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It's late and we're all suppose to be alseep, but I can't find my self to sleep on dirt and rocks. They say I wont be able to change for another few weeks or so. They also said the first time will hurt like a bitch so I'm not that disappointed that I can't change to sleep better.

I decide to go on a walk. In the dark, probably not a good idea. But I can't sleep so I'm outta options. As I start to walk, I try not to step on any one. There evey were! Wolfs, people, people with tails, anything and everything!

I look up to the sky and gaze at the full moon and I can't help but hear the words of Chiodos dancing in my head. Under the moon, they mark your cry with their howling at night. I never thought I'd be living those words. Never in all my dream would I have thought I'd be in the middle of a wolf pack.

I've dreamed about witches and magic being real, even vampires for a little bit. Never werewolves. I was scared I think. That they were going to come and eat if I wished they were real. I was a stupid child...

I see something move and I guess the wolf stuff is kicking in or something 'cause I ducked behind a bush, peeking up to see what it was. Turns out, I freaked out for nothing. It was just Aiden on his rock. So with obviously nothing to fear, I stand up.

"Who's there?!" Shit! Dude! What the hell?!

I hold my hands up and turn around slowly, this guy sounds like he has a gun. "It's just me, Dylan."

"Well go away." Okay! Fine by me!

"Okay?" I say and start to move away from the jack ass when he speaks again.

"Wait, I-I'm sorry, come back?" And so now he's nice?

"Sure." This guy is bipollar, three emotions in less than 10 seconds. He has problems.

A broad smile was painted on his face. I walk with coution, just in case he blows up again. I don't want to get on the Alfa's bad side. "Come, sit on the rock."

Oh the great rock! I'm so honored! Ah I love sarcazum. I sit on the cold stone. And I thought my ass was cold before!

"So what brings you here in the middle of the night? Shouldn't you be sleeping?" He asks with a smirk, rasing an eye brow.

"I can't sleep in dirt. I want my pillow and blankie!" I wine. Tommy bahama pillows, how I miss thow!

"How old are you again?" He asks.


"And you still have a blankie? I knew humans were clingy bit I never ema-"

"I'm not clingy!" I blurt. I'm only clingy to puppy... That's it! My puppy...

"Sure whatever, human." He says smugly.

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?" My voice get higher as I speak.

"I'm just stating that your a human and you will always have your human personality. That's all." He trys to sound sooo innocent.

"And what's your backround, of high and mighty Alfa?" He looks shocked. Like I'm the only one whos ever talked to him like that. Go strong women who don't take mens shit!

"I am a pure bread wolf, unlike yourself, and rised as royalty. There for, I have my wolf senses in human form. Suchs as my...sense...of smell." He was sniffing. Sniffing really close to me. I lean back to get some room, he just follows until I'm almost completely on my back. "W-What it that... Amazing scent?"

"Uh- citrus coconut?" My body spray. I put that on yesterday! Good nose...

"It's amazing." He whispers.

"Wal-mart, two bucks."

He opens his eyes to see how close we are and he shot straight up, I think even blushing. His face seemed darker than it's normal perfect shade. I'm glad I'm not thte only who blushes brightly when something happends. Not talking 'bout any one cough Dante cough

"I- Uh- Theres alot more perks to being alfa them just going hunting." He says as he reaches behind the rock, bringing out a pillow and a blanket.

"Nuh-uh! Can I use them?! Please!" I beg. It looks warm and plush, me wanty pillow and blankie!

"You have have them. I don't get what humans see in them. It wasn't warm and the pillow thing didn't help me sleep at all!" He throws my little slice of haven in this hell at me.

I don't know what he was saying! This is the best pillow ever! It's soft on the out side and fluffy. And the blankie was soft and the warmest thing ever! I don't know whats wrong with him. Even puppies like pillows and blankies! And to me he just looks like one big puppy!

"Thank you thank you thank you!" I squeal. I get up to go to my little spot between Ron and whoever was next to me.

"Wait." He takes my hand."If you go back there now, your 'little spot' wont be there. We like to move around in our sleep, When I say we I mean them, so why dont you stay here. This rock is big enough for two."He meets my eyes. Holy shit. What the hell can I say?! 'No I'm good, I don't want to share a -er- rock with someone whos scares me.' I just keep his gaze and sit back down. He takes the lead by laying down on his side, I do the same, pulling the blanket over me and placing my head on the pillow. Well this'll be interesting when people find us tomarrow.
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