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The future

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-Time lapse (8 Months later)-

I opened my eyes and saw a pair of startling hazel ones staring loving back at me. Even after 8 months of being married, I still couldn't believe I would get to see his eyes every day of my life from now on.
"Good morning beautiful" He whispered and kissed my cheek
"Heya" I whispered back. I brought my lips to his. My heart still melted every time his soft lips caressed mine. I know some people say that after they got married, the romance sort of died, but that deffinitly wasn't true for us. I think we were more in love than ever. 

He broke away and moved his lips to gently kiss my swollen stomach.
"Not long now little baby" He whispered to my stomach and lovingly rested his hand on it. It wasn't long now, soon we would be parents...

-Time lapse (3 years)-
I drove home from work at the hospital, eager to just relax. Sure, being a doctor was one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it was so much hard work. I pulled into the driveway and stepped out of the car, into the snow that lightly covered the ground. I can't believe I'd had to work on Christmas Eve. 

I got into the house and was attacked by a hug. 
"Hey Emily!" I replied and hugged my daughter 
"Santas gonna be here soon!" She said excitedly and I picked her up, before carrying her into the living room. 
"Where's you Daddy got to?" I asked her befor I felt a pair of Strong arms wrap around me from behind
"Here I am" He whispered in my ear. I turned around and saw Frank standing infront of be, a lop-sided grin on his face. I looked up and noticed he was holding a piece of mistletoe above our heads. I leaned in and kissed him lovingly. We heard Emily giggle and broke away. 
"Is someone jelous?" Frank asked before scooping her into his arms. She looked just like her dad, she had his eyes and his features. I looked at them both, knowing that they were all I could ever have wished for. I had everything I'd ever wanted, and more. It was as if my life were a dream come true...

thank you guys so much for Reading this story!!! I might do a sequel to fill in some of the missed years, I'm not sure really. I would especially like to thank 'Mychemicalromancer' for reviewing nearly every chapter. Also, anyone else that reviewed, thank you so much, just hearing your opinions make me want to keep writting!!! 
Now that this one is finished, I think I'm gonna start another one. My problem before is that I've never planned an end to my stories, and that's where I've gone wrong, so I know what to do now :D 
Once again, thank you all so much, it means so much to me that anyone would read this, never mind even like it!!!
Stay beautiful and stay Dangerous
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