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Chapter 19

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God, Im sorry I haven't updated, it feels like forever since I did. I think I'm going to deffinately start my new story soon. CL

*Frank's POV*

We sat talking till the bell for break rang. And we stepped out to face the school again.

Gerard looked down instantly and started walking down the hall, I followed him. Luckily everybody else was too busy to notice us.

We got outside and walked quickly to the others at the tree. Ray and Bob were sat talking to Mikey, who was sat playing bass tunes randomly.

I sat down on the cool grass and leaned back against the tree. Gerard sat next to Mikey, who looked up and smiled at him.

"You guys okay?" Ray asked, I forgot that Gerard's eyes were red from crying, Ray always knew when someone wasn't okay.

*Gerard's POV*

"M'fine." I muttered pushing some hair out of my face.

"What happened to your hand?" Mikey said looking at the bandages.

"Oh... that.. I ermm...." Shit... I'll just tell the truth, "Fight with a brick wall." I mumbled feebly.

I heard Mikey sigh quietly and go back to his bass, Ray sat watching me, "What?" I said, and he looked away.

"I think we should start a band..." Ray said, breaking the silence a few moments later.

"Woah, no no no... Us?! In a band?" Bob exclaimed.

"Come on... We do it in the basement for people. How is that any different then being in a band?" Ray said, "Come on it would be fun."

I kept quiet, I could only sing, but these guys actually had talent, I shouldnt be included.

"Come on," Ray pleaded. "Gerard, you could sing, couldn't you?" he asked.

"What. Seriously?!" I said in surprise.

"Come on, they loved you the other night." he said nudging me.

"Yeah, me and Ray could play guitar, Mikey plays bass and Bob doing drums. Perfect" Frank grined, a massive cheshire cat grin.

I sighed "I guess we could give it a go."

Ray and Frank highfived, they had planned this obviously. Frank put his arm around my shoulder and leaned on it, Mikey so far was the only one in the world that knew about us.

"Thank you Gee." Frank said, his sweet intoxicating scent hitting me as he leaned closer,he said my nickname and I felt a giant grin spread across my face, he was so cute. But I also felt my face redden, as the others watched us.

Frank shuffled off, and lay down on the grass, staring up at the sky, his amazing and entrancing eyes focusing on nothing in particular.

*Frank's POV*

I'd gone too far, I could tell, Gerard's grin loosened adn he blushed, so I lay down on the grass, just watching the sky, I could feel his eyes on me, but I dared not to look at him.

I loved him so much, and I couldn't wait till we told everyone and could just be ourselves.

I closed my eyes and the sun came out from where ever it was hiding, it felt nice and warm on my skin.

A couple of minutes later I felt fingers tracing along my arm -which was resting across my stomach- I opened one eye and saw him smiling at me, the others had gone, explaining the sudden silence.

"Hey," he said quietly, leaning down and lying on his front.

"Hi." I smiled, I laced my fingers with his.

"Wanna come over after school?" He asked quietly, I stared into his eyes and nodded.

He kissed me quickly on the cheek and sat up, "Lessons gonna start, we should get going."

I pulled on his hand and pulled him down, "We dont have to go anywhere." I said slowly, pulling on his shirt, pulling him closer to me.

We were nose to nose and he said "F-frank. We can't do this here."

"Why, scared we'll get caught?" I whispered. I leaned up slightly and our lips met. Gently we kissed under the tree until Gee pulled away.

"I really have to go, I'll meet you by the gates after school." he gave me one last kiss and he got up, running a hand through his hair, picking up his school bag.

I sat by the tree watching him walk away, the taste of his lips still on mine. I let out a long sigh and got my bag, and took out a cigarette, lighting it, I stood for a few minutes taking long drags on it. I stamped it out with my foot and set of 15 minutes late to my next lesson.

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