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Two more students exit the school and take very different approaches to the situation.

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Jordan Jarve (Male Student #16, and Transfer student) was running, no sprinting, at full speed across the athletic field that expanded in front of the school building.
How the fuck was he even chosen to do this anyway! Out of the millions of other students in the thousands of other schools, he was one of the ones to be picked to be an ‘extra’ in the finale of this sadistic fucking show! And after he was so pleased that he had survived! Irony? Yes please, I’ll have two servings of that, you fucking Elevenths bastards!!
Well, at least he was at an advantage. Kill your classmates? No fuckin way! Kill a group of people you’ve never met before and come out alive at the end? Yes please!
He was as adverse to killing as the next person, however, in such an extreme situation, with a lack of emotional ties, one’s mind works in fascinating ways.
There was one problem, though. He DID know one person in this class. Coincidence? Oh yeah. The biggest fuckin coincidence ever!
If he could somehow find him, then he was sure that he would be able to win or, by some massive streak of luck, escape this fucked up game. After all, he was the smartest person that he knew, save for one.
When he was sure that he was a safe distance away from the school, (he made a guess that he was about 100 metres away) he collapsed. Zipping open his duffle bag with such force that the zip almost broke, the thrust his hand inside and pulled out his torch and map.
Unfolding the slightly crumpled piece of paper, he looked around himself slightly before cupping his hand around the end of the torch, so as to reduce its light emission and prevent people from noticing him, and switched it on.
As the dim yellow light fell on his map, he scanned the numerous symbols that were printed onto the paper. It was from this that he was able to deduce that there were two small villages within the designated area. (The government had probably relocated them a few weeks ago in order to set up things for the competition.) There were also several small farms and a water tower marked on it in, severely distanced from one another. No less than 20 outcrops of trees were seen within the blank expanses of fields as well as a construction sight, slightly out of the zone the school occupied.
Raising his head, he peered around himself. He was just beyond the expanse of the athletics field, slightly within an outcrop of trees. Checking his position on the map, he sighed in relief. He was just outsize the grid square the school occupied.
Suddenly, his ears pricked up. He could hear someone moving close by. Rapidly switching off his torch, he stuffed it back into his bag, along with his map and rose to his feet. Turning, he ran further into the outcrop of trees and didn’t stop.


Gina Jayy (Female Student #17) was sprinting down the hallway outside the classroom. She had just passed the room filled with Special Defence Force officers and had sped up massively because of it. Tow minutes before her, one of the so called ‘transfer students’ had left. His name, apparently, was Brynn Jones. Although he had appeared to be scared, Gina felt a strange vibe from him. That he was dangerous.
All she could think about was that, outside the door at the end of the hallway, he was waiting for her, waiting to kill her.
Stepping through the door that led to the athletics field, she sighed. He was nowhere to be seen. Gingerly stepping out onto the field, she hugged her duffle bag to herself before slowly walking in an almost perfect straight line. Her petite form almost seemed to glide across the grass.
Then she saw it. In this darkness, it resembled a large, dark, garbage bag. But that was ludicrous. What would a garbage bag be doing in the middle of a field. Approaching the dark shape, she raised her hands in front of her mouth in an attempt to stifle a scream. It was a body.
The form of the person was large, so it must be a male student. Moving closer, she realised that it was laying on its back, permitting her to see its face. The corpse was that of Jacob Booth. The entire ground around him was coated in a black, shiny liquid. If the sun had been shining, however, the liquid would have been closer in colour to the cross of the British flag. crimson red.
Who could have done this? What kind of person could actually kill their classmates!? Maybe it was one of the ‘transfer students’. Yeah, that was plausible. They didn’t know Jacob. They would have any emotional ties. But, even still…how could anyone kill someone like this!?
Prying her eyes away from the body, she turned to her left, in an attempt to leave the athletics field… and came face-to-face with the barrel of a gun.
The left side of her jaw was completely torn apart by the force of the bullet colliding with her face. Shattered fragments of teeth flew through the air in several different directions as blood sprayed from the side of her face. Lolling between the gap in the torn and burnt flesh of her cheek, her tongue, which appeared to be ripped in half, started to flail about. Tripping over her feet, from the force of the shot, she collapsed on top of Jacob’s corpse.
She was, however, alive.
Striding towards her, Brynn pointed the gun downwards, at her forehead, and pulled the trigger again.

37 Students Remaining
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