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forbidden love

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Naruto has lived his whole life being hated, everyone hated him, exept a little shy girl named Hinata. Hinata is the only person to love him,and he doesn't even know it, until now.

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''Oh, Hey Hinata!'' Naruto yelled from across the street, Hinata blushed. And at that moment Naruto came running up to her, with a grin across his face. Hinata blushed a colour so red it must've hurt.'' H...hey N..Naruto, emm.. how are you feeling today?'' Hinata Stutterd
''I'm great, i was going to train today, do you wanna come with me?'' Hinata thought it would be a good idea, then realised she didnt wanna make a full of herself infront of Naruto, the boy she had a crush on.''No thankyou, i....i was going to train... wi...with Neji today. And i... i would just slow you down.'' Hinata said sadly, as she would love to train with him, they could grow stronger together, but she was weak. ''Hinata you dont actually think that,do you? Your like my best friend,thats a girl. But if your training with Neji, you will get really strong.'' Naruto felt sad Hinata didn't wanna train with him.''Hey Hinata, when your finished training, do you wanna get some ramen with me, Sakura and Sasuke?'' Naruto asked, realising he forgot to have breakfast. Hinata didn't like the idea of being close to Sasuke, as she was afriend of him, but Naruto would be there. '' Sure,i.... i'd that'' Hinata smiley shyly, '' Naruto i have to go, Neji doesn't like being kept waiting.''
''Bye.'' And with that Hinata left.

Hinata ran all the way back home, ''Sorry Neji, i got held up, i didn't mean to leave you waiting.'' Hinata huffed.
'' Next time i wont wait i'll just train by myself'' Neji replied, clearly angry.
Hinata and Neji trained for the next 2 hours until Hinata felt sore and stiff.Then she remembered, Naruto has invited her to ramen. He would be here soon. Hinata quickly dashed upstairs, took a shower and got changed into a pair of jeans,a dark blue tank top and put her favourite necklace on. It was in the shape of a star, shinging brightly alone, kinda like Hinata.As soon as she put my black converse on, she heard the door knock. she panicked, before rushing down the stairs to get the door.It wasn't Naruto tho, it was Tenten. ''Hello Tenten, are you here to see Neji?''
Tenten gave Hinata a frown ''No, Can't i spend time with my best friend?, why?''
'' i..... i'm waiting for Naruto, him and Sakura and Sasuke''( she shiverd at his name)'' and me are going to get some ramen.''
Tenten beamed ''HE FINALLY ASKED YOU OUT!!!!'' She screamed, just as Neji walked down the stairs. ''Who asked you out?'' neji questioned. Busted Hinata thought, there was no chance Neji would let her go out with Naruto. ''Nobody asked me out'' Hinata glared at Tenten '' i'm just going to get ramen with- ''NARUTO'' Tenten fineshed my sentence for me.
''Naruto And sasuke and Sakura'' Hinata added '' he will be here any minute''
'' Father put me in charge, there no chance in hell that you are going with Sasuke. And that is final.'' Neji said sternly just as Naruto walked up, ready to collect her. ''What, why not? I'll be there. And Sasuke is an alright guy.''
'' No'' Neji almost yelled
'' Fine, me and Hinata will go on our own. I can see my team any time, but its not everyday you convince the shyest girl in the world to go to dinner with you. Come on Hinata.'' Naruto said quite happilly, Neji noticed and gave in '' Fine, but she has to be back by 10, or els.'' Neji warned.Hey! didn't Hinata have a say in this, she blushed at the fact of being alone with Naruto.

2 Hours later they are on there way back from a fancy resteraunt, as they couldn't goto Ichiraku Ramens because Sakura and Sasuke were there eating ramen. So they went to a really posh resteraunt instead. It was so nice, it made Hinata blush. Naruto stopped at the park gate. ''Hey Hinata, wanna go through the park?'' Naruto suggested.
''emmm Sure.'' Hinata agreed. They walked hand in hand through the park, until they were at Hinatas door. ''Well.... bye'' Naruto said
''Mabey we can do this again?''
''deffinetly'' And Naruto kissed her and left.
Hinata blushed and went in her house.
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