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Hell hole A.K.A School on Mondays

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Gee decides to go back to school, and there was a 'traitor' at the party.

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Heya, I've had coffee, so don't be worried if this chapter goes wrong, I love you all! CL

*Gerard's POV*

I walked to school with Mikey on Monday, I wish this leather jacket had a hood so I could hide from the light rain. My Doc Martens felt like they were holding me back, feeling my fear, not wanting me to go today.

Walking through the halls, I felt eyes boring into my back, for one reason or another, I was the center of attention this morning.

There was a group of people surrounding my locker -oh great- they moved out the way so I could see.

"Go to hell FAG"



"Go back to where you came from fag face"

"Gay ass fag"

Notes and graffiti covered my locker. Along with pictures.

Some one at the party had taken pictures of the kiss. But they were from loads of different points of view,so it could have been anyone.

I felt something hard hit my head, then slime drippled down my neck. Egg. Nice.

"Fag!" The guy shouted at his walked back down the hall.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I wiped the egg out of my hair -as best I could- and opened my locker, ignoring the whispering and taunts, I got my books and closed it again.

"Heya, oh shit, sorry about this, I heard it was bad." Ray voice behind me, I turned around, "You okay?"

"I'm fine, lets go." I said trying to get away, good thing Ray was so big and tall, people moved out of the way for him.

"What do you have first?" he asked.

"Gym. But I'm skipping."

"Mind if I join?" he asked.

"NO. I don't want to be left on my own." I said, pushing past more people trying to not let me through.

We got out to the back of the school and climbed up onto the roof -Ray's idea-.

"I thought you were like the school golden child. Mr perfect" I said leaning on an airvent exhaling the cigarette.

"HA! You'd be lucky. Nah, all the class stuff is bullshit, it's only cos Bob, and the rest the of us are the only decent ones here."

I laughed, I felt so normal with Ray, he had that sorta aura about him.

The roof door opened and we frooze, crouching behind the air vent.

"Guys?" It was Bob, "You up here?" he said quietly. We poked our heads around and jumped out, "Christ! You scared me Ray, oh hi Gerard."

"Hiya, what lesson you bunking?" I asked.


"Arn't you in Mikey's Math class though?"

"Yeah but I can't stick the teacher. He's happy ALL the freaking time, he hasn't yelled ALL year. It's odd"

I stepped on the fag butt, and sat back down on the roof.

"It was Dan who took the pictures on Friday, he kept getting up, saying he was looking for his phone, he fucking TOOK them with his phone." Bob said, folding his arms.

"I'll have a word with him." Ray said.

"Nah you don't need to. I'm fine." I said.

"They did it to Frank's locker too though, not as bad as yours but still pretty low stuff. He got more death threats then you." Bob said, "I saw some of it on the way to class."

"Shit." Ray said, "Is he in today, you guys normally drive in."

"Nah, he called last night, saying he was skipping today." Bob said.

All because of me, he had my email, my phone, my home phone and my address and he hadn't spoken to me all weekend, well then again I hadn't talked to him.

The bell for second period went, I had Art.

"Well, I'm off, I got art." I said standing up and brushing the muck off of my jeans, "Where you gonna be at lunch?"

"The tree." I smiled, that must be all our tree, that was the first place I talked to Frank.


I sat in Art, luckily not many of the people in here were dickheads, actually most of them were girls, and they were really nice to me.

I sat on the desk next to the window, facing out, my back to the wide light room.

We had been given a piece of paper and were told to draw what we felt.

I drew a larger scale of my bloody couple. I drew the faces quickly but spent ages on the blood splats, writing stories in my head on how they got there.

Murder, torture, betrayal, love, depression.

I carefully painted it in, totally oblivious to the crowd of people watching over my shoulder. I could just hear the faint mutters of amazement, and apraisal.

The bell went forcing me back into reality. I cleared my stuff up after everybody left for break.

"Gerard. May I have a word with you?" Mr Lyods asked me, leaning against one of the tables.

"If it's about the locker. I'm fine with it." I said putting on my coat.

"N-no. It wasn't. It was... about the self harm." I turned around, shit I had a short sleeve top on, he must have seen the cut.s shit shit shit. I've been to enough shrinks and counsellors to know I'm a lost cause. "I just wanted to know, is everything okay at home?"

"What do you think?" I said sarcastically.

"I think you just need a different outlet for what's going on in your head." He said standing infront of the door, "I heard you've done more drawings, like the one you did today, may I see them?"

I sighed and fished out my battered sketchbook, only reserved to the pictures that I had planned to draw, no doodles go in here. I handed it and he went to his desk and flicked through. I followed sitting on the desk nearest.

"Gerard, well, these are amazing!" He said looking up to me, "They're all originals?"

I nodded, "I hate copying stuff."

He held up the book "Why do I recognise this boy?" he asked.

It was the picture I'd done of Mikey, he was in his halloween costume last year, A black suit with a blood splattered white shirt, black tie and vampire fangs, dark smokey eyes (my make up) and fake blood drippling from his lips.

"That's my younger brother Mikey, I think you teach him to." he nodded.

"You know, this room is always open if you ever need to come in, I don't teach every period.. so if you ever need a place to go." he smiled kindly.

"Thanks, sir. I'll take that in mind." I hopped off the desk and went to the door, pulling my jacket tighter around me.

"Just don't do anything you'll regret to yourself okay? It'd be nice to see my best student graduate."

I smiled and opened the door, "Bye sir." I called, walking into the outside world.

Heyaaaa, nothing really to say now, I think the next chapter will be my last tonight, but I'm working on more don't worry. I might start on a fresh plot when this is done. And my laptop is still being wierd with the chapters, is it with you? Maria xoxo
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