned in towards me and kissed me on the lips.
"I love you too babe." I replied as we broke the kiss.
I sighed happily and leaned back again as Gerard continued to massage my stomach. I loved this man so much, it was unbelieveable. I knew he wasn't going to leave ever again.
There always a light at the end of the tunnel and my light is Gerard.

- wipes tear from eye - I wanted to give them a happy ending so there it is ^ :D xxxx Thankyou for everyones fucking amazing reviews and comments ! I have loved reading each and every one ! xxx I will be posting a new story up soon :3 - if you want me to that is XD xxxxx Much love and thanks xxx Ellie Frank and Gerard ( he insists I put his name as the story wouldnt have been the same otherwise XD ) xxxxxxxxxxxx
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