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Chapter Two

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Hero sat on the couch in Mina and Shi Shi's house.Nervously,he looked around.
What i he gets caught?
Impossible!Everybody thinks he has a memory loss!But still...
"Chang Shik."
He looked to Shi Shi about to say he is not Chang Shik but stayed quiet as she stood there with a big smile,her face red.
"Yes?",he asked.
"Dinner is ready.",she said.
He nodded and stood up following her into the dining room and sitting down.She quickly served him sitting right beside him.
As soon as he took a bite,he couldn't stop.She could ready cook!Plus,he was starving like crazy.
Then he noticed,she was not eating.Just staring at him in such interest...
"Why aren't you eating?",he asked.
"Oh,I'm not so hungry.I ate something before going to the club.",Shi Shi answered.
"Well,the food is good.",he said with a content smile before finishing it all up.
"Wow,you were really hungry.",she laughed.
She picked up his plates and bought them to the sink.He looked over to see a picture and it had him.
Well,not him.Chang Shik.And he looked exactly like him!!!
He was holding Mina closely,a huge smile on his face.
"That was last year."
Hero looked to Shi Shi in question.
"The picture was taken last year.You and Mina had gone to the amusement park for your first time.",she explained.
"That was my first time to an amusement park?",Hero asked in disbelief.
"Yeah,you were so happy.",Shi Shi laughed.
Hero looked back at the picture examining Chang a twin.
He stood up and with a long sigh,he turned to Shi Shi.
"Who was I?",he asked.
"Well,you weren't the nicest person,sorry to say it like that.But you really were great and you were always so tough and strong.You took care of Mina and me.You may have been rude lots of times,but you were deep inside a caring person.",Shi Shi explained,her face going red by the second.
Hero noticed it very clearly.She was blushing...
"Did you like me or something?",he asked softly.Shi Shi's eyes widened and she looked to Hero in such shock.
Hero jumped at Mina's voice and turned to see ehr walking towards them with a big smile.
"Hey.",Hero murmured.
"Shi Shi,get my dinner,will you?",Mina said and then pulled Hero away and into a bedroom.Her bedroom,he assumed.
It was small but her cozy and...homey?
"You'll sleep her tonight with me.",Mina said throwing her purse aside and then falling onto the bed.
"Okay.",Hero murmured looking around.There were a few pictures of them here and there.
"Well,you get cozy.I'll be back to sleep with you.",she said.
"To what??",Hero said in such shock and accidentally fell back onto the floor.
Mina looked at him in question.
"Sleep with you.",she said once more.Hero gulped and quickly got onto his feet.
"Ummm,okay.",he murmured.
"Wait here.",she said and walked off.He quickly looked for a way to get out of this.
He saw the window and ran to it.Pulling it open,he smiled in victory.
Then he heard Mina.
"Shi Shi,I'm so happy!He's back.He's finally love.",Mina said in such excitement.Hero pulled away from the window and looked towards the open door in deep feeling and thought.
She continued,"Shi Shi,he came back for me.He does love me."
Hero sighed and silently cursed to himself and shut the window.He walked towards the bed and sat down.
He really had to do this...
With a long sigh,he kicked off his shoes and took off his hat setting them aside with his bag.
He layed down and looked to the ceiling with annoyance.
"This isn't what I wanted to happen.It wasn't supposed to...",he muttered.
About an hour later,Mina finished dinner and had taken a shower.
She came into the room with a towel wrapped around her body and closed the door,also locking it.
Hero looked at her and gulped,and loud.
He had no choice.He had no choice at all.Right?
Damn it,he did!But what was he supposed to say??
"I'm happy you're back.",she murmured before climbing on top of him.
He sighed and looked at her for a long time before...
"I am too..."
The night as long.
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